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Prince Harry:

Who's My Daddy?!

6/14/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For years, rumors have swirled questioning the paternity of Great Britain's Prince Harry. Red hair say what?

While reports have always suggested that Diana's flame-haired ex-lover, James Hewitt (left), may be the late Princess' real baby daddy, author Christopher Anderson claims in his new book "After Diana," that now Harry (center) himself wants to take a DNA test to put the rumors to rest. Over the Queen's dead body!

Although Harry and Hewitt both share a carrottop likeness, it should be noted that Diana's brother, Earl Spencer (right), is also a redhead. So there is some red in Diana's blue blood!

Should Harry decide to go ahead and take a DNA test against the Queen's wishes, he might want to stay out of Parisian tunnels.


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Your'e Fired!    

EVERYONE in the UK, KNOWS James Hewitt IS his Father.............

2687 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.....Do you really think we would get the TRUTH!!!! Not from the Queen, thats for sure.....It would need to come from Harry's lips......But even the LAB would be "swayed" to side with the Queen.......She's trying to protect a dying Monarchy..........

2687 days ago


#91- ANGELA: Why don't YOU study up before YOU write. Although not common, two blue-eyed parents can produce children with brown eyes. Eye color is a complex trait that depends on the state of several interacting genes. The gene that usually decides the issue (blue eyes or brown eyes) is the OCA2 gene on chromosome 15. But it comes in different strengths. A person with a weak form of the OCA2 gene will have blue eyes. Likewise a person with a strong form will have brown eyes.

The plot thickens, though, because an individual also has other eye-color genes that each has a say in the final eye-color outcome. For example, if one of these lesser genes is strong, it can make the weak form (blue) of OCA2 work much more effectively — almost like the strong form (brown). Then the eye color may be a light brown or muddy grey. In fact, the resulting color can be any shade of brown, hazel/green, or blue depending on the strengths of the interactions.

2687 days ago

are you crazy?    

TMZ you should be ashamed of yourself. Harry looks exactly like his father Prince Charles and I can almost guarantee you that a DNA test was done on Harry as soon as the royals found out the Diana was having an affair with a red headed man. Leave this boy alone. It is pretty obvious he has had some problems since his mothers death and these persistant rumors regarding parentage is not helping him. LEAVE THE BOY ALONE!!!

2687 days ago


UM Sorry Sonya (#3) it absolutly is possible! My husband and I both have hazel/brown eyes and our Son has deep blue eyes. It happens all the time. My Dad has blue eyes and so does my Husbands Dad and Brother. Get your facts straight before you want to start sounding all Scientific and smart!

2687 days ago

Sarah are completely wrong....but that was an original try!

2687 days ago


Please give the boy a break! As a young child, he was as ugly as the Windsors, therefore he is truly a Windsor. He is now a gorgeous hunk of a man, thanks to the good looks of his mother.

2687 days ago


Did anyone hear a snippet of Matt Lauer's interviews with Prince Harry and Prince William? He's an incredible speaker and has become an insightful young man and his big brother, Prince William, is terribly proud of him--they make a great team!! In seeing them together last night, with Harry now having come into full manhood and full individuation, there is no doubt in my mind that he IS Prince William's full brother and Prince Charles' second born son! about the Americans but leave PRINCE HARRY (any negative context) and Prince William off your board--these two young men have endured enough