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Pax a Pitt!

5/31/2007 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pax Jolie-Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Brad PittTMZ was in a Los Angeles County Superior Court this morning as little Pax Thien Jolie officially became the newest member of the Jolie-Pitt tribe, having Pitt legally added to his last name. Who's your daddy?!

Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt is the third adopted child of Angelina Jolie to take the name of A-list dadfriend, Brad Pitt. Angelina adopted the 3-year-old boy from an orphanage in Southern Vietnam earlier this year.

As TMZ first reported, as part of the petition for name change, the child's new name was published in a legal journal for four weeks in support of the petition.

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God will help you if you let him. John 3: 16    

I don't understand why they don't get married. I don't think they will last. I think she going to wake uo one day and wish she had not done this and what will happen to all these kids?

2665 days ago


Dear Angelina and Brad, I think its great that you both desire to adopt children because there are so many unwanted...but, if you aren't into american kids(just not exotic enough)then perhaps you could really do some good and in the style of Mia Farrow, adopt a child faced with a severe disability...these are the children that no one really wants,as I am sure you know...a couple more nannies ought to help you raise them too.If you really want to help out the children with the hardest futures before them, then with out a doubt, a handicaped child ought to do the publicity,oops, I mean trick.You won't have to spend too much time fussing over the child,you can still spend the majority of your time away from home as long as you keep that team of nannies,you should be fine and can still take the credit for raising saint least this addiction beats your heroine,knives,tattoo and maneating disorder...lotsa luck.

2664 days ago


LOL #63 your killing me...Lmao

2660 days ago


#81 I had a co worker that adopted and she had to take 3 months of and was told to bond with her kid and yes other were to stay away.

#63 I AM Still Laughing - macaroni comment was pricless.

And this is not real important news it is the equivalent of the Star & other tabloids. Personally I don't like them. I believe as well adopting all these kids is just for publicity nothing more. I hope they have a good life though. I also read that she called her own kid Shiloh a privileaged blob, which I thought was pretty stupid to say in an interview. What makes her so privleage just cause she was born to her. For petes sakes she just turn a year old what kind of privileages is she receving ... a bottle??? There are children in America that need to be adopted as well, if they can't adopt right away they could foster them til they could adopt.

2660 days ago

Angelina has high morals and class    

I can't believe the amount of racists on here. Thats what I hate about you Americans. Most of you seem so RACIST. "whats wrong with adopting an American child" (oh the WHOLE WORLD revolves around AMERICA, you white supremacists), the "dark children", "big lips" etc etc. The majority of you Americans seem to be card-carrying KKK members! Americans are so DEEPLY RACIST and insular and inward-looking. All they think about is THEMSELVES. America is the richest country on earth, and even the poorest child in America is RICH compared to children in impoverished nations. To be FAIR, its only right to concentrate on those MOST IN NEED, which is no one in America but people in third world countries. The irony of people attacking Angelina's character and insinuating she is somehow "immoral" yet then turn around and attack INNOCENT CHILDREN, pick on the size of their lips, call then "dark" etc etc is astounding. ANgelina has more morals than most on this board ever would in FIVE LIFETIMES! I am so glad I don't live in America, I'd leave it shame at the fact that the majority of people in America are so racist and America appears to be the most racist country on earth.

And how many times do these stupid lies and rumours need to be debunked?
1. Angelina did not "steal" Brad. Brad is a HUMAN BEING, not a car, or money that can be stolen. It is NOT POSSIBLE to "steal" a man from anyone. Only stupid immature children would say "steal". These are little children who have no experience in ADULT relationships.

2. There is NO such thing as a "homewrecker". It simply doesn't exist. No one from outside a marriage can "wreck" a home/marriage. Two people are responsible for entering a marriage and it is those very same 2 people in the marriage that are SOLELY responsible for ending a marriage. NO ONE can break up a marriage. In adult relationships, it simply isn't possible.

3. There is no proof, not one SHRED of evidence that Brad cheated. Only a bunch os stupid and gullible people believing all the LIES in the tabloids. All THREE of them all say it had nothing to do with Angelina. There is not one iota of evidence that Brad cheated.

4. Angelina has not "homewrecked" anyone's marriage. Despite the fact that its an oxymoron and absolutely impossible to do anyway, BBT was single when he came into Angelina's life, and Brad was in the process of getting a divorce (ie virtually single) when he and Angelina finally got together. Same with Jen, who within TWO WEEKS of filing for divorce, was in a relationship with Vince (why aren't people calling Vince a "homewrecker"?). She is not a 'maneater' nor a "homewrecker".

5. She did NOT 'tongue' her brother, you racists and xenophobes. She gave him a quick kiss ON the mouth, that is ALL. In many cultures, you ignorant and racist Americans, it is CUSTOM to greet your relatives with a kiss ON THE LIPS. That is all Angelina did. A very short kiss ON the lips. NO tongue involved. In New Zealand, the Maoris greet their relatives and friends by RUBBING NOSES. Is that "weird" too, all you xenophobic racists? Show a bit of class you people, and don't be so culturally intolerant and racist. Don't fear other cultures.

6. Wearing a tiny minute vial of blood of her HUSBAND is such a wierd crime? You small-minded bigots. In some countries, people do that. It is a very intimate and personal thing, and is beautiful. It doesn't make her 'weird' or a 'freak', simply different. The aholes on here who are such racist xenophobic bigots who attack anyone who is different from their white supremacist western superior self are most likely the same people who would have been class bullies and pick on someone who is in a wheelchair. WHY are some people SO intensely afraid and intolerant of people who are "different"? Why the xenophobia? We are all different, we are not supposed to be the same. Differences should be CELEBRATED, not turned into a crime. Its ok to be different. Its natural and normal. What is abnormal is to be AFRAID and disgusted with people JUST BECAUSE they are 'different'. It is what causes racism, bigotry, wars, hatred and prejudice. Being xenophobic is what is really weird.

7. From the last one, commenting on someone's past which is exactly that PAST, from a whole DECADE AGO is extremely immature and quite frankly, a desperate argument. No one stays the same. We all change. Although, with some of you lot, I wonder. I sincerely hope that is true for you shallow, superficial small-minded racist bigots. Hopefully you can change your dangerous hateful mindset.

8. She doesn't adopt for "publicity". NO ONE takes on another HUMAN BEING for the duration of that human's life, an entire lifetime, for a little publicity. If that is what you sick bigots think, you clearly don't value human life and I hope you are never parents.

2657 days ago

baby girl    

OMG!!! Holy crap ! Breaking News!

2670 days ago


Now if only they'd do the right thing and get married.

2670 days ago


Wow, I'm sure the NY Times will make this front page news....stop the presses!

2670 days ago


This is important why? Must be a slow day.

2670 days ago

the way it is    


2670 days ago


Is Pitt ever going to legal adopt these kids or just keep giving out his last name?

2670 days ago

Hottie n OC    

As much as I would hate to say it about anyone in love, I just dont think it will last between them.. . . . . .

2670 days ago

Marie Jane    

Maybe she needs to free up some time since she's taking a year off work (saw it here to adopt more kids. Adding Pitt guarantees he's there for him while she fills out the litter!

2670 days ago


So when is child #5 coming?

2670 days ago

Brock Landers    

Unreal that that information makes news anywhere. I just changed my last name to Douchebag. Now THAT I'd think would be news.

2670 days ago
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