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Who Is F-ing Over Lindsay Lohan?

6/6/2007 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Lindsay Lohan tries to recover in rehab, it's apparent that someone in her inner circle is trying to torpedo her progress. With frenemies like these ... who needs enemies?!
lindsay lohan
This week, year-old pictures featuring a knife-wielding Lindsay with Vanessa Minnillo were plastered all over the Internet and in the tabloids. TMZ has confirmed that these pictures were stolen from LiLo's apartment -- and sold to a UK tabloid! Cha-ching!

We've also learned that Lindsay has had only three or four visitors at Promises -- all friends, no family (paging Dina Lohan!) -- but information about her has been leaked to the National Enquirer! One of her so-called BFFs is blabbing, and Lilo's not happy about it.

TMZ contacted Lindsay's rep, who would not comment on exactly who is talking about Linds. As for the pics, the rep told us, "Unfortunately, we live in a society where we allow stolen pictures to make a profit. I can't believe magazines would purchase and publish stolen, personal photos. If anyone wants to step up to the plate and donate the profits from their sale, we would be happy to point you in the direction of a charity in need."


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Lindsay Blohan    

She used to be such a sweet little girl. Remember The Parent Trap? What the hell happened?

2632 days ago


heroes is casting

2632 days ago

West Coastian    

Number one rule when you're famous would be don't trust anyone and never, ever do anything that makes a great photo op. LoHo's mommy should have done a better job.

2632 days ago


Maybe Lindsey should just keep her mouth shut for a change. People can only tell what you tell them. As Ben Franklin said, "3 people can keep a secret if 2 are dead." And Dina being MIA???? SURPRISE. Her meal ticket is out of service. She's probably out working on her new reality series. LOSERS!!!!

2632 days ago

Haha suckers...    

Her mother sold those pics...I just know it.

2632 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

no problem guessing it is Tara... I am sure you have heard about the feud between Tara and DIna Lohan over Stedman... Well they had that knockdown drag out fight... Tara had an eye injury and vowed revenge against the Lohans

2632 days ago


Money is what happened and it happens to too many of them. They become famous, everyone wants to get in on some of the denaro ($$), no one tells them when they are acting stupid anymore lest they be out of favor...and the star just goes into orbit. It's sad.

2632 days ago


I knew most of her friends were just there to use her, but what the heck is with her mother?! Where is she?! Is her Mother only using her as well. She can party with her daughter, but not visit her in rehab?! I feel so bad for Lindsay. I wish she had a better support system. She has few, or no real friends, and her parents are self absorbed and dysfunctional themselves. It will be much harder for her to recover without any good support systems. Please get a sponsor when you get out Lindsay!

2632 days ago


I blame it on the freckles. Freckles make people go insane. tsk tsk

2632 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

#4-I agree! or it could be her Dead beat dad ?

2632 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Lindsey Lo-class is never going to have any true friends. Probably not even her family. Drunks and druggies never to. they only hang around for the perks of knowing someone famous. You have to pity her!

2632 days ago


it's really hard to know who to trust-everyone's working an angle, and they always present themselves as trustworthy, so you'll drop your guard..

2632 days ago


Boozing party sluts like crackhead Lindsay don't have friends, and she never had a mother. Is any of this a surprise?

2632 days ago


freckles cause neurological defects in the brain that lead to bing drinking and drug abuse...i just know it

2632 days ago


I think it is all being coordinated by Lindsay herself. This woman can NOT keep herself out of the public eye. She gave the keys to the "thief" and told that person exactly where to find the pics. Why else would she have kept the pics? When the publicity backfired, she denied it and blame-shifted.

That's my opinion based on her history of inviting public scrutiny by her outlandish behavior.

2632 days ago
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