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Did Dr. Laura's Son Have a Deathwish?!

5/31/2007 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a disturbing photo which shows a man, who could be the son of radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, holding a pistol in his mouth while giving a "thumbs up" sign in front of the flag of Afghanistan.

The photo, which was featured on several Internet blogs, was supposedly ripped from a MySpace page allegedly created by 21-year-old Deryk Schlessinger, a Specialist with the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan. The MySpace page has since been deactivated.

TMZ has confirmed with an Army rep that a photo of a man holding a gun in his mouth did in fact appear on the MySpace page in question. The rep would not confirm the man's identity.


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Elizabeth Vinton    

I have deep compasion for Dr. Laura. I have been listening to her radio show since Deryk was 5 years old. I admire her advice and know that she has helped alot of people. Negative comments on her come from people who haven't really listened to her show. If they had listened, they would admire her and realize she has made the world a better place. My heart is heavy with saddness for what Dr. Laura will have to face with the situation with her son. She has always been the proudest mom and I just know she is hurting. Dr. Laura should ignor the cruel statements made by cruel persons.
Look yourselves in the mirror folks when you are ignorant.

2669 days ago


I've found over my long life that the folks who spout the "family values" theme, are trying to keep themselves in check. They do not feel that they are strong enough to just do the right thing. They have to be big blow hards about it. Dr. Judge - them - all Laura used to drop her son off at a park and come get him hours later - she'd leave strangers to watch out for him (much better than daycare). How do you think she got successful? Do you think she did it as a stay at home mom - grow up!

2643 days ago


HEY 123! How's about looking at these facts after YOU'VE looked in the mirror?
I love it when conservatives (i.e., Bush's 28% psychopathic,
Christianoid, conservative base) invoke "the innocent until proven
guilty" crap, except when it applies to liberals or Democrats (see
Pres. Clinton). Such dire HYPOCRITES. It's like they want to still
want to believe that one of their own's son (whack job, Dr. Laura),
could not possibly be guilty of something like this––just like
they still cling to the Bush/Cheney mantra "kill them over there
before they get us over here" is still a good idea. I sincerely
believe that Doc Laura's son is gay. And, I believe she has known
this from birth. It's such basic high school psychology, man. Go
figure: her insistance that that Derwood,(or whatever his name is),
take karate classes at a very early age to toughen him up. A thing
she bragged about incessantly a few years back on her radio show. It
was almost a daily occurence, add nauseum. Also, the belief that she
thinks it's ok for boys to play rough and hard with other
kids––especially when playing war games. And her whole fetish
with Harley-Davidson motorocycle culture and how she promised the
brat that when he graduated from high shcool they would venture off
into the sunset together on a cross country trip on said bikes. So
over compensating. So OBVIOUS. It's like, we get it lady, 'ur son's
straight. I hope and pray the kid is eventually discharged
dishonorably for the some of the crap he's allegeldly pulled. Then
Dr. Laura (w/ a Phd in Physiology, not Psychology) can brag she is
the proud stay-at-home mom of a convicted little war criminal.

2665 days ago


Some people on here keep trying to convince others what a "decent" woman "Dr." Laura is and how she has "improved" the world, etc. I beg to differ. Besides her being a hatemonger, she is a raving hypocrite, belittling others for things she has done herself. How dare a woman who got involved with a married man who had young children at home judge any other woman for making similar choices. And did she cease to work and devote her whole day, every day, to her son once he was born? No. So why listen to her when she comes down so hard on working moms. And didn't she pose for nude pics that eventually found their way to the web? Yes, she did. She tried to deny it at first (lying is okay if it's her doing the lying?) then she tried to say she owned the copyright (she didn't, so more lying) then she just said "well, I was pretty cute then!" Prior to her affair with the married man, the man who eventually left his wife and married her and who is (we assume) Deryk's father, she had her affair with the man who took said photos. Doesn't she judge others for premarital and extramarital sex? Yes, she does. And harshly. And she wonders why many of us despise her. She talks as if everyone comes from a privileged background and that we all have the same choices, as if we can all choose to marry first, have baby second, keep marriage intact, have enough money so that mommy can stay home with baby. Not everyone has these options. I'm glad I did, but not everyone does. And not everyone WANTS this either! The woman lives in my town and she has a column in our local paper twice a week. I've heard many, many unflattering things about her personality and how she treats people, many of those comments have come from people who know her, some from people who have worked for her. She is astoundingly holier-than-thou and with no reason to be so, as is usually the case with those types. I have not one iota of respect for her.

2662 days ago


This is NOT funny in ANY aspect. For those of you defending this jackass saying it's supposed to be a joke and he's trying to be funny, you're just as stupid and disrespectful as he is. You're all making me SICK.

2616 days ago



2672 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Oh my God

2672 days ago


Well that pic seems to be a joke, he's trying to be funny.....

2672 days ago


Dr. Laura is so smug that I'm sure she can get the kid in a rehab program. Stop yelling at other people's children, Laura!

2672 days ago

oh brother    

wow is he balancing his nipple on his thumb? Thats what I call talent!

2672 days ago


If any of you auto-reflexive Dr. Laura bashers would take a few days and listen to her, you can stream her show from, you would be surprised what a class act she really is. Yes, she prefers staying at home over day care; marriage over shack-ups; but you would find these values are better in the long run – even if you’re a liberal. She is even very receptive to gay callers and encourages committed relationships. If you actually read “Bad Childhood, Good Life” or the “Proper Care and Feeding of Marriages” and also “… of Husbands” you would find a lot of what she says hits home. So turn off your automatic hateful responses to her and give her a chance. If her son indeed is guilty of this, then have compassion for her and her son. He’s fighting the Taliban, and she’s fighting for better relationships and for our kids. There’s no reason to be so mean folks. Look at yourselves in the mirror and ask yourself what you have done for a better world.

2672 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

He wrote my sweet habib, stands for male lover in Arabic

2672 days ago

ANna MAe    

The poor boy has to be messed up in the head, with Laura as his mother. God only knows what kinda snakes he has in his head!

2672 days ago



2672 days ago


LOL! Pretty much puts a POOF to mom's career..... Shoulda spent a lil more time at home, Dr L- breeding psychopaths is bad for biz......

2672 days ago
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