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Lt. Andy Gets Randy, Sandy

5/29/2007 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoa! PDA alert! "Officer and a Gentleman" Lt. Andy "Bachelor" Baldwin and fiancee Tessa Horst enjoyed a romantic day at the beach in Hawaii this weekend.

Lots of skin, splashing and smooching. Horst was proudly sporting her Chopard diamond engagement ring. It's this type of "lovebird" display that encourages nausea in the masses.

It doesn't look like the happy couple minded the presence of paparazzi -- no, they didn't mind at all -- they actually called photogs in advance to let them know where they would be and when! How convenient!

Heidi and Spencer would be proud.


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TMZ, Andy et Tessa wanted the world to know about their true love, that's their business; if you guys having problems with it then" shut up" et mind your own business. Do you know about this PROVERB: "talking thrash about somebody it means your mouth, is already full of trash......."

2487 days ago


To the negative-talk peoples reg paparazi taking Andy et Tessa pictures, you guys need to read Bevin comments on #42...... "it's written in the contract that Andy and the woman he choses have to attend "The Bachelor Tells All" 5 photo ops following TBTA, and if they get married the wedding will be a television event.".... and I think everyone of us deserved at least one time of happiness in our life, so let it be for Andy et Tessa.... And for the poeple want to see more of Andy et Tessa pictures ...go to the unofficial site of Andy Balwin.... to the pictures et Andy speeches at the see lots of videos of music of someone made to contribute to Andy et Tessa via YOU TUBE, good lucks.[[

2486 days ago



2505 days ago


What on earth is classy about Bevin? The chances of her getting a hot guy that many are all over the place. Yes, I bet there are. What is romantic and lovely about that. That sounds short lived for sure.

2503 days ago


He's a dorky (in a sweet way) hottie and she's just lovely. I hope they do end up deciding to marry--they'll have beautiful babies, too, I bet. The gay rumors surrounding Andy are annoying. Shut up unless you've got direct evidence, not just lame "I heard he's gay," or "Someone who knows someone who knows this guy told me that he's gay." Let the two of them live their life and get one of your own while you're at it.

2458 days ago


I like them, I hope they last.

Calling the photogs is kinda lame though.

2515 days ago

poohonyougolddiggin ^&^%^%%$    

i believe they will last... for his parents and grand parents were married forever and this is what he is looking for... a forever life with that one female.. i believe if beven was never married he really would of picked her... but she was married and divorced so bad for her... i like tess too i believe they will be together forever... cant wait to see their baby !!!!!!!!!

2515 days ago


THANK YOU VERY MUCH---great picture---we can't get enough of this couple so no danger of nausea

2515 days ago

Dawn Day    

Oh whatever! Get over yourselves!!

Who are they anyway???

2515 days ago


I enjoy them too. They are a cute couple. I hope they do last.

2515 days ago



2515 days ago



You people must have some real pent-up emotions when you can't even say something honorable about two really beautiful (inside/outside) people!

As usual, the papparazi were lurking* and, fortunately, gave all of us a new and genuine photo of Andy and Tessa.

*Must admit that if one is going to "lurk", Hawaii is not a bad place in which to "lurk" behind the camera. May a lot of "aloha" rub off on the papparazi....

Best of luck Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst!

2515 days ago

The Eyes    

I had a friend that was on Bachelor ... sort of bazaar ...
gone one day... and poof-she returned.
I thought she went to jail because when I asked her where she was...
NOTHING... till after the show.

I too did TV... and one was a reality show (FOX)....
I love the "Be natural while these sixteen people follow you for days ...
to air six seconds... BUT BE NATURAL...

To fall in "love" under these circumstances...
nearly impossible...
but here is an example of it can happen.

But to do so in front of a camera... makes one a PUBLICITY HOG...
and so calling the PAPS would be natural...

I just felt sad for the "second place woman"...
Andy led her on... said things to her...
that were unconscionable and dis-honorable...
If pissed, that woman had a legitimate beef...

Andy (to gain my respect) should have held his cards closer to his chest...
asked less of them to be vulnerable...
and not weakened them to the point of frail...

But it made good TV...
and if Andy had to sacrifice a woman's self esteem to accomplish that...

I would have felt the same under a reverse conclusion.

But if I saw a woman kissing another man...
professing love for him...
and then told me she loved me too...
I would have suggested therapy... not marriage...
and run like a gazelle.

2515 days ago


I agree, they are a cute couple. But, I also think that if Bevin wasn't married before he would have picked her. On the reunion show he really looked torn up when he saw Bevin.

2515 days ago

Dawn Day    

Get over yourselves! The countdown begins until they break up!!

Calling the paps....omg, LOL

2515 days ago
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