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Birkhead Sues Opri for Fraud, Malpractice

6/1/2007 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Birkhead - OpriLarry Birkhead just filed a lawsuit against Debra Opri for allegedly defrauding him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In a lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Birkhead claims an MSNBC reporter hooked him up with her. He says Opri said she was willing to represent him free of charge, because "the publicity from her representation of Plaintiff would greatly benefit Opri's legal career." Birkhead says shortly after hiring Opri, he did an interview with the MSNBC reporter who was asking questions about confidential documents she shouldn't have had. Birkhead says Opri told him she had given the reporter the confidential info as "payback for the client referral."

As TMZ first reported, Birkhead made a deal with NBC Universal for $1,050,000 to appear on various shows. The initial check to Birkhead was for $865,000. Birkhead says without his consent, Opri deposited the money in her client trust account. Indeed, Birkhead claims he "specifically advised Opri that she was not authorized to take control or possession of any of the funds..." Opri then turned over $200,000, leaving $665,000 in the trust account.

Birkhead, who claims conversion, fraud and legal malpractice, says he repeatedly demanded that Opri release the money but she refused. Birkhead then fired her.

Birkhead's suit then details another TMZ story, that after Opri was fired, she sent him a bill for $620,492.84 for legal services, which included charges for expensive dinners, Opri's publicist, and even her husband's laundry. Birkhead claims many of the charges were for Opri's "personal aggrandizement."

Birkhead further alleges in the suit that "Opri placed her own career desires and needs as a priority over the needs, interests and desires of her own client."

Birkhead also claims Opri represented herself as a specialist in California family law, but says the representation was false and she knew it.

Birkhead is seeking at least $885,000 in damages. He is also asking for punitive damages and rescission of any fee agreements Birkhead claims he signed under fraudulent pretenses.


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Jill Ann    

Well OPRI is exposed..... A big Thief..... and setting up a Dannielynne fund when Larry was against that..... Wow she's going down.....

Howie is next.....
Posted at 8:04PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Greedy Lawyers Suck


Can we clean up the foul, language on this topic. Is that how you talk to your mother & grand mother?

2667 days ago


Isn't this "Trope" lawfirm the same one STERN IS CONNECTED WITH????

Yes, I think Debra Opri needs to give Larry his money, but for GOD'S SAKE LARRY.......DO YOU HAVE TO GO TO ONE OF STERN'S CROANIES????

2667 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Wow she stated on TV she was doing this PRO BONO....... Steals $885,000. Set-up a Dannielynne Fund and takes donations.......

This why Lawyers are disgusting.....

2667 days ago

Mary T.    

136. Well OPRI is exposed..... A big Thief..... and setting up a Dannielynne fund when Larry was against that..... Wow she's going down.....

Howie is next.....

This mess LB is in ...he got himself into..Leave Howie out of this....Just accept LB is DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2667 days ago

Jill Ann    

Where are you reading, "Trope" is the law firm?

2667 days ago

Jill Ann    

Nancy's show so far is all about Paris Hilton. Does anyone really care? LOL

2667 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Mary T....... Now, how can we think of Larry's legal mess without think of Howie.....


2667 days ago


The law firm, including the phone number and top of the $$Swanky address is listed on the TMZ documents.

Stern is behind this one. He gets to reap his revenge on Opri for giving him a tough fight in Seidlins court. He gets to reap his revenge on all that dared to stand up to him. And Larry is the new trained seal. I believe Stern has something on Larry and it's called GAY.

2667 days ago


Where is anyone getting off saying Debra did it to herself. Did what? She did her job, and I have read the agreement Larry is all documented and itemized.

I think Stern knew he was not the father and when he got the 10K fine for delaying the DNA, he told Larry to fire Opri....she was no longer needed. Stern needed Opri and Virgie out of the way.

Opri will win, she has not done anything wrong. For Larry to say the money was going to him...I dont buy it. It went to T-R-U-S-T, and it is not uncommon to do so.

Larry saying they had a verbal agreement is about as credible as Stern saying " Anna's Wishes". Larry signed and now he is not honoring what he signed. I think Opri was very smart to hold the money in Trust, at least she got paid by doing that!

I wonder who is paying the fancy Wilshire Blvd lawyer? Only the mega, mega rich use lawyers on Wilshire.

2667 days ago


"Team Larry"

2667 days ago

Patty~Team Howard & Larry    

HOLY CRAP I have missed alot in a day!!!!

laughing so hard, you here??

I have an update on the birdie for anyone who is interested...

2667 days ago


Larry you have exposed your money-hungry ways for all the world to see now. The Judds, Sharon Stone and lots of others already knew how you make your living.

2667 days ago

Mary T.    

"Larry Birkhead just filed a lawsuit against Debra Opri for allegedly

defrauding HIM out of hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Does anyone find the beginning of the story interesting??????
I would have thought it would have read: Larry Birkhead just filed a lawsuit against Debra Opri for allegedly defrauding HIS DAUGHTER, Dannielynn out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It's all "HIM" now, right Birkie supporters???? Remember your words Larry.....Dannielynn TRUST FUND......You would be entitled to O if not for her.....You would never have made the news.

2667 days ago

Lucy's Mama    

I knew Debra Opri was an incompetent loudmouth before she represented Larry Birkhead. I hope he wins in court, and that she learns a lesson about trying to defraud her clients.

2667 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Larry has Trope & DeCarolis Firm on Wilshire.....

on the other side of Los Angeles is: Howard's Attornies.....
Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps on Figueroa.....

Larry has nothing to do with Howard..... just a lie from Virgie's camp.....

2667 days ago
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