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Hilton Ordered Back to Jail!!!

6/8/2007 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Will Spend Weekend in Med Jail

Paris Hilton will probably spend the weekend in a medical ward at the jail facility where she surrendered Sunday night, referred to as Twin Towers.

We're told the plans will firm up within an hour. Hilton will stay there over the weekend, when her lawyer will file an appeal, called a writ of habeas corpus, which means, essentially, the body is being held illegally.

Paris Heads Back to the Big House

Paris Hilton was just ordered back to jail in Lynwood to serve out the remainder of her 45-day sentence. She'll get credit for 5 days already served.

Hilton left the courtroom in tears, screaming, "Mom, Mom, Mom, it's not right."

One witness said that Paris was "physically escorted" out of the courtroom by a female deputy.

Hilton's mother was later seen pacing the hallways, telling reporters, "I'm paralyzed right now." Paris' father Rick is still in the courtroom.

A Sheriff inside the courtroom tells TMZ that officers are taking Hilton straight from the courtroom to Lynwood. No timetable has been set on her departure.

TMZ has learned, Hilton's lawyer will appeal the judge's ruling. That appeal will be filed either late today or Monday.

Story developing -- refresh your browser!

Crazy Paparazzi Crush as Paris Hauled Off

Paris In cuffs: Click to launch video
Paris Hilton has just arrived at an L.A. courthouse in cuffs, and if things don't go her way, she could be spending the foreseeable future in jail.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the reason the hearing was delayed for two hours is because the Sheriff's Department refused to follow the judge's order to pick up Hilton at her West Hollywood home. We're told the Sheriff believes his department has exclusive authority to decide where Paris goes -- not the judge. After several hours, the deputies picked Hilton up and drove her off. The paparazzi crush was simply unbelievable.

Hilton was released early Thursday morning, after serving five days of a 23-day sentence. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Hilton was "reassigned" to home detention after her shrink visited her and told authorities in the Sheriff's Department that Hilton was in danger of having a nervous breakdown.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Attorney filed a motion asking the judge to return Hilton to jail and to hold the Sheriff's Paris Heads to CourtDepartment in contempt of court for letting her out.

Tour buses made Hilton's home a must-see this morning, as a crush of media recorded everything from the ground and in the air.

As Hilton made her way to court, helicopters followed overhead in OJesque-style.

By the way, Hilton went to court looking like a rice farmer, wearing drab grey sweats!

TMZ will have a blow-by-blow of what happens in court, so c'mon back.

Paris Hilton gallery: click to launch photos


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John Silver    

Heh heh heh .... da bitch b'longs in th' hoosegow! B'sides ... th' matrons deserves a leetle mite o' pleasure, doozn't they?

2702 days ago

terry wyman    

Do the crime do the time,

2702 days ago


I LOVE IT! Put her in there for the rest of her miserable life! Oh and introduce her to the parents of Katie Flynn who were on Oprah last week and let Jennifer Flynn tell Paris what it's like to hold your 7 year old daughters head in your hands after being hit by a drunk going the wrong way at 70 miles an hour! The moron would probably still tell you she did nothing wrong! She is a disgrace!

2702 days ago


Y'know.....I'm not a paris fan but if I had had the same thing happen, I would probabaly get one night in the pokey....not 23 or 40. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean we have to go overboard in her sentencing. Hopefully the kid has learned a lesson. Put her ankle bracelet on and make her go to schools and talk about drinking/driving. Just my 2 cents...

2702 days ago


poor paris, its a circus

2702 days ago

Jason Williams    

You lost fool you're behavior is DISCUSTING & Innapropreit. The world does NOT revolve around your presence, good luck in Jail, you wont get much from us.

2702 days ago


throw her in jain and loose the key, please. I would like to know who got paid at the Sheriffs office. Or mabye she will be paying them with services. Happy Ending

2702 days ago

Enough is Enough    

Ridiculous. Wonder if the "homecoming" party she planned for this weekend is called off ? hmmmmmm, or will she be home before the day is over to eat cupcakes and fruit baskets ?

2702 days ago


I guess she couldn't sway the deputies decesion to handcuff her with a blowbob.

2702 days ago

Victor R    

Why do we agree that the justice system is impartial, when some rich and famous get a simple spank and lots of publicity for the same offense that others pay dearly? I will have a lot of respect if the sentencing judge stands by his order and punishes those in comptemt.

2702 days ago


This is an absurd waste of resources. Leave Paris alone! This is just some over zealous judge trying to make a point.

2702 days ago


Come on, do you really think that bitch is going to jail? Let's try to focus on something that matters. Only she can change her ways. I predict she will be dead by age 30.

2702 days ago


Makes me gnash my teeth to think that this worthless piece of fluff gets as much attention as she does, and gets the Sheriff''s Dept. to pander to her plea that she's in danger of a nervous breakdown. Really???? Well, ain't that a shame! Send her back to jail, doing latrine duty, and then send her off to Darfur to see what the other half of this very same earth she lives in has to deal with EVERY DAY 365/24/7 and let's find out if she has no conscience as well as no brain and no backbone.

2702 days ago


why don't everyone just leave Paris alone dern she is just like me and you all she has the same feelings same body as we do she has the same god as we do same life as we do if we were doing this to the paparazzi they would be filing as much charges on us that we cant count in any number. As for as the NAACP Africans doing this to Paris its sounds like the Africans and the NAACP is Racists there a whole lot worser than the KKK we have put it behind us and gone on with our life's even though I am not racist at all just leave her alone please. GET THE DRIFT .

2702 days ago


Doesn't matter if you are worth millions or zip, you do the crime you do the time. I wonder how many inmates are going to have nervious break downs now in order to get a lesser sentence. She failed to do what she was told and thought she could get away with it. She should not get special treatment, this is what led to her , and other spoiled brats in the public eye thinking they can just do whatever they want and not pay the consequences. Our youth are watching this, time to send a message , and make it the right one. .

2702 days ago
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