Breaking News -- Paris Gets an Extension

6/4/2007 7:01 PM PDT

Breaking News -- Paris Gets an Extension

TMZ has the lowdown on the Paris saga. Here's what we know so far:

Paris is winning over the jail staff. Fifteen hours in, they're calling her a "model citizen" -- gracious, thankful and polite to the staff.

She's wearing a short-sleeved, orange jumpsuit. She still has on the makeup she was wearing last night. Her hair is down. Oh yeah, speaking of hair, we were told ixnay on the hair extensions, but that's not the case with her. The staff allows extensions that are "tightly wound." We're told Paris meets that standard, so she has been allowed to keep hers.

She's not interacting with any of the inmates, at least not yet. She's only seeing them through glass. We're told she's not happy, but resigned to getting it done. She's not teary, just very quiet.

As for her cell -- it's 12x8 feet, with a bunk bed, a toilet and wash basin. There are two windows -- a little one in the door, and one on the wall that overlooks buildings. It looks like she missed lunch, because she was meeting with her lawyer, Richard Hutton.