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Brangelina -- Screw the Press, Bring on the Fans!

6/14/2007 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie banned press from the premiere of her film last night -- but when it came to the fans, she showed nothin' but love.

Both Brad and Angie signed photos for almost everyone who showed up to the premiere of "A Mighty Heart," starring Jolie and produced by Pitt. Looks like having AP and USA Today pull themselves off the red carpet allowed for a bit more time with the autograph-hungry crowd!

And though she obliged with plenty of John Hancocks, Angie didn't give the crowd anything more to go wild about -- pulling off a classy exit from her SUV and narrowly avoiding a Britney-esque moment.


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Good for Angelina. Better for the fans.

2627 days ago


Angelina & Brad are two of the biggest phonies out there. Angelina can adopt all the kids she wants because she can afford it! They are nothing but "homewrecking" idiots. How soon we forget Angelina's past!! The last name "Pitt" is perfect for both of them!!

2627 days ago

give me a break    

Let's talk about what's REALLY important here, like that mess on top of her head. At first glance, I thought that was Denise Richards.

The move to ban press is a classic maneuver by Jolie - now that she's in something "political", she needs to be taken seriously. She really, really, really wants you to believe that she's not just a lying, hypocritical, moderately talented actress masquerading as a modern-day saint. She could have simply chosen not to answer inappropriate questions but it's better for her new image as international diplomat to make you think all that matters is the film's IMPORTANT content.

If she's so concerned that the media focus on the serious nature of the movie (if you can get past her ridiculous accent and spray-on tan), how is it that posing on the cover of Esquire in nothing but a silk sheet and erotic jewelry helps the cause? Or blabbering ad nauseum about her new domesticated life to any magazine who will listen?

Even though I think she's full of it, I'm glad she banned the press - I don't think I can take much more of her self-important, all-knowing quotes.

2627 days ago


#34 You make me really laugh so bad!!!!

Angie doesn't steal anybodys husband!!! She is so GOURGES & she can have every man on her knees!!! Are just the men that can resist her!!! Are you really so stupid??

2627 days ago


go to and type in angelina jolie hypocrite - many reports. one is very direct and to the point

undisputed truths about angelina that most of us know already but a few of you who think shes great should definately read

2627 days ago


To # 19
-I think you need an eyeglass to see good that picture on " In Touch" & to make the difference that Angie has a pretty face with or without make-up!!

2627 days ago


Angelina Jolie is a hypocrite! This is a woman who is all about herself.I know there will be the typical "hater" responses, but I don't hate her, nor do I like her. I just think she is a phony.

2627 days ago


Well you know everytime the tabloids get near her they try to pit her and Anniston against each other. I see it all the time on these boards. I have to say she did right in making the requests she did. She used to answer everything and it has been used to hurt her, Brad, her kids, her brother and even the X. Good for her. If people want to play ball with her they are going to have to start by showing some normal courtesy and respect. Works for me.

2627 days ago


Not too long ago, I saw where Angelina was criticized for talking about her personal life during one of those film festivals. So, it looks like the girl can't win. If she truly wanted the press to focus on the movie and the Daniel Pearl story, then I agree with her: Talking about her personal life during this premiere was inappropriate timing. She has been very gracious to the media about her personal life; she just wanted everyone to stay focused on this movie. I applaud her !

2627 days ago



2627 days ago


CASTRO AN CHAVEZ MUST LOVEEE HER! Controling and veto the press is the first sign of an egomanic personality. This woman it's really ill, she think herself as important, kind of a Mother Teresa or a benevolent President . May I remind her that the UN is a corrupt organization and that adopting children do not make her a sane person? I think Angelina Jolie is the picture of corruption. An ex-heroin drug additc, blood sucker and self proclaim bysexual, this home wrecker is a pathetic excuse for a woman!

2627 days ago


I love these two. They are an honor to their profession which is rare in Hollywood. We all ought to watch their compassion and love of family!!!!!

2627 days ago


This woman is a joke. Why didn't she adopt an American child. I guess American orphans are not good enough for her. The only reason she banned the press, is because she can't handle having to face the music for the things she has done. She is such a skanky, trailer-trash slut. It's no wonder Brad's mom hates her.

2627 days ago


I would have rathered Jennifer in this movie. I don't like Angelina because she's a hypocrite.
She won't have anything to do with her father, Jon Voigh, because he divorced her mother than she changed it to the fact that he made her mother cry. So what does she do? The very same thing.

2627 days ago


Her chosen charity for the premiere was "Reporters Without Borders", yet she bans the press, and demands signed contracts from the press limiting what they can say/print?

She's veering into TomCruiseville with this antic, maybe she spent too much time with the dictator of Nambia

2627 days ago
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