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Process Server to Opri - It's Dangerous Chewing Her Ass

6/1/2007 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra OpriTMZ has learned Debra Opri got a visit tonight from a famous P.I., who served her with Larry Birkhead's lawsuit filed Friday.

Birkhead hired attorney Michael Trope to sue Opri, alleging she defrauded him by taking hundreds of thousands of dollars he earned and diverted them into her client trust fund account.

John Nazarian, the famous P.I., went to Opri's Santa Monica home tonight and handed her the lawsuit. We're told Opri's reaction: "I have insurance to cover this,"

Opri then told Nazarian, she wanted to know who the hell was Michael Trope. Nazarian put it this way, "I wouldn't want him chewing on my ass."


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just me    

Get Nancy Grace on her ass.... NAncy will take her on live television and make her look real stupid like she did when Debra Opri was trying to comment on the Michael Jackson case, Mrs. Opri caved and went into her shell.
I noticed a huge change in her when she took over Larry's case she was cocky and arrogant.
Even after all that time she still didn't get the baby back for Larry, i think it was a lawyer directly from the bahamas that did.
But i have a question if anyone knows the 411 i would appreciate it.
Why did Larry allow Opri to deposit the money into her account if it was a pro bono case, ( was larry trying to make money on the down low from his daugthers tragedy).

2698 days ago


Debra Opri is a.............................PRICE GOUGING ATTORNEY WHO LOVES WATCHING HER MANLY FACE ON T.V.

She didn't win custody of Dannielynn for Larry. His Bahamian attorney did all the work. SHE'S GOOD FOR NOTHING... EXCEPT BILLING EXCESSIVELY and getting her BUTCH FACE on Larry King Live and Greta Von Sustern.


2698 days ago



2698 days ago



2698 days ago

Mrs. Laughing So Hard    

IRONIC: Opri fights like a dog to save a baby from the bad guy so our hero can raise his baby. She looks straight into the camera and says, "NO DEAL HOWARD!" Her client looks into the camera and says, "There is NO DEAL!" Her client makes a deal and the same team of Lawyers sues her! Now, how ironic is that!

Frankly, I don't care if it gets ugly; I am looking forward to the leaks!

2698 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Greta had the best coverage of this LB lawsuit vs. Opri, last night. All three of her Attorneys agreed Opri was in deep trouble. No 'TV Lawyer' is supporting Opri that I have seen, so far.

So, a TV reporter refers LB to Opri. That TV reporter gets confidential information from Opri as 'payback' as well as the first of countless staged interviews with LB wherein Opri begins months of spreading rumors, innuendos and suspicions about ANS/HKS. Opri talks trash with virtually every Network, Cable and local TV reporter in America. non-stop.

The major source of 'inside information' for this case, Opri, was making it up all along. None of the Court actions in America were legitimate. One very long publicity stunt.

When the first 'celebrity' paycheck is issued for LB, Opri diverts it to her Client Trust Account without the permission of her client. She refuses to hand the money over to LB. One of Greta's guests, Jeff Brown, exclaims, (paraphrasing) "Why when we see these fraud cases by Lawyers do they always involve Lobster and other high-living things".

So, in the end, what do we actually know about HKS, LB etc., that is true?

2698 days ago


Figures, Opri is as dishonest as the rest of the sleaze bags that want to take Lary to the cleaners and take Daniels money. Fergie, O'Quinn, Rail, Howrad, all crooks, the only one fighting fair and being honest is Larry, he just wanted his baby-simple.
I pray that all attorneys involved in this fiasco are sued, disbarred, fined and lose all their ill-gotten gains. Biblical principle that the money and fame they received by deception, lies, spin etc. will not be held by them lomg, they will lose it and people like Larry will get it. Praise God

2698 days ago


Larry has lost so many supporters. I think his 15 minutes of fame are up . Thank God Anna was right she was the star not him lol lol lol lol lol jmho

2698 days ago


Go for it Larry! One lawyer told us to keep our money and run for it. It is a money game, a rat race and the rats are winning, so do them in Larry! Good luck with this lawsuit and bewary of your dealings in the Bahamas. I wish you and your baby all the luck and good things in life. Mary

2698 days ago


Insurance doesn't cover fraud, Opri!! Jails cover fraud--here's hoping you get to learn that!! And here's hoping you have saved a lot of money---I can't imagine who would hire you anymore!!!

2698 days ago

hurricane katrina land    

Does anyone think this could all be a publicity deal? What better way to keep the money rolling in from Anna Nicole than by keeping this saga going!

The longer they keep this story in the media, the better off the S/B/RR team will be. More money to be made off of Anna in the future if they can keep her story alive in any way! Just so happens that this particular story is not about Howard K. Stern, ironic isn't it?! Hmmm, wonder why TMZ is always the first to get any info on this continuing saga. Think maybe "entertainment value" has anything to do with it?

Poor Anna Nicole, dead in the ground and the leaches are still trying to suck her dry!

2698 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

We all see the lottery game Lawyers play by suing Doctors left and right. The vast majority of Medical Malpractice cases are bogus, but they are filed day after day after day.

What we rarely see is a Legal Malpractice case!

I bet it gets down and dirty fast. I also can't wait for the leaks! :-)

2698 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

11. Well, well, well, Howard, Ron Rale, and Larry what a bunch of legal beagles! Except Larry of course. He is just coming off as a big fat liar. Remember, "no deal" Birkhead. Got to say, Larry, you have really disappointed me! But, then obviously, you don't really care what people think any more. Guess, you guys think you have everything in the bag. I guess we will see. Honestly, I am really disappointed.

by Mrs. Laughing So Hard

My feelings exactly. Would only add, Dannielynn won't have a chance with those two. Folks, we are witnessing the cloning of Vickie Lynn Hogan by two money grubbing and dishonest characters.
I just hope DL survives.

The only people deadbeat Birkhead has managed to fool are those with memory problems.

2698 days ago



Do you actually think the guy's last name "Trope" is just a coincidence???? Ron Rale is a partner in a lawfirm named "Trope and Trope".

Larry is a BIG FAT LIAR!!! Yeah Larry, you made no deal with Stern huh?? I bet you will still have some hangers on as supporters, but for the most part, people will see you for what you really are!!! A scum sucker just like Stern! You can't sign contract and then turn around and say, "I signed it, but I don't really owe Opri $400+ an hour like I agreed to in the contract!" What an butt hole you are!!! If Opri was going to work for FREE, then WHY THE HELL DID YOU SIGN HER CONTRACT!

Stern and Ron Rale put you up to this lawsuit AND WE ALL KNOW IT!!!

2698 days ago


Ok you Larry B kool-aid drinkers---Opri is a money grabber---but it has also been brought to light the Millions of dollars Larry B has made off this baby---not just the money for the deal he brokered with Opri--but millions off pictures of the baby---why aren't you people screeming about this like you did at Anna and HKS?

2698 days ago
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