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County Official: Paris "Reassignment" is BS!

6/7/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The decision to allow Paris Hilton to serve the remainder of her time under house arrest is already under heavy fire from L.A. County officials.
Don Knabe and Paris Hilton
In a sharply-worded statement from L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe, he claims that Paris' "reassignment" is a load of crap: "This incident with Paris Hilton is just the most recent that highlights the problems our criminal justice system has with making sure sentences stick, whether it is in a County jail or under electronic monitoring."


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Laurie R    

it makes me sad that no one had the sense to tell this incredibly stupid tw_t not to get out and serve her time. she would've gained some respect w/that.
**Thanks "get her show off the air". I called the number you posted and it gets me to the front receptionist.
here's the whole number you need to dial: 323-954-2400, EXT 2828. That will take you directly to viewer relations. good luck everyone!!! AND CALL!! get that show off the air!

2666 days ago

kim s.    

I am sick and tired of these so-called "princesses" using the mental illness line as a true get out of jail card. Getting rehab is serious work, not a vacation. Going to jail is serious, not a "time to reflect". I am so disgusted by these girls-they need to grow up and join the real world. But obviously, they are so enabled by their families and the media that they will never grow up. How much do you want to bet that we will see one of these girls kill someone while high on drugs or alcohol.

2666 days ago

Pam The REAL Pam    

So Mr. Knabe if you are OUTRAGED, what are you going to do about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is my guess.

2666 days ago


OMG!! As soon as heard yesterday that she had spent 2 hours with her shrink and her attorney, I just KNEW they were going to let her out for "some disorder, or stress related problem." Now she is out and they had better put her back in jail! She has broken the law, she is a citizen just like the rest of us and if we break the law every other person has to pay the consequences. THIS PISSES ME OFF! If Paris Hilton does not get that this is going to CRUSH her PR in the general publics eye, guess what. . . you thought your 3 days in jail were rough. . . .well welcome to your new life called "Hell on Earth." Pull up your Gucci boots straps and do your time for breaking the law.

2666 days ago

Robert Henry    


2666 days ago


I'm so glad I don't live in Los Angeles! After all who wants to live in a city where the judicial system basically promotes celebrity justice and gives out 5 days in jail for DUI probation violation!

We already have yet another celerbity charged with a DUI this past week! I don't even think I can count on one hand how many documented cases of celebrity DUI cases we've had this year and it's only June!

Paris confined to her house for 40 days...big fricken deal! She lives in a mansion people and will have all the luxuries she had grown use to!

She can even have people over and party the night away. This sentence and the LA judicial system is a complete joke!

While they're at it why not let Phil Spector off for murdering Ms. Clarkson!

"Undisclosed medical condition" my ass!

These people will continue to believe they are above the law and nothing has been learned by this incident but that they will continue to get away with reckless behavior and murder!

And the worse part is Paris wants us all to believe that she's not the way we all think/know she is. Well Paris, the proof is in the pudding!

2666 days ago

Mary Beth    

Give me a break!! She needs to have her butt slapped back in the slammer for twice the time!

2666 days ago


Why was she not institutionalized like any othe MENTAL PATIENT? This entire situation stinks and ALL OFFICIALS need to be investigated.

2666 days ago


This is just another example of how the rich and connected can get away with practically anything they want in this country. Since when is a medical condition, unspecified no less, an excuse to get out of jail? Don't they have medical wards in LA county for sick inmates? I'm sure any other sick inmate would not be granted the same benefits. It is disgusting. They have made a joke out of the judicial system in LA county. It's no wonder nobody has faith in the system anymore.

2666 days ago


I agree with the county official. Her getting out early is saying to every common and law-abiding citizen that she is slightly better than everybody else because she has more money. She already acts as though she is better than everybody, and now she will really feel as though she is. This is not right. At least if they felt the need, they could have let her out after two weeks or so for good behavior, but this is just too much of an easy exchange. She is not a princess!! And do you all think it was her karma that got her into this huge mess in the first place?

2665 days ago


Well I guess that the Home Arrest & PARTY (Cystal-Snow) is for the Judge, Sheriff and all Officials tonight. Maybe the Judge and Sheriff are getting Beauty treatments tonight.

L A County can have a ball and really BOOST their revenue by posting a DWI check point near her home for the next 40 days...

The Medical condition can be treated like other prisoners get, STATE HOSPITAL...

2665 days ago

mark anthony given    


2665 days ago


The sheriff is elected. He won't stay for long, I'm sure. Let's remember that California recalled their governor (Gray Davis) not so long ago for being crooked. Looks like it's time to kick that worthless sheriff out as well. Clearly he has no respect for the laws which he is charged with upholding.

2665 days ago


I hope the County will be happy when she drinks again and plows into some inncocent kid and kills them. The purpose of jail is to serve as a deterrant. It's not comfortable and not supposed to be and I would say any first time "resident" will have major anxiety.

2665 days ago


E-Mail L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe and thank him for standing up. And then ask that he truly show support for the people of his county by demanding the Sheriff resign.

2665 days ago
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