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Aggressive Judge Signs Order

6/8/2007 5:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the order Judge Michael Sauer signed today. We're no handwriting experts, but he seems pissed.
Judge Sauer's order, click to view
In big, bold strokes, the judge scrawled his order, demanding that the Sheriff's Department bring Paris to court. TMZ first reported that the Sheriff refused to cooperate, on grounds the judge did not have jurisdiction.

The order reads, "LASD [Los Angeles Sheriff's Department] directed to bring D [actually a triangle -- meaning defendant] to court!!"

Too much coffee, your honor.


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I'd be pissed at Bootlicker Baca. too.

2693 days ago


He has every right to be pissed.

2693 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Yes, he is tired of all the BS she has created just to get her way.

2693 days ago


That judge had every right in the world to be angry as hell, and he did something about it. I applaud him!

2693 days ago


This guy shoulda been on the bench for the O.J. case!

2693 days ago

Jeanne From NC    

hey why not have Nicole's hearing and let them serve together! They hate each other so they would make great cellmates! Save the taxpayers a few dollars. About time someone put their foot down.

2693 days ago


You idots that comment on this are unmitigated morons. And, the Jesus freaks who use this platform are losers.

2693 days ago

Avenging Angel

2693 days ago


YOU GO GUY!!! You give me hope there are real people in the system!! Maybe not many but at least a few!

2693 days ago

stupid brittney    

YOu know what...Good job for the judge. He is saving her little pathetic life and she doesn't eve know it. He is doing her some good by making her stay in jail and understanding its not okay to violate your probabtion and its not okay to think that you can walk all over people and they will do what you want. Just do the remaing 18 days and know that you MAY come out a better person because of it.

2693 days ago


This is so funny I am going to start Haterz of paris hilton myspace look for it on saturday.

2693 days ago


Good for him!

Was doesn't anyone get the 45 day/23 days.

45 days is her sentence...23 is what she will actually end up serving with time off for good behavior....duh.

She has served 5 days, she will be out in 18....big deal!

2693 days ago


do you like a double standard for favorit and celeb. versus all others ?

2693 days ago

El Santo Gordo    

Hopefully everyone above the law will think twice about the way they live and what's truly right. At 26 I know people who are teachers, attorneys, accountants, and living a life where many people depend on their skills not on how cute they are or what their last name is and they have to work hard.

Best Luck! Grow up babe!

El Santo Gordo

2693 days ago


oh for God's sake, she doesn't need a "rehab" facility. If she's detoxing for anything the medical center inside the jail is perfectly capable of taking care of her.

Paris is a criminal. Jail is where she belongs. Arrested for DUI, let go. Given probation. Broke 1st probation. Judge gave her a break and said, "ok, get it right this time, i'm revoked your license". Put back on probation. Broke 2nd probation. Was late for court , Judge says, you're really pushing it here, once more and that's it. Put back on probation (THIRD PROBATION). Broke probation, sentenced to 45 days in jail. Cut to 23 days for good behavior BEFORE she even stepped FOOT in the jail!

Paris tries to appeal. Fails. Paris asks the Governor for a pardon. Fails.

Paris willingly enters Jail. Stay 3 days, but is counted as five. Let go on the orders of the sheriff who basically overruled the Judge's "no tether" stipulation in his order. Ordered back to jail to serve the full 45 days.

attorneys file appeal. Appeal will fail because she is not being held illegally. She is simply remanded to serve her original sentence. boo hoo.

I'd say she's had MORE than enough chances to avoid this all and get with the real world. She's 26 years old and screaming out for her mother in court. "MOM MOM IT'S NOT FAIR!"

Sorry but it's more than fair and I can completely understand why this Judge has lost his patience with her mockery of the Judicial system!!

2693 days ago
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