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Nicky & Stavros Get VIP Treatment at Paris' Jail

6/11/2007 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It doesn't matter where they go, Hiltons don't wait in line.

With just about every single media outlet on the planet trying to shove a mic in their faces, Paris' sister Nicky and on-again off-again-who-knows-what Stavros Niarchos rolled down to Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles yesterday to visit Paris -- waltzing right into the building without having to wait in the ridiculously long visitors line. Family members and friends of other inmates complained that they had to wait for more than three hours. But TMZ has learned that the two were ushered in during a break in the normal visitor schedule, due to Paris' "special needs" situation.

While she didn't say a word about the situation on her way into the jail, Nicky opened up on the way out of the 30-minute visit, telling reporters that Paris is, "being strong" during her second stint behind bars. As usual, Stavros didn't say a word.

Nicky's boyfriend, David Katzenberg, drove the pair down to the jail, but Paris was only allowed two visitors. He waited in the car.


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I know it is very frustrating, but they were ushered inside for two reasons. One being preferential treatment and the second being safety. By safety, I mean that of the other visitors waiting to get in. I know it is not fair, but I hope it answers your question. You would think that this problem could be fixed since this a town run by celebrities.

2691 days ago


Is this video working for anyone else? It's not working for me.

2691 days ago


Beachgirl, if they did come 3-4 hours early, then they should have been first in line, stupid! The Hiltons should have been in whatever spot they were supposed to be upon arrival. The sheriff first said it was over-crowded, now she geta four-man cell to herself? That means 3 other people are sleeping on a floor somewhere because of her ass.

2691 days ago

Jessie Snowbird    

enough of Paris Hilton....She and Nicky make me nauseated. I would like to know about Howard K. Stern........has he been evicted? any criminal proceedings, is he allowed to leave the Bahamas, and can he establish residence without owning a half -million dollar home. If he does........does that money actually belong to the inheritance of Anna Nicole Smith? What has happened to the psychiatrist and others who enabled Smith to have drugs? Also does H.K.Stern still have his legal license?

2691 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Furthermore, Paris is a big fish and had some bad luck here with being in a tough judges courtroom. She and her mother brought some things on themselves with arrogance.
Nicole is laying low...right that she may get off. She will. Her case for far worst tham Paris's. Lyndsay , cocaine in the car, hit her car, is in rehab so this stunt can buy her out. and it will.

I DONOT LIKE Paris, but she got railroaded

2691 days ago

Dr. 04102    

She is a disgusting excuse for a human being. Paris, her family, and the LA jail system can go eat an ass. Not only is she ugly, she has no soul. She is a shell of a person and I hope she stays in jail all year.

2691 days ago


Did people actually waited 3-5 hours AFTER visiting hours started?

Don't think so.

DOn't get me wrong, I think Paris needs to serve somekind of sentence, but there are issues such as safety of the people (public) that also has to be considered.

Plus, in America, everybody should be treated equal, so states the Constitution. SO why is that some pay more tax dollars than others? Leave them alone, let Paris alone, and let her serve whatever suits them well. Just having her locked up is enough punishment for her, be in a castle, a hotel, a medical facility or jail.

2691 days ago


Barbara Walters states that Hilton did not complain and she did not whine. Sounds like whining to me.

"I feel my purpose in life is to be where I am, HOWEVER usually with a situation like mine the person serves 10% of their time. I have already served 30% of my time and I hope that if there is overcrowding in jail I would be let out before someone with a much more serious crime."

I agree that DUI’s are usually released after serving only 10% of their time. That’s a crime in itself but what can you do when there is overcrowding in jail. But how much more are they expected to serve when they violate their probation twice, show up late for court, do not enroll in the drug program she was required to take. She thumbed her nose at the process and because of that she should be required to serve more that 10% of her time and DESERVEDLY so.

2691 days ago


I hope tomorrow when her parents get there, that the Los Angeles County Sheriff makes them sit and wait in line with all of the peasants.....that is...if Paris is still in jail!!! What would make this not so bad is if the Baca wasn't lying to the public and saying she isn't getting preferential treatment, when it is all right in front of us!

2691 days ago


Despite the short wait time for them I see TMZ managed to get video. If they had waited 2-4 hrs can you imagine the media feeding frenzy. The jail staff were just being responsible by getting rid of them ASAP. Would it be safe for visiting family members(of the other inmates) to get trampled by paparazzi? Which we all know would have happened. Grandama trampled by paps. Great headline.

2691 days ago


The News anchor pointed out that the SUV that she was in has no license plate. and they show a still picture of the SUV and she was right license plate or even temporaly plate anywhere on the car that can be seen.
and she said well, Once again the Hilton is still above the Law.

2691 days ago


She is in a MEDICAL INSTITUTION. That's a very different ball game. It was a Sunday, and the "treatments" are very different during weekday.

When in a medical institution you actually can be in a phone all day, except during therapy and special sessions.

2691 days ago


He is the best looking man on Earth. I know he can't be very bright because of the company he keeps, but this man is soooooooo good looking!

2691 days ago


Melissa you couldn't have said it better. Great to have someone in here thinking with their head not theis ass--es.

2691 days ago


Why do they even have laws, if they are not upheld when you get to jail? 10% of your time? Why even bother?!?And nicky gets this special treatment they say cuz of the chaos they create. Am I crazy, or is that a jail? If they can't control the press or whatever, what good are they? Act like cops, and quit being so star struck, idiots. And Paris isn't even a star!

2691 days ago
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