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A-Rod Plays Ball ... and Chain

6/1/2007 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With an uncomfortable grin plastered across his face, baseball's scandalicious $250 million man, Alex Rodriguez, escorted his wife to an expensive damage-control-style dinner in Boston yesterday. How romantic!

A-Rod, who's taking all sorts of heat for clubbin' and strip clubbin' with Playboy model and exotic dancer Joslyn Noel Morse, forked over some serious jack to dine with his better half, the former Cynthia Scurtis, at the exclusive No. 9 Park restaurant.

We have a feeling Cynthia might be getting a lot of special attention in the near future ... if A-Rod knows what's good for him ... and his bankbook.


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Why is it that so-called "celebrities" step out when they are in compromising positions???? Think maybe they want to get caught? For publicity?

2700 days ago


Chastity - It looks like Dan was scared off by a woman, so I think it's safe for you to eat lunch now ... just gotta hope TMZ doesn't post any naked or near-naked pics today.

2700 days ago


Frank - I think I read that they have a daughter, but I don't know how old.

Nobody should put up with being treated like dirt the way A-rod treated his wife. As difficult as it may be, she needs to have a little self-respect and leave the scumbag.

2700 days ago


He'll be back. The nasty ones always do. It was fun to watch until he started propositioning poor Spanky. Spanky? You OK?

2700 days ago

He's Boring now    

Pride of the Yankees? No wonder that team is turmoil this year...proves once again you cant buy a pennant, nor apparently A-Rod, happiness.

Remember last season? All that booing as your confidence was lost and shattered and if it wasnt for an ironclad contract you would have been run out of town?

I dont care how much your hitting this year. it isnt making a difference in the standings, and now your personal standing in the baseball community and community at large has suffered---in all likelihood beyond what it did last year.

Get ready for the boo birds to come out again and your self confidence to suddenly go back into hibernation.

There was talk that Chicago now that they have your old manager, Lou Pinella who you have said has been like a Dad to you---, that after this year you would be heading over to the Cubs. Dont bother A-Rod, in the midwest they dont go for sleazebags like you. They wouldnt just boo, they would throw things at you since Wrigley Field is very close to the Field and the players.

When Roger Clemons has his debut at the White Sox this coming Monday, get ready to hear it from the fans and spoil all his hoopla because of your selfish off field play.

A-1 Jerkoff

2700 days ago


Thank, Sheri. He ain't nobody. I just get blown away when someone goes nuts like he did when you don't agree with them. His hate for women really came out. I see they deleted most of it. I hope they kick him off. What insanity he was spewing! You stayed cool. He didn't like that!

2699 days ago


I think Derek Jeter is way cuter.

2699 days ago


Hey Nods!

It's a really disturbed person who can't see the error of his ways when someone is as up-front as you were with him. I sure hope that guy gets help before he ends up hurting somebody.

2699 days ago

He's Boring now    

Hey A Rod. You gonna now replace steroids as the black eye to baseball? You cant think the fans are into this kind of behaviour can you? Say good bye to the endorsements, learn to live off of just that big wad of money you stole from Texas and Seattle and now New York.

You want to run with the whores, than expect to be treated like one yourself you weak little boy. Go find a Daddy while you're at it, sounds like thats what your really searching for.

I hope a ground ball takes a bad hop and busts your nose and mouth

2699 days ago


I always suspected A-Nob was gay.

Even if he's not, the man is a pig, both on and off the field.

All I can say is GO SOX!

2699 days ago


I'm sure it wasn't his first time cheating on his wife, just the first time (I think) it was made public. Maybe now he'll learn to keep his fly zipped when he's away from his wife.

Nods - It sure does show what a disturbed person he is when he refused to listen when you told him how it was. Great job!

2699 days ago


I've been in a similar situation, too, and doubt I'll ever get married again as a result. I will never trust a man completely again. But ... when you do have kids you have to think about what kind of home life you make for them when you choose to stay in a relationship where the trust is not there, and you spend most of your waking hours crying your eyes out. That's no way for a child to grow up -- and it's the exact reason why I left. One of the best decisions I ever made.

2699 days ago


Girl, I'd take his ass to the cleaners and then go live in the Caribbean in a villa on the beach -- I wouldn't even be thinking about sorry ol' Stray-Rod. And when I say "cleaners," I do mean "C-L-E-A-N-E-R-S!"

2699 days ago


I told you it was a game and I won because it's still bugging you.

2699 days ago


It's a sign of sexual immaturity and confusion when an adult feels the need to cheat on his/her significant other or harasses another person or people when their sexual advances are clearly rejected time and time again. Maybe this is what the problem is with A-ROD and other celebrities,
anD possibly even some of the generAl americaN public
who have no sexual morals or boundaries despite being corrected.

- Sheri

2699 days ago
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