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Serena Williams:

Game, Set, Ass

6/11/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim "The Tush" Kardashian isn't the only girl in Hollywood with some major junk in her trunk. Tennis star Serena Williams was spotted in Miami over the weekend flaunting her God-given assets. Double fault!

After getting knocked out of the French Open by Justine Henin, Williams decided that some quality time with her boyfriend -- while rocking this black bikini -- was a great way to recuperate. We agree.


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lee mitch    

Well, I think the problem here is cultural misunderstanding. A girl with a butt like that is nothing new to the black community. With most black girls it has nothing to do with being over-wieght and more to do with genetics. I wish people would understand that and stop acting like Serena's ass if something freakish, especially in light of the fact that Jennifer Lopez's ass if practically worshiped. Why is that? Look I'm a black guy and I grew up around women with butts like that so it kind of upsets me when someone tries to make it seem like its hideous just because it doesn't conform to the Hollywood standard of beauty, when its always been an ideal of beauty in many, if not all, afro-centric cultures (Cuban, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, African-American, etc.).

2641 days ago

lee mitch    

Some women genetically have big butts and some women do not. Now see how easy that was? Grow up America. Why is a big butt on Jennifer Lopez a thing of beauty but ugly on a black woman like Serena transparent isn't it...

2672 days ago

Serena Williams is one of my favorite athletes.

2635 days ago


you know what? I have no idea what people are complaining about Serena Williams is gorgeous, she keeps herself in great shape so stop putting her down, atleast she has a nice booty with is better than you can say about alot of women now days, women that have no bottom(flat ass) is not attractive. Serena's is in perfect shape

2669 days ago


Serena has not lost too many. You have to be a gay man to think that that ass looks nasty. I'nn hit it like she's hitting that tennis ball.

2658 days ago

kim suck    


2692 days ago


Kim's was fake. This one is the real deal.

2692 days ago


I love how Harvey Levin said "only a certain kind of person writes comments on my site" then goes around defending Paris, yet they put these stories on here about someones ass. Sounds like he's biting the very hand that feeds him. Or that he has more class than your average poster. Really, Harvey?

2692 days ago


That is just flat out nasty. Big butts can be sexy, but damn, that's just wrong.

2692 days ago


Ugh, there is nothing attractive about that.

2692 days ago


Someone needs liposuction!!!! I don't like big butts and I cannot lie!

2692 days ago


Did anyone else happen to see Harvey Levin on one of the news shows putting down the people who leave comments on his website? He was asked if there had been a shift of opinion concerning Paris from the people commenting on TMZ and he said he didn't go by the comments because "a certain type of person" leaves comments at TMZ. The insinuation was that we're just stupid and unimportant and the comments we leave don't mean a thing to him. Way to go Harvey....Aren't we the people that are making TMZ successful?

2692 days ago


Fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go 'round. That, however, is absolutely awful.

2692 days ago


Exactly, Kim, he thinks he's better than us, yet puts an ignorant story like this on here.

2692 days ago

Ivana Jercough had this first !!!

2692 days ago
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