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The Catwoman Cometh

6/12/2007 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Catwoman is a big ol' mess -- and we're not talking about the Halle Berry bomb!

Feline-featured New York society monster Jocelyn Wildenstein proved cats and dogs can get along, while making her way through LAX on Monday. Comedy and tragedy! Meow!

The 66-year-old plasticine queen, dressed in a leopard print belly-baring top -- more suitable for a kitten than a cougar -- handled her pooch as she tried to shield him from the sight of her kabuki-meets-Michael-Myers-"Halloween"-mask-face! Arf!

It takes millions of dollars -- and a team of insane doctors -- to look this good!


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Some one should seriously kill this woman and put her and the people who have to look at her out of her and our misery. Shame on the doctors they actually are the ones who should really be killed

2657 days ago


So sad. She has no clue. Shame on the Docs that did this to her.

2657 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

Did she leave the country to get this done or do we have Doctors with no amount of common sense or overseers to prevent this from happening? My GOD how could someone take money to do this to another person. They should be brought up on criminal charges.

2657 days ago


God that the lady for American Pie Stiflers MOM!!

Thunder Cats HOOOOOOe.................

2657 days ago



2657 days ago


I wonder what must have happened to this woman in her childhood, to make her hate herself so much. I also saw the "before" pictures of her, and she was very pretty. Just like Michael Jackson, she ended up out-of-control and ended up looking like...this.

2657 days ago


Oh, the daily hate blog of TMZ! I love it! I'm sick, I tell you, sick, sick. sick!!!!

2657 days ago


Plastic surgery's goal is to make you look like something you want. It's not up to the doctor to dictate what people want or to say no to someone just because it's outside the traditional definition of beauty. Don't you guys get it? She WANTS to look like that and who are we to say "no" just because it's something we wouldn't want to look like. That makes no sense. The only person's perception of "beautiful" that should count is the person who is getting the surgery. What if it were flip flopped and the norm was to look like her and if you had a disfiguring issue you needed plastic surgery on and some doctor forced you into looking like a cat? The idea of forcing social norms onto people is terrifying and just plain wrong.

That being said, she looks disgusting.

2657 days ago


She's made herself look foolish, terrifying and down right ugly. Anyone seen her before pix? Not sexy hot, but cute, pretty even. Now....GOD help her because her doctors only care about her money. Don't all doctors take hypocratic oaths(sp)? How is mutalating some help heal them? (MJ, another one who's mutlated himself.) You have to really hate yourself to do something so awful, a little surgey is fine, this....sick, and sad.

2657 days ago


Um, Stifler's mom?

2657 days ago


The dog is cuter...

2657 days ago


This woman should hook-up with Michael Jackson -they've both used plastic surgery to turn themselves into freakazoids.

On a kinder note this woman is obviously mentally ill in some form. The docs who performed the worst surgeries on her should lose their licenses.

2657 days ago


It's really too bad. I wonder if she thinks she looks good. Or semi-ok. Be interesting to know,

2657 days ago


Google Jenny Lee-plastic surgery- She's transformed herself into ?

2657 days ago


i don't know much about her but i do know how she looked like before all the surgery. she was ok looking; better than now. honestly, i don't know why she would do that but doctors can't stop her. if she has the money they have to do it unless it would endanger her life. i think it's sad that she looks like this now but to each his/her own.

2657 days ago
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