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Prince Harry:

Who's My Daddy?!

6/14/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For years, rumors have swirled questioning the paternity of Great Britain's Prince Harry. Red hair say what?

While reports have always suggested that Diana's flame-haired ex-lover, James Hewitt (left), may be the late Princess' real baby daddy, author Christopher Anderson claims in his new book "After Diana," that now Harry (center) himself wants to take a DNA test to put the rumors to rest. Over the Queen's dead body!

Although Harry and Hewitt both share a carrottop likeness, it should be noted that Diana's brother, Earl Spencer (right), is also a redhead. So there is some red in Diana's blue blood!

Should Harry decide to go ahead and take a DNA test against the Queen's wishes, he might want to stay out of Parisian tunnels.


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He looks nothing like James Hewitt and totally like his Uncle with Charles ears.

The reason why he's better looking than his brother now is that his brother looks like Charles and Harry looks like Diana.

Seriously, he looks NOTHING like Hewitt.

2688 days ago


tasteless and uncalled for with the tunnel comment.

2688 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

Harry looks just like his dad Prince Charles.

2688 days ago

Kevin T.    

Reddish hair in the British Isles? By Joves, we have a BASTARD!

This rumor has always been the dumbest. As if Diana would get knocked up by some well hung officer while making babies for the Crown. She would not have passed off that pregnancy and couldn't have what with all the SPIES and Intelligence sources tailing her every move then.

And Harry has Charles' basic head shape. And as he gets older, he looks less like Hewitt all the time.

Or maybe Diana had an incestuous tryst with her brother, Earl Spencer. Is that what you're all saying?

Is Harry not only of BASTARD birth but is the BASTARD offspring of a foulsome, taboo love?

The red hair must be explained since its so ODD to find in that region of the globe.

2688 days ago


Media! Leave those kids alone! What is all of this crap going to accomplish? Will it help you sleep at night if this kid goes ahead and gets a DNA test to shut you up? What then? What if he finds out that he is not a royal and then it is not only his mum that he has lost but his entire family Would that please the media? Maybe sell an extra million dollars in sales!

Hell! maybe you'll get real lucky with your story and the kid will be so distraught he'll blow his brains out. There's some headlines for ya! Bastards! Don't you have enough blood on your hands!

2688 days ago


IF the story is true, did anyone think that maybe he just wants to shut everyone up once and for all to let his mother's memory rest in peace about something??

2688 days ago


Harry has always looked like a red headed Charles.. theres no way to deny that one.. TMZ.. leave him alone..

2688 days ago

Madam Pince    

I read somewhere -- not a gossip site, a newspaper -- that a DNA test had been done several years ago and Charles is most definitely Harry's dad.

Hewitt is a caddish ass. Why are you giving him any press space?

2688 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

Nah....he is the long lost brother of Dale Earnhard, Jr.

2688 days ago

Madam Pince    

2688 days ago


Get real! Does anyone out there honestly believe that Harry would want to take a DNA test?? God forbid it would come out he isn't Charles' son--NO MONEY!!

2688 days ago


3. If Harry's eyes are actually blue, then Hewitt can't be the father as his eyes are brown & brown eyes are dominate.... I don't beleive it would be genetically possible.

Posted at 2:43PM on Jun 14th 2007 by Sonya
It is genetically possible only if there is a recessive "blue eyed" gene in the family. which there clearly is as Diana's brother has blue eyes. But it is less likely...

2688 days ago

Madam Pince    

2688 days ago


Harry looks like a combination of his parents.

2688 days ago

Madam Pince    

As you can tell, this story just makes my blood boil LEAVE HARRY ALONE. Diana loved her sons -- she went out of her way to protect Harry, never telling him why he was being tested, and had William go through the same test so neither would be suspicious -- and now you're bringing up this tasteless dead story just because that crackhead idiot Christopher Anderson wrote another waste of dead trees to pay his mortgage?!? If anyone should be sorry, it's that soulless bastard Prince Phillip. He's going to rot in hell soon.

2688 days ago
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