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Celine and Her ... Son?!

5/30/2007 5:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who's that mini-Fabio posing with Celine Dion on the cover of Hello magazine? Believe it or not that's her six-year-old son, Rene Charles!
Celine Dion
Let's hope with Celine's cheese-tastic run at Caesars Palace in Vegas finally coming to an end this year, that she'll soon have the time to get adorable lil' Rene his much needed haircut. Androgyny be damned!


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Naughty but nice :)    

Some of you people are way out there ! Just think in 15 years -he is not olny going to be a handsome young man. he will be a very RICH handsome young man.And where will the rest of you creepy people be? Whacking your???????/???????????Keyboard!!!!! :)

2706 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

sorry typo -only......................You get the point!

2706 days ago


The He looks like a SHE

2706 days ago


At age six, the word is "NO".

After all, SHE'S the parent, HE'S the child and does NOT have the mental capacity to make responsible decisions.

Apparently, neither does SHE!

2706 days ago


I agree with all of you about him looking ridiculous, but do you all have to be so harsh. I know Celine's personality and ego deserves it, but do you really have to bring up the fact that he was conceived by IVF? Fortunately, my husband and I are able to conceive on our own with no problem, but just because babies are conceived by IVF doesn't mean that they are any less of a human being than others. I am referring to SHE DEVILS comment. Your statement about him being a poor test tube baby is totally wrong and uncalled for!

Now, get this poor child a hair cut and put a shirt with a car or truck on him...GEEZZ!

2706 days ago


Here's a clue for you guys, if you have trouble comprehending it, just ask, and I'll explain the big words to you.

" aware these names are NOT unique-more than one person can have the same name"

2706 days ago


Whats up with the curls on ends of the hair?

2706 days ago


Now I wil head to my basement to finsh the job.

2706 days ago


"Now I wil head to my basement to finsh the job."

...what, you need help with THAT as well?...maybe your dad is'd like that ;)

2706 days ago

Paris Hater's Live Sad, Dull & Pathetic Lives    

Why Celine?? Your son looks like a girl. If your trying to go for the "cool, edgy " look, it's not working. Cut his hair!

2706 days ago

a person    

He looks like Zac Hanson did when he was younger

2706 days ago


What does your religion have to do with her having IV treatment to have a child? That is a personal issue. Obviously you cannot relate at all to a woman desperate to have a baby. Unlike yourself who judges others based on being a religious zealot other people are loving and accept people for the good deeds they do. If your religion teaches you anything it should be to love thy neighbor not judge them.

2706 days ago


95. The He looks like a SHE

Posted at 6:00PM on May 30th 2007 by TBA
And your point is?? He looks like a very happy child who is surrounded by love. He will grow up to have a wonderful privileged life surrounded by love while you are on here being miserable and bad mouthing others.

2706 days ago


If she wanted a girl, she should have had one, or at least adopted!!!

2706 days ago


Read a few of the comments here. Couldn't help thinking that a lot of people have a lot of time on their hands if they are going on about the length of someone's hair. Wow, it's long. So what?

Now if he looked emaciated, had a multitude of bruises, or didn't smile or hug her, I might be a bit concerned. Otherwise all I see is a mom and child who took a cute photo and notes that she's given an interview.

You don't like her voice, don't listen to her. You don't think she has anything relevant to say to you, don't read the article.

But geeze, people, find something more worthwhile to do with you life that has more meaning than cruel barbed comments which are based on nothing more than your own prejudices.

2706 days ago
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