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Les Deux: Lindsay Didn't Booze at Our Bar!

5/30/2007 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lohan TMZ has received an exclusive statement from one of the owners of Les Deux, the Hollywood nightclub where TMZ cameras caught Lindsay Lohan hanging out just hours before her DUI bust.:

"Les Deux is a restaurant, open five nights a week, and there is no age limit for our patrons. Lindsay had dinner at Les Deux that night and waited for friends to pack up the DJ supplies, thus leaving Les Deux after closing. Because of the enormous paparazzi presence outside of Les Deux that night, we allowed her to stay late and wait for her friends. She was not drinking at Les Deux, and left driven by her driver."

UPDATE: Les Deux has also issued a response to TMZ's story that the ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) is investigating into Lohan's DUI:

"We have and will continue to work closely with the ABC to make sure alcohol is consumed by responsible people of the legal drinking age, in a responsible manner."


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I'm not buying this P.R. stunt at all. The A.B.C. will work it out with and I hope they are thorough. Whether we're to believe she was just sipping water at Les Deux the whole time she was there past closing, the same night she had the accident and will probably be charged with a DUI along w/ a coke possession, or not, the fact is she obtained alcohol from somewhere. Be it at the Les Deux or through an adult of age, whoever gave it to her is still accountable. If they do charge her with a DUI and possession of coke, they should also be insisting that she tell them not only who gave it to her, but where she used it. If she drank/used in front of any friends or at a club/restaurant, they're responsible for not reporting it.

Unless TMZ articles and other sites are full of crap, Lindsay's been reported to have been drunk and/or high most places she's been to, including private parties. So I hope the police bother to do some homework and nail anyone -- including host of parties, who either served, or knew that she was drinking alcohol while there. Feigning ignorance is no excuse for avoiding the law. And if Lindsay is smart, she would volunteer to "out" every club where she was served booze and every party she went to that also gave her alcohol in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Not to mention her coke dealers - now that would be a huge scandal if dear ole mom was included in that list. If I were in Lindsay's shoes right about now, I'd be singing names, dates and places like a jailbird (no pun intended).

2704 days ago


Isn't that the club that "The Hills" girls go to? Why are underage people allowed to even get into clubs?

2704 days ago


If we were all as stupid as these bar owners would like us to be, then we would just crawl back into our holes and never come out, but were not. These people served her alcohol and drugs. They are just pissed because they got caught and they can't figure a way out of it because, oh yeah, we aren't as stupid as they would like us to be. What up, LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2704 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Of course they are denying it-well duh-liars-Yank their liquor licience and send her to Iraq!

2704 days ago

Amy Silverman    

LAPD,District Attoney and ABC how much are these clubs paying you in Hush money to let them break the law??????

2704 days ago



2704 days ago


"Golly gee, 'Les Deux;' if you say so, that's good enough for us. Sorry to have bothered you ..."

2704 days ago


Why do they allow minors to stay past midnight? Isn't there a curfew there?

2704 days ago


And now her dad says she's hooked on Oxycontin? You have to be in serious pain (i.e., CANCER) to be on that stuff. She's done.

2704 days ago

glad Adam's show is defunct    

The ABC and LAPD ain't going to do anything,,,,, when money talks- justice walks! sad

2704 days ago

k bliz    

I want to know
when the drinking
age changed from
21. to 18.

2704 days ago


O O The Clubs are really feeling the heat over this.
Wonder how it feels now to have young celebrity's hang out. Lohan is not going to be well liked in her part zone!.
Good for those who wrote re: serving alcohol to those under 21.
I saw a few efforts right here in the blogs. I don't think they felt the public support before now to move in on the wealthy?.
Or they now see the public is watching closer than we were able to before. If it was Joe's bar down on the corner of any where else street they would have been shut down long before now.

2704 days ago


Gimme a break, You see these under age stars in clubs all over L.A. , and it sure aint water they are drinking, If so, then why are they staggering out of these places? These clubs are serving under age stars with no doubt because they bring in business. I live in boston and they do under age bust all the time at the bars and clubs around here. The cops in LA know about it, how could they not, its all over the tabloids and taabloid T.V. Instead of letting these kid stars get in thier cars drunk and crash (and hopefully not kill someone like some have). they need to go into these clubs and arrest them there and the owners.

2703 days ago


Hey # 40
Why would anyone be a dumb ass for not knowing what cocaine meant in Spanish? Is that one of the more important words to know in Spanish? One Important word in English is " Collage "

2703 days ago


Don't any of you ever have a pizza and a beer? I was at a local steak house other night with family and one in our party ordered a drink, it came from the bar area (sectioned off out of veiw) over to our table.
There were kids there at other tables And I live hundreds of miles from LA. Some of you gotta get out more.
However these places in question have abused this and are indeed running "clubs" while attempting to hide it with some lousy food being offered.

2703 days ago
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