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Process Server to Opri - It's Dangerous Chewing Her Ass

6/1/2007 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra OpriTMZ has learned Debra Opri got a visit tonight from a famous P.I., who served her with Larry Birkhead's lawsuit filed Friday.

Birkhead hired attorney Michael Trope to sue Opri, alleging she defrauded him by taking hundreds of thousands of dollars he earned and diverted them into her client trust fund account.

John Nazarian, the famous P.I., went to Opri's Santa Monica home tonight and handed her the lawsuit. We're told Opri's reaction: "I have insurance to cover this,"

Opri then told Nazarian, she wanted to know who the hell was Michael Trope. Nazarian put it this way, "I wouldn't want him chewing on my ass."


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The legal wrangling is just what they are doing to make us forget about Anna and Daniel. It is a PR move. Bashing Virgie did not work. Now it is something else.

2666 days ago


well, i see the light only day i am gone and everything comes out. lol i knew she was no good all lawyers play games. they are bottom feeders

2666 days ago


#43LOUISVILLE CHICK I can't make sense of your elegant post.
#42 Laitte:
I can make sense of yours whew! and agree with the muddling of issues, Or grasping at straws it was called in another post.
Opri will loose far more then Larrys money.
The wealthy clients Opri loves are breaking out in sweats at the thought of someone keeping thier money when they ask for it back!.

2666 days ago


Serrell Trope founder of Trope andTrope. Partner in T&T Ron Rale. Micheal Trope, related to Serrell Trope. PI who served Opri, works for T&T Seeing the connection yet? Lets go a little further Knowles also partner in T&T. Knowels representing LB in Bahamas.

larry may have started off has a nice guy but look where he has ended up. Sitting at the right hand of the evil one himself.

2666 days ago


2666 days ago


It came from the Bahamas B2B

2666 days ago

M.L.Trope is a partner with a very high profile firm of Trope & DeCarolis, Mr. Trope's father is the very famous, Sorrell Trope founder of Trope and Trope. Sorry folks but these are two different firms. Mr. Rale is a partner of Trope and Trope. No big mystery, 2 very different firms.
Mr. Nazarian is a high profile Private Investigator who is very selective as to who he works with and does no advertising..... and is a former law officer not a 'convict' and not a thug, just an old fashion P.I. Mr. H.K. Stern has been a victim for way too long and is doing well after this terrible period in his life.
We should wish all these wonderful people well in their endeavors!

2666 days ago

Sally Bryant    

I went through a horrible divorce and let me tell you the attorneys are the ones who make out like bandits. Both my exs and my lawyer took advantage of us and really sucked the college money away from all three of our kids. The lawyers are out there to suck as much money from you as they can. They are not there for their clients and especially not their for the poor kids. Lawyers are only in it for the money. I hope Larry wins.

2666 days ago


Virgie You Have Alot Of Supporters. We Continue To Pray For You. Stay Strong. IMO

2666 days ago


Opri did not "fight tooth and nail" for Larry. Eliminate her big mouth, media blitz and tough talk you have very little action that was productive. Larry's Bahaman lawyers got Danni L ( And are paid in full )

2666 days ago


Wow! The big bullies are going After OPri. She must be a threat, Like Stern bashers seem to be for Stern. Anything to keep peoples mind off the tradgedy of Anna and Daniels death. The plan is to make everyone else look bad and I can not believe Larry would be involved. He had to be in it from the start. I wonder if Anna can even remember sleeping with this lowlife!! There is probably a tape of conception! These men are lower than cow manure and Virgie where are you? Get that baby away from them.!!!!

2666 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

This woman should be BITCH SLAPPED. It is ILLEGAL to divert client funds to her own account; it's called co-mingling, and it will get you disbarred by the Bar Association. If it's true, she'll be a lawyer no more very soon...

2666 days ago


This woman should not have helped an asanine!!!

2665 days ago


To #54 ""

Thank you for all that good information but what will the conspiracy theorist do all week now! :)

2665 days ago


Michael Trope is listed with Trope & Trope at same address with CA State Bar and other sources. The connection is there. Larry is in bed so to speak with Howard. And for how long who knows? It was odd how they suddenly "made up." Maybe they were in on all this all the time. Today's development certainly makes one wonder.

2665 days ago
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