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Brian Williams -- Can You Spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E?

5/30/2007 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC anchor Brian Williams said "NBC Nightly News" would not be reporting on Lindsay Lohan's vehicular escapades on Tuesday evening's newscast ... due to a "lack of time!" But earlier reports of old age home Wii players and wacky wedding dancers -- plenty o' time!

This weekend's photos of Lindsay Lohan's car crash were front page news worldwide, but when Williams was asked by the Boston Herald about LiLo's antics being on his broadcast, the uptight news nerd said, "It does not and it won't be NBC Nightly News ... we have Justice Ginsburg reading her dissent today from the bench. We have record violence in Iraq. ... We've got a whole lot to cover and very little time." Oh really?

The "Nightly News" managed to find the time for the earth-shattering news of videogame-playing geezers, the vitally important news of the hot new teen craze sweeping the nation -- needlepoint, and the life-or-death reporting on novel wedding choreography. Clearly, this is hard news compared to the travails of our beloved Firecrotch.


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Just my opinion    

I'm so very happy to hear that the news media/outlet NBC will not talk about lindsey trashy loho. She is not newsworthy.

I am all for talking about her or reading about her in the gossip rags (and TMZ is #1 gossip rag) because that is where she belongs - the gossip rags, not real news.

Now if only everyone would do the same for her BFFs Paris and Nicole.

2669 days ago


LiLo, Paris, Britney, Nicole, Mischa (ie alchol, drug addicts) do not belong on nightly news. Go NBC!

2669 days ago


finally a news org with some balls!!

2669 days ago


THANK GOODNESS!! I'm so sick of anything having to do with a celeb being 'news' (let a lone the CNN ticker) - that is what 'E' TV is for, not the nightly news. GO NBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2669 days ago


Go NBC. There ARE more important things that the young actresses who continue making the wrong kind of name for themselves. They may have money, but they show they have NO CLASS!!!!!!!

2669 days ago

jProud American Author    

Go NBC! I am so glad that they DECIDE what is and isn't news. Lohan needs help and her and her galpals need to stay OUT of the limelight!

2669 days ago


Horrah for Brian Williams. I am so tired of hearing about Lindsey Lohan and her journey to self destruction. If given the choice I wuld much rather hear about the geezers as you call them. Hopefully they will also not report on Brittney, Paris, Nicole or any of those useless people.

2669 days ago


YAY!!! Really the primary reason these white trash pieces of crap start with the clubbing, drinking and drugging is for attention. I'm sure that once they figure out that they're not getting the attention on the news or in the tabloids - or on sites like TMZ and Perez Hilton - they'll either stop or over do it and end up on the sidewalk like River Pheonix.

2669 days ago


The trashy antics of the new millennium girls is just that and lets leave their stories on the back page and off the TV news. I DON'T CARE!! GO NBC!! Now, lets get FOX NEWS off the air. TV would be getting back to what matters, real news, not filler.

2669 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

What Mr. Williams was trying to say and was just too polite to come right out with it is this: NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT THE LATEST STARLITE DRUNKIN RAMBLIN ESCAPADES! Come on TMZ we have you to spread your GOSSIP stories. We don't need to watch it on the evening news too! It's bad enough that CNN, FOX and all the other news agencies on cable will spend 5 days worth of TV to cover this LINDSAY debaucle. Between Brittney,Lindsay, Paris, Mischa's and Nicole stories I kinda wish they would just disappear from the media forever. For the most part they are all a bunch of spoiled, pampered, silver spoon in the ass little girls that each and everyone of em needs a real swift kick in the ass of reality in their lives. The media caters to their asses way too much..

2669 days ago


TMZ are you kidding me? You're actually going to take on Brian Williams because he and NBC don't find stuck-up, egotistical, self-centered idiots of our celebrity world worthy of reporting on? Good for them. The elderly people who they did profile are worthy of news time....Lindsey Lohen and her ilk aren't.

Yes, people enjoy gossip, but it doesn't belong on world news. They have websites and shows like EXTRA and ET to do that. Leave brian along. He is respectible and doesn't deserve the Hyprocite title that you've placed on him. There's enough people who you can snipe at. You don't need to do it to him.

2669 days ago


I'd rather watch, and certainly would rather my child see that news story rather than Lindsey. My preteen doesn't need that kind of influence on the evening news. She is an absolute trainwreck and not that many years ago, she was the teen throb of boy's my sons' age. No one needs to be idolizing her. Blohan is an entertainer, not NATIONAL news. She has her place and so do her news story's. It's called TMZ.

2669 days ago


Go NBC! I agree that it is time to stop giving attention to lilo, Paris, Nicole, Britney..who really cares anyway. Let them destroy themselves on their own time. The rest of us have better things to worry/think about. This is why we come get a good laugh. Leave the real news to...well...real news!

2669 days ago


I remember during the Natalie Holloway tragedy most Media news people including Bill O Riley put down Gretta Sustern for staying on the story.
The public interest was belittled at every turn from financial news programs to nightly news. It was far to beneath them.
Now they have all jumped on the wagon lmao I love it. NBC is at the bottom of the rateings barrel, they are trying to say "We are above the common man!" lol.. Hope it works for them.

2669 days ago


These trashy no-talent chicks would be nowhere if not for papperazzi obviously being paid to keep snapping photos of them spreading their uncovered vag's and falling down drunk everywhere. Mischa Barton, WTF is that anyhow? And why are these designers using trashy chicks like this? When I see a Mischa or a Lindsay or a Paris or Nicole being used to sell a product, I just about puke.

Lindsay Lohan SOMEHOW got Jill Stuart to think she (Lohan) would be a great face to sell the upscale line for 2007. By NOW Jill Stewart can't figure out Lohan is nothing but a drunken trashy slut and probably not the best "face" to have promoting an upscale designer label? What is "upscale" about Lindsay Lohan? She AND her mother give trailer-trash a bad name, and Jill Stuart doesn't know this? We're supposed to buy Jill Stewart's crap because trashy Lohan is promoting it? Why does such trash even get gigs like this when there are plenty of classy TALENTED chicks available? Tells me everything I need to know about Jill Stewart, though.

2669 days ago
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