Paris: Like a Prayer

5/31/2007 3:44 PM PDT
Paris and a pal attended an evening church service at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, which offers several classes on Tuesday evenings, including an Adult Discipleship class -- the perfect course for a future convict! TMZ spoke to one of the church's Bible Study leaders, who explained, "The bible is the key thing. Without the bible you don't have anything. You get to know who your God is." This might come in handy in jail!

The other Tuesday church group is "The Foundry," for ages 22-35, which according to their site, helps to "Grow them up in the likeness of Christ through small groups, and go out to serve with their gifts and passions." Retail therapy to save the world! Hoorah! Shop for Jesus!

Whichever class Paris attended, she is definitely on the road to scrubbing her sins away! Goodbye perdition, hello probation!