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6/6/2007 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0606_paris_jail_02-1TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton DID have to undergo a cavity search as part of the booking process at the jail.

The NY Post reported this morning that Paris was not required to undergo the customary 'bend over and cough' search for contraband upon checking in to jail. Not true!

TMZ has learned that Paris was forced to endure the "search." Humiliation at its finest!

No word on if they found anything during the exploration.


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Paris is Beautiful Fan    

I think Paris is beautiful and kind. I am sorry she is going through this. When she was arrested for DUI she registered a .08. Just enough to get a DUI. She should not have been driving on a suspended license but we all make mistakes. All these ppl who put her down are disgusting, I have a grown daughter and i would not want ppl saying the same hurtful things about her. Get yourselves a life and if u can't say anything kind, don't say anything at all.

2665 days ago



2665 days ago

C. Overgaard    

It would not be the first time.

Cavity search was a part of the intake process at her old boarding school - CEDU (and most other wilderness therapy courses and so-called therapeutic boarding school, which is the fine word for at teen-prison).

That should not break her.

In fact I am kind of enjoying that the tax-payers are going to pay ALOT of money for her stay, when they for far less money could have created a special chain gang for her and all those young and old stars, who are caught doing DUI every month.

What if you could take your children down to Griffith Park - point at the chained bunch - and say:

"There you are. Whether you are rich or not. The law applies to everyone. The only thing that would tell you apart is whether it is a designer leg iron or not."

2665 days ago


Poor Paris.... having to put up with ALL that abuse... (sniff). Having the misfortune of not having to have to (snort...) put up with all those other hardened criminals. Having her detention in (cough... ) a 'special needs' section. Having the misfortune of having her sentencing time (pout..) reduced overall for 'good behavour'. And now she is not eating... or sleeping (gasp...) !!! Maybe with her friends and money and looks she can get the laws of California changed that govern drunken driving.

2665 days ago


she must be used to bend over . so what's the bid deal ????

2665 days ago


Damn! Double post. Sorry guys...

2665 days ago


This whole thing is such BS. Paris needs to sue her lawyer for letting this happen to her. My daughter had a severe drinking problem and got several DUIs before they came down hard on her. Maybe if they had put her in jail sooner she would have quit drinking sooner. BUT this is just crazy that Paris has to indure this crap. But I hear the clubs may change their ways too over this and Lohan's problems. The Alcohol Beverage Control should start punishing the clubs for serving the young people too. Life is just so much easier if you just don't drink at all. But this is the real world Hollywood! I did it too, when I was young and stupid but back then Police Officers would call your parents for you etc......NOT now. Today they "lay in wait" and get a thrill out of destroying someone's life. Then they all go out drinking after work and drive home. Been there, done that.

2665 days ago


Shame on you TMZ.....You've reached an all time low here. Our country is falling apart and this is all you can do? What a waste!

2665 days ago


Her mommy and daddy must be so proud of their daughter in this pic. I think everyone should boycott the entire Hilton hotel chain (I know it will never happen but maybe just maybe if people stopped going Paris's parents would start to act like parents and get there daughter help not just buy her way out of trouble). There are nicer hotels out there.

2665 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

you can bet the guard wore some heavy duty gloves, im sure the guards drew straws on who had to chech her croch,i juat wonder if she still crying like a little babby,she wants her mommy,they should stick a pacifier in her mouth,this is only day 3 ,19 more days left,she will learn a life altering experience that her mom should have taught her years ago,I think her little sister learned this lesson,because she dont act like a fool

2665 days ago


paris is the worlds largest bar/porn store, i guess...

2665 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

Mary Beth - You Rock !!!!!!!!!!!!

2665 days ago


32. Im sorry I cant stop laughing at ther responses-this has to be one of the funniest that I have seen on TMZ! Can anyone tell me where the story of her having herpes came from?

Posted at 3:48PM on Jun 6th 2007 by Court Reporter
The idiot put some stuff is storage and forgot to pay the bill. Somebody bought the stuff and records were in there.

2665 days ago


hahahahahahahahaha! You play, you pay!

Seriously, this all started with a DUI conviction. She could have injured or killed herself and others. The CA laws on this are a total joke. In the state I live in, 1st DUI is an automatic 6 month loss of drivers license. No driving "just to work", either. We have almost no mass transit. CA ought to deal with the seriousness of the crime of DUI and do the same. Then Paris couldn't claim "ignorance" about "okay to drive to work". We have no way to interpret the punishment of a DUI conviction where I live. Why should anyone else? It doesn't work, anyway :)

2665 days ago


Very well said Mary Beth #111

2665 days ago
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