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Britney: Say Cheeeese!!!

6/13/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had a bright pink message for photogs yesterday -- hit me baby, one more time!!!

Having already flashed her ass and a boob this week, the woman that Jayden James and Sean Preston have to call "mom," completed a public pie-fecta by offering the paparazzi a little "full-frontal" action after she left a nail appointment in Los Angeles yesterday.

Everybody say it together now -- at least she's got something on this time!


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Leave the poor girl ALONE. Girls, haven't you ever gotten out of a car when you were wearing a shirt. Well this is what happens and it doesn't help when photographers are up in your ass too. LEAVE HER ALONE ALREADY!!! GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!

2691 days ago


This person does not deserve to have her children.

2691 days ago


I think this woman is just disgusting. After all the media coverage, and her negative image from her bizarre behavior, you would think she could keep her legs closed, and her boobs pasted in place, or preferably covered all together. So what if her underwear is on now. She still looks like a gum chewing, no manners, pig that should not be a mother at all. I feel sorry for her kids, to have to have a father like K-Fed, and then a mother as ridiculously ignorant as Britney. She is pathetic, and needs help. I do not know what happened for her to turn out this way, but I wonder if her parents ever taught her any manners, or if it was just all about getting Britney a career and no time for anything else.

2691 days ago

M H    

shes just jealous that Paris has been getting all the media focus...stupid crazy media sluts

2691 days ago



2691 days ago


Any publicity is good publicity. She's doing it on purpose. She's not a tramp, trailor trash, a skank, slut or an idiot. She's knows exactly what she's doing, she's been in the spotlight long enough to know the correct and incorrect ways of getting out of a car. As long as she keeps doing these things, she'll get the attention she needs. She's got an album coming out. (and I'm going to buy it.) As long as she stays in the spotlight, her album will have free publicity. I adore this worman. She is not the stupid, naive girl you all think she is.

2691 days ago


I'm sorry, but exposure happens to all of us, it does, a strap falls here, the wind blows there... but when you are pointing a camera directly to someone's crotch and wait for them to get out of the car, which requires one leg to come out before the next, then of course your going to get a peak at something ... maybe if the papz stop being perverts, they can't complain about someone "exposing" their goods....

2691 days ago


Finally Britney learned to put her underwear on before going out. Britney nice panties by the way NOT! I'm gonna throw up now

2691 days ago


Any adult woman knows how to enter and exit a car without flashing her stuff. I can do it in a micro-mini. Britney flashes by choice, which says a lot about her level of class and desperation for attention.

2691 days ago


I think her and Paris and LiLo are all so deparate for publicity that they try and out do each other. She probably can not stand Paris is getting all the publicity right now so she is doing anything to get her picture out there. At least LiLo does seem to be quietly in rehab and not trying to get publicity out of it.

2691 days ago


She wants photographers to take these pictures as she poses for them. It is gross & trashy.

2691 days ago


For all of you who have said that she's a tramp or that she's gross take a look in the mirror. Remember what comes around goes around and maybe (hopefully) one day someone makes you feel like crap by saying those things (abt you) to you.

2691 days ago

Marie Jane    

Britney PLEASE!!!!

STOP THE NONESENCE, get some class...

See the other ass pictures here:

2691 days ago


That is not even her!! Doesn't everyone know what she actually looks like!

2691 days ago


I don't know if she is doing this on purpose or not, because I would have thought she would have learned from the other incidents, I hope she isn't. It isn't a good way to get attention. Someone needs to show this poor girl how to get in and out of a car. Most of us ladies manage to get in and out of the car each day, skirt or not, without giving anyone a sneak peek of our undergarments. I also feel bad for her though in that regardless of if she knows how to get out of a car or not the paparazzi are stalking her EVERYWHERE! You don't have to take every picture of the celebrities TMZ! Have some reserve.

2691 days ago
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