Paris Hilton -- Animal Style

6/8/2007 11:09 AM PDT
In a fitting metaphorical celebration of Paris' swift in-and-out of jail this week, someone delivered In-N-Out burgers to La Casa Hilton last night. Nothing says "welcome home" like a big bag of fast food.

As an veritable army of camera crews lined the street outside her home, a huge bouqet of flowers and some Double-Doubles were delivered -- as Hilton's family members, including her parents, sister Nicky, aunt Kyle Richards and lawyer Richard Hutton -- all stopped by to see how the "emotionally distraught and traumatized" former jailbird was doing.

Kathy paused to tell cameras she was "happy to have her home," and aunt Kyle was pissed that the same public outrage wasn't shown for the case of Michelle Rodriguez, who served just 2 hours of her 60-day sentence.