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The Z List - This Week's Biggest Losers 06/02/07

6/2/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe BryantMeteorologically speaking, this weekend marks the official beginning of "June gloom" in Los Angeles, a period during which each day begins with a deep fog. But some celebs chose to get an early jump on the foggy phenomenon.

Kobe Bryant: During a week when Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James logged one of the greatest playoff performances in NBA history (as well as classiest post-game press conference), KB went public with his whining and clanged one off the respectability rim not once, or twice but ... oh hell, who's counting anymore? It all ended with Lakers owner Jerry Buss making time (before his annual vacation in Italy) to assure his star that all efforts will be made to turn the team into a contender again. And sure enough, rumors were flying at press time about a possible trade involving Indiana Pacer Jermaine O'Neal. But wait ... does Kobe really want to shack up with another guy named O'Neal? Doesn't he remember what happened last time, all of this week's Shaq rift denials notwithstanding?

Al GoreAl Gore: With Lilo banking PSA, coke and DUI headlines, and Paris booking stylists for Tuesday's prison premiere, and Britney allegedly barfing up a storm at Sky Bar, the former Vice President's plea for headline news sanity has been resolutely drowned out. Gore has been hot and heavy on the talk show trail to promote his new book, "The Assault on Reason," bemoaning the fact that Hollywood meltdowns are a hotter topic than global warming. But until Lilo crashes a Prius, Paris sews her own hemp clothing, and Britney recycles her shorn hair, all those disenfranchised young voters aren't going to have any reason to care about reason. At this point, the only thing that might be able to trump the terrible trio is a Gore-DiCaprio ticket.

Michael CiminoMichael Cimino: With another Cannes Film Festival now in the books, determining the biggest loser is pretty much a "merde shoot" (that's our informal translation of crap shoot). Was it the corps of international journalists that Roman Polanski took to task for their dumb questions at a press conference, bolting for lunch after blaming "the computer" for their low critic IQ? No. Was it the anti-Michael Moore blogger who found out for sure that his nemesis was the one responsible for anonymously paying for a year's worth of health insurance? No. For our francs, the biggest loser was "Heaven's Gate" auteur Michael Cimino, whose three-minute contribution to a special 60th anniversary compilation film was roundly booed by those low IQ critics. Might be time for the 68-year-old auteur to park it in the south of France year-round.

stewart copeland Stewart Copeland: The Police drummer has a thing or two to learn about 21st century fan coddling. After the band's second arena concert performance in Vancouver, where the reunited group kicked off their gargantuan, sold out world tour, Copeland logged on to and sent out a careless S.O.S. He dubbed the Wednesday GM Place performance "lame," and instantly sullied the memories of that night's 20,000-plus fans by trashing the group's off-kilter performance of many of its greatest hits. "Screw it, it's only music," Copeland wrote, but tell that to the folks who forked over major Canadian coin to B.C. scalpers. Here's a tip, Stew: after tonight's concert in Edmonton, stay away from the laptop.

eminem Eminem: With the lingering unpleasantness of a second divorce from his first wife, the rapper got bitch-slapped this week by none other than the Thing of Pop. Thanks to a deal through Sony/ATV, Michael Jackson is now part-owner of a $370 million song catalogue that includes several by Eminem. While Jackson may think that a cover version of "The Real Slim Shady" is the perfect way to get back at Eminem for making fun of him once upon a time in "Just Lose It," we still think it's not as bad as the idea of these two teaming up for a ghetto remix of "Ivory and Ivory." They say bad luck comes in threes, so after this and the Ducks dumping the Red Wings, Detroit might want to get ready for the Pistons getting bounced out of the playoffs on Sunday.

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Ringless without Shaq    

Hey Shane-

When you max out a contract such as Kobe Bean did, it hampers the rest of the team. Just look at Garnett in Minnesota. Furthermore, it was the Lakers organization who stood behind Bean for his rape case in Colorado. They gave him a private jet to fly to and from Colorado. He still bitched about that too. Let me know when all of us on here can go on the radio and rip our bosses throughout the country and get away with it. Only the whiny, lil bitch Kobe can. If Kobe Bean is the best player in the NBA: then why hasn't he made anyone better nor got past the 1st round of the playoffs? Good night now...

