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Paris Haters' Bash a Bust

6/6/2007 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A nationwide Christian organization called The Resistance, led by founder Mark Dice, was set to have a huge soiree last night at the Beverly Hilton to celebrate Paris Hilton's incarceration. Only trouble is... they didn't.
Mark Dice
TMZ camera's were on hand to catch what was supposed to be a riled-up group as they trashed Hilton memorabilia in celebration of a time they hope will allow the heiress some deep "self reflection." So, just what did our cameras catch?


In fact, our guy never even hit the record button. The gala was supposed to kickoff at 8:00 PM in a bar on the first floor of the hotel. Our camera guy was told to look for a guy with a "Pray for Paris" t-shirt on -- which would allegedly distinguish Mr. Dice from the rest of expected crowd. Dice never rolled in!

Perhaps Paris' newly-found bible studies endeared her to her Christian detractors. As for the failed hater bash: *wahhh, wahhh!*

UPDATE: TMZ has learned that Dice did show up for the event, but was thrown out by security for interviewing patrons of the hotel. Here's the video evidence that he was there ... if you care.


No Avatar


Like so many other Paris Hilton events: a big nothing!

2698 days ago


UMM...............too much time to spend on someone that you so called "hate".

2698 days ago


Who cares about the Hilton trash.

2698 days ago

Sick Of It    

I thought we would have a 23-day reprieve from the media concerning Paris Hilton; guess some days it doesn;t pay to think. Don't bother to tell me to go elsewhere, by the time you read this, I will be gone from this site, for good!

2698 days ago

Thomas Neff    

Oh Please...poor Paris. If that was my daughter or anyone elses who is middle class or poor she would be in general population not mollycottled in solitary. How many others have the phone privileges and visitation by her lawyer and some roladex shrink.

She and others like her not only flaunt the law they do such outrages things actually dareing the authorities to do something.

This makes me sick to hear her piss and moan about her status. She is priveliged outside and inside and if she is suffering....well isnt that too bad?

2698 days ago

Sick Of It    

Okay, I lied, a message for RUBEN: Grow up. Now I am gone.

2698 days ago


I disagree with Harvey. Paris Hilton is exactly where she ought to be. She flaunted the law many times because she thought she could do anything because of who she is. Well this time her name and her money didn't matter. Plus she disrespected the judge on the day of sentencing by being late. Poor, poor Paris she can't eat, she can't's too noisy, well get used to it baby a lot of other people are in the same place you are. In my opinion they should have made you do the full 40 some days. Maybe this will be a lesson to all those spoiled brats who call themselves "stars". Not one can hold a candle to the Bette Daviss' Barbara Stanwycks'Ava Gardners' who ARE REAL STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2698 days ago


Ruben Contreras,
You're completely clueless, stupid and ignorant. The public's disgust with Paris Hilton has little to do with her privileged life or her money. It has to do with the fact that she (and the rest of the Hiltons) doesn’t feel the need to abide to the laws of our society. Her disregard for a serious offence ( I probably need to remind you the offence was a DUI) by driving on a suspended license multiple times even after she signed a notice acknowledging she was aware of the suspension is proof that she just flipped her nose up to our legal system and the seriousness of the situation. This is exactly why she is sitting her ass in jail right now where it belongs. Wake up Ruben!!!

2698 days ago

Thomas Neff    

Ruben Contreras...Paris is not going to bed you for all your undieing support. Wake up you elitist PIG!

2698 days ago

Edison Farrow    

Have you seen the video on YouTube ???

"Help Paris Escape"

2698 days ago



Case in point, Ruben. "DIGUST" That's not even a word dumb ass! You're as stupid as Paris Hilton. She didn’t even finish high school. Clearly you didn't either. LOL!

Yes, Ruben, there are many reasons to hate the waste of space that is Paris Hilton. Why do you worship a useless person who would without a doubt look down on a pathetic uneducated person such as yourself?

2698 days ago


You should have known this was not true from the beginning simply because Christians do not HATE people, would not trash them in public or private. Would not hold a party just on the fact that they hate them and are glad for their misfortune. A Christian would pray for her. The shirt is the only thing I see right!

2698 days ago


if you sell alcohol and make porn....

2698 days ago

Ruben Contreras    

Stop changeing the subject "BETH"!!!!!You Know It's True!!!!Then Why Are You Commenting!!!!??That's What I Thought!!!!

2698 days ago


What are you twelve? And, that’s insulting twelve year olds!

2698 days ago
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