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JonBenet Dad and Natalee Mom -- "Special Friends"

6/5/2007 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ramsey & TwittySo will Geraldo be officiating the wedding, or what?

John Ramsey and Beth Twitty -- aka the parents of JonBenet Ramsey and Natalee Holloway -- are supposedly dating, according to a FOX News report, but JonBenet's dad said yesterday that they're just "special friends" grown out of the tragedy that befell both of them. Lin Wood -- the Atlanta lawyer who represents both Ramsey and Twitty separately -- describes the pair to the AP as "friends who have a great deal of admiration for each other." Is that the sound of spin we're hearing?

The couple, according to the report, have been spotted "holding hands and kissing" in Mountain Brook, Ala. where Twitty lives. Ramsey's wife Patsy died earlier this year of cancer, and Twitty divorced her ex-husband (not Natalee's dad) last December.

Were she alive, JonBenet Ramsey would be 17 years old. Natalee, who is presumed dead after disappearing in Aruba in 2005, would be 20.


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I heard this on my local news before I saw it on TMZ. The first thing I did was laugh. Big deal that it has to be news worth sharing. They are both old and lonely. So what. More power to them !!!!!

2699 days ago

Jo Jo    

Sounds like Beth isn't just desperate to find her daughter.....but another husband as well. Couldn't she find a guy other than an unindicted murderer?

2699 days ago

Larry Fan    

I am so very happy for them. After all they have been through they deserve some happiness. I hope they get together and find comfort in each others company. God Bless them.

#8 BB and 10-Epoh, your comments are disgusting and so untrue. You ought to be ashamed of yourselfs.

2699 days ago


I really dont beleve either parent, John or Patsy killed thier child Jon B.
It has got to be 1 of the worst murder ive ever heard about, I cried over that poor little girl and the torture she had to endor before dieing. And my god, the parents, I actually think its worse for them, they had to keep living knowing what happen, how terrible. and then actually have people blame them. I dont believe they had any involvment. But I do wish and pray that the case will be solved 1 day.
Natilee...another sad case....young, vunerable, thought she could take care of herself.
Its a dangerous world out there no matter what your age, woman make easier victims.
Again..I hope and Pray that 1 day that case will be solved too. For her Mothers sake.

2699 days ago


him and his wife are murderers. She's now in hell and he'll be there someday too. For abusing and murdering their child.
natalie was murdered by those three dudes after they spiked her drink with ghb or some other date rape drug.

2699 days ago


That DNA is so minute, it could be from a sneeze. DA Mary Lacy said it could be an "artifact" meaning it could be NOTHING. That DNA, it has been in CODIS for 4 years, with NO hits.

2699 days ago

J J    

The only thing that could be more disturbing would be to hear that she is dating O.J. Simpson.

2699 days ago


I heard O.J .was going to be the best man at their wedding.

2699 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker? they come! *That* sure didn't take long. Lol

"Faith" - the wannabe evangelist who wants Beth to join a convent
"Diana" - the wannabe psychic with a cracked and dusty crystal ball

I'm sure sure Beth and John run into those types all the time -- either they're pesty amatuer sleuths or people so mired in their own muck they can't bear to face their own reality.
lol-------nevertheless, predictable

2699 days ago


The 2 have common backgrounds of misery and can possibly be good for each other. They both need alot of understanding and maybe they can get it from each other. I wish them the best...they each deserve some happiness in their lives. Good Luck and Best Wishes.

2699 days ago


# 10 You sound like one sick f---, you must be from up north to think like that.

2699 days ago


For "Black Comedy"....... and you are both cracked and miserable. Easy to tell, or you would not be one here. Some of us just get on to read a certain story because we know the people! What is your excuse? Easy to tell......

2699 days ago

Mr. T    

Creeps me out. Imagine what it would be like to spend Halloween in the company of this couple. Freaks me out.

2699 days ago


I have never heard anything more nauseating than this! Too much desperation on both parties.

2699 days ago

Papa Bear    

To Susan Davis..

It's not about being miserable's about honoring the memory of a spouse who died, just because someone dies doesn't mean that the love you had turns off..and for him to have started dating that woman 9 months after he buried his wife, I don't care what you say, it's obvious he didn't really care too much for her at all! They've been daing for a while, just now has it been made public. And Twitty not only lost a husband recently to Divorce, but she lost a daughter to god knows what! And somehow she can find time to run around and getty kiddy over some love interest???? Im sorry but I don't think she's wrapped too tight herself.

2699 days ago
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