2646 days ago


Over paid, whinney bitch

2646 days ago


LOL, I read comments every rare once in a while. You people are so full of hate. Get a life, and move past all your own insecurities! Obviously, the comments regarding the lack of teamwork etc regarding Kobe shows nothing but ignorance! You aren't watching the game. So, keep your mouth shut about things that you are not informed on. Why keep showing your ignorance?

2646 days ago


Wake up, LeBron had an incredible game but just a few days earlier everyone was writing about how he couldn't win the big one and relinquished leadership. Congratulations on a turnaround, but it's impossible to believe it erases Kobe's accomplishments over the years. Kevin Garnett has been criticized for passively accepting his team's woeful status quo year after year; how can you be angry with Kobe for calling out his management for an awful slew of trades while ignoring better players.
Know what you're talking about before you post your ignorant rantings.

2646 days ago


Kobe cannot handle any other player being compared to Jordan. He needs alot of attention and alot of ego stroking. He can't hadle how Lebron has stepped up and become the player and leader everyone knew he could be. It's no surprise he demanded a trade this week...the week Lebron had a game that will go down as one of the most spectacular performances in playoff history. His window has closed and Lebron is in the spotlight now. Sorry Kobe, you should have learned to play nice a long time ago! Lebron is the real deal!

2646 days ago


#15 - obviously you are a begineering at the Game of Basketbal. - It has always been and will always be a TEAM game -something Koby (like baby) knows nothing about. There are several real stars around the league that don't shoot 30- 35 shots a game. When was the last triple-double by this ball-hog?? NEVER and NEVER will be!! The BEST plaer should be the BEST OVERALL player - not just one dimensional. I Love it when this crybaby gets his feelings hurt and doesnt shoot at all - result= another loss for the team. Take 35 shots - score 50 -result = another team loss.! The man is being treated like a typical employee cause that's all he is. Remember "talkin bout practice" ?? Another ball hog that couldn't win the big games. Buss need to let him go and replaec with a TEAM player !!

2646 days ago


Its so silly we have people trying to find cures for aids and cancer and other diseases.people in all fields trying to make life better for others.people in other countries starving.And a rapists low IQ clown like kobe is paid millions to put a rubber ball in a basket.People really need to take a long look at themselves

2646 days ago

Lakers fan    

First of all I think most of you losers have no respect for the best nba star in the basketball leaque. For one he was found not guilty . oh!! wait the slut lied. If she was truly rape she would have continued on with the trial. But I guess you dumb asses have nothing better to do but to say negative things about him. Basically I think majority of you that made negative comments are HATERS. Who cares if you do not like him or not. The Lakers will continue to keep kobe and he will continue to make the millions while you losers continue to hate and wish you can make what he has. GROW UP CHILDREN!!!!!!

2646 days ago


This is Shane again, sorry about my last post guys. The truth is that even though I know that Kobe's a rapist and a self centered pig. I still cant help but think about him when my boyfriends got me bent over a chair.

2646 days ago

Lakers fan    

Hey #18, So what the lakers went out in the first round. I can also recall the Heat had the same fate. It seems to me you are jealous. Jealous of a man who is making millions and you are probably making minimum wage. While you are continuing to make negative comments about a gifted basketball player it seems to me that you are the lil whiney BITCH who cannot get over it. GROW UP!!!

2646 days ago


I think we are all losers in la...We miss Shaq, but nobody misses that last season he played for the lakers...We want another championship, but nobody wants to give Kobe a supporting cast...We hate Kobe for raping that girl, but which one of us old b's would kick him out of bed?

2646 days ago


Kobe will be the down fall of any team he plays with. A total waste of talent.

2646 days ago

Lakers fan    

#27. Your comment was a total waste!!!

2646 days ago


Lakers Fan : After reading all of you post. I see you and Kobe have something in common.His jersey number is the same as your I.Q. It 's great to be a fan but don't be stupid!

2646 days ago


WHAT TMZ?! Lay off Kobe. He is 1000% in the RIGHT. And btw, "Dr. Buss" isn't even a real doctor... But he's DORKY enough to insist on being called "doctor." Puhleeeeez! Gets on my nerves.

Kobe... we got your back in the OC.

2646 days ago
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