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Britney: No Bras in Oz

6/12/2007 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was hangin' out in Hollywood on Monday night ... all ovah the place!

Wearing a satin sheath purchased from an Emerald City garage sale, the pop mom gave peeps a peep at her pups, then she flashed her rear while getting into her car. Lil' Sean and Jayden's mama was sans brassiere, but mercifully wore panties. She's a giver.

At least her weave was held in place by her Christmas paisley scarf, bringing a Gypsy flavor to her floozetastic ensemble. Top it off with hoop earrings and a gold purse, and she's ready to party, y'all!


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they will all make lots of money    

What an absolute pig. I know, you all know and she knows when her dress slips down off her shoulder. She is such a slut. Also, she knew she had a really short dress on, and that when she bent over with all the cameras flashing, there were going to be pictures of her everywhere.

Britney, has no shame. NONE. She always looks like she buys her clothes from a thrift store. Again, what a pig.

2689 days ago


Brittney who are you hanging with? Fire the hangers-on and stick with family and take your mom's advice, she has some life experience. Young Hollywood is no example for you, they don't know the meaning of moderation in all things. Start treating yourself like you would your own kids and take care of your spirit, body and mind . What ever you want from your kids you should do for yourself---First.

2689 days ago


Or if anything, learn from someone elses mistakes. You mom was married to an alcoholic, right. That must mean something. Start educating yourself child.

2689 days ago


ugh..get some dignity.
Hire a stylist, get rid of the weave and grow up.
Everyone goes through crap like this when they are growing up. But, enough is enough. Your clothes are terrible, your hair is terrible, your behavior....blah.
We were all hoping for some kind of comeback, but, you are failing miserably. What happened to the Brit that was on Letterman?
Take a good look at the people who succeeded at a comeback. Christina, Kylie, the list goes on. They dress and behave with style and dignity.

2689 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Sammy Foster---This is a forum about Britney Spears not the War. Are you braindead? The whole thing with Britney is that having cams follow her everywhere does not bother her--She thrives and lives for it--she goes places because the cams are there. she's the biggest attention whore there is! geez you are so retarded!!!

2689 days ago

C Ya    

# 48.. Im from South Texas and I USED to be proud of her too.. But once the Kevin thing came about and now all she does is see how much of her body she can show in public... IM over it too, even my 11 yr old daughter and her friends cannot stand her anymore. She has ruined herself..... sad...... truely sad....

2689 days ago


Tacky, tacky, tacky...

2689 days ago


Why don't the cops arrest her for indecent exposure? She does this constantly and gets away with it. She is a disgrace to women and mothers. She is nothing but a slut, and no measure of a mother. She needs to be in jail, and the kids taken away from her. Bella

2689 days ago

yes the girl IS dumb as a rock    

Read Jamie Lee Curtis' editorial on The Huffington Post... Lindsay's road ends in rehab, Paris' road ends in jail, Britney's road ends in mental illness. I don't know if she's bipolar, but she's definitely SOMETHING. This is pathological attention-seeking childlike behavior. Meet the female Michael Jackson! With the hick-makes-it-good style that Elvis used to create Graceland - which, if you've ever been there, is pretty appalling.

2689 days ago


Go to They have a pic of her with that dress on and she actually had it on backwards, I think. She turned it around during dinner. It's a fugly dress either direction it's on. DAMN! She needs someone to dress her because she's obviously too dumb to do it herself. Showing her ass while crawling over seats in an SUV? IS she 2 yrs old? Brittany, you are shaming southern ladies honey.

2689 days ago


yeah, shes starting to look prerehab...

2689 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Oh, it's just Britney Spears. I thought it was somebody important. OMG, Ronald MacDonald--Can I have your autograph?

2689 days ago


she still thinks shes a russian defector...y'all...

2689 days ago


What's the matter Britney? Paris getting too much publicty for you? You may want to hire her PR people because at least now she has the sense to at least SAY the right thing. You may want to take a page from her book and think about the fact that you are a grown woman and it's time to act like it. People around you insist that you are smart, well, it's time to act that way. You have lost your credibility, your dignity, a lot of your fans and your peers. When are you going to get the message that this behavior isn't cute or attractive? The only people that hang on to you are the scum that thinks this behavior is what does THAT tell you. I'm sure the guy that left the message on this blog that we would love to s__k you all night MUST have an IQ of 2, and that's really a stretch. Is this what you really want?

2689 days ago


I wonder if Britney thinks all this vulgar behavior is going eventually lead to a legacy similar to Madonna's? How soon we forget "SEX: The Book", crotch grabbing, and "Justify My Love". I think the difference between Britney and Madonna is that Madonna always seems to be in control, calculating her next career move by shocking us, not grossing us out!

2689 days ago
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