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Paris Hilton -- Animal Style

6/8/2007 11:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a fitting metaphorical celebration of Paris' swift in-and-out of jail this week, someone delivered In-N-Out burgers to La Casa Hilton last night. Nothing says "welcome home" like a big bag of fast food.

As an veritable army of camera crews lined the street outside her home, a huge bouqet of flowers and some Double-Doubles were delivered -- as Hilton's family members, including her parents, sister Nicky, aunt Kyle Richards and lawyer Richard Hutton -- all stopped by to see how the "emotionally distraught and traumatized" former jailbird was doing.

Kathy paused to tell cameras she was "happy to have her home," and aunt Kyle was pissed that the same public outrage wasn't shown for the case of Michelle Rodriguez, who served just 2 hours of her 60-day sentence.


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Michelle Rodriguez has never presented herself as above the law. Paris has..Paris has set herself up to be noticed and now she is getting what she wants..a whole lot of notice. I wonder if this woman knows just how much people cannot stand her. I wonder if her so calle friends are going to be stupid enough to associate with her so we can hate them too..and let me tell you why we don't like them..not because they are rich and attractive..but because they have opportunities millions of us never will and they are taking the opportunities they do have and making fools of themselves. I am not jealous of anyone rich or famous my dislike is for people like Lindsay and Brittney who could have it all and have decided to become train wrecks...I just can't figure out what is so bad in their lives that they have to continuely seek out drama..

2695 days ago


to paris; if you can't do the time, then don't do the crime, and since you already did the crime, get your ass back to jail !

2695 days ago


pony up to chess in prison, prison hilton...

2695 days ago


Paris should NEVER had gone to jail in the first place!

2695 days ago


have you ever broke the law ? Then shut -up and be glad you're not in her shoes. This kind of hatred is why the world is so screwed up. Excuse me but are you a judge or just spouting off your ignorance. The more hateful the blogger the more they show the darkness and ill will to all.

2695 days ago

Fran Pleski    

To #36 by susan,you have got to be kidding,you are saying that Paris never should have gone to jail,so your saying that because she is rich she is above the law,no one is above the law so get a grip,she deserves just what she is getting,she is no better then anyone else,a law is a law,once after this is over maybe she will have growen up like she needs to,I hope the courts stick to their guns on this.

2695 days ago


Aunt Kyle isn't too bright. Michelle Rodriguez was a totally different situation, not to mention Michelle never pranced around acting like a spoiled little brat, who thought she was above the law.

2695 days ago


If you are all so sick of Paris and hearing about her, why do you spend so much time reading and writing these comments.??? You are all jealous and pathetic.

2693 days ago
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