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"Star Wars" -- Revenge of the Writers

6/9/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star WarsStill a little upset with the Jar Jar Binks debacle? Think you know what happened between the time Anakin became Vader and Luke met Obi Wan in the desert? If the idea of expanding that far, far away galaxy is a lifelong dream of yours, you might want to grab your iBook and get on your speeder bike and hurry on down to Santa Monica.

A TMZ spy informs us that the Star Wars camp is in Santa Monica interviewing writers for their upcoming live action Star Wars TV movies. Some of the writers already under consideration have written for "Lost" and "Heroes." The show will cover the 19-year span between "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" and "Star Wars: A New Hope." The new show will focus on minor characters in the Star Wars universe, so don't expect them to dwell on Luke Skywalker's terrible twos.

If you do secure an audience with Mr. Lucas, may the force be with you.


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fat free milk    

I snagged a spot. Thank you. Actually, I didn't because I don't know anybody and have ZERO talent. Bzzt.

2692 days ago


It's enough now with the Star Wars. It's overkill. Fun while it lasted but now, yuk.

2692 days ago


Maybe Paris Hilton can play Princess Layia; give her a little credibility.

2691 days ago

Ms Kris    

Star wars overkill? Really...............SPIDERMAN, SPIDERMAN, SPIDERMAN DOWN THE THROAT

Star Wars just had it's 30th anniversary last month.

Without this film & Jaws the summer blockbusters would not exist.

Can you tell I am a Star Wars fan?

Oceans 13, Oceans 13 ALL WEEK LONG WHEN THE LAST FILM TANKED? Give me a break

2691 days ago


Never forget that magical years, as a kid, when Star Wars and Close Encounters came out within months of one another - it seemed like magic way back when.

Still brings back good memories of the good old days

2691 days ago

El Santo Gordo    

Wow - would there be a certain amount of royalties for the proper writers or are they seeking talent among comic geeks & the YouTube groupies?

El Santo Gordo

2691 days ago

A Lesson A Day    

I'd like to write the part where Princess Leia loses her V.

To me.

2691 days ago


it will be interesting to see that's for sure and thanks to lucas for letting someone other than himself do the writing. last 3 he lost the passion

2691 days ago


This is going to be a live action series, not a set of movies. Lucas has already stated he plans on making 100 hour long episodes.

2691 days ago


So... Where in Santa Monica is this supposed to happen?

Should a sci-fi writer just "use the force" to find this Lucasfilm scout? Santa Monica
is a pretty large area as I recall...

More info please...


2691 days ago

Gossip Hog    

i'd watch a Boba Fett movie :)

2691 days ago

castra regina    

Star Wars 4,234 "Enough Already'!

2689 days ago


Star Wars is so tired. Nothing could make it interesting again. I found the prequels to be nothing but special FX showcases, and not much in the story department. Please no more!

2689 days ago


I found this great clip on It's a great claymation movie about Darth Vader and the Emperor: . I laughed so hard!!!

2683 days ago

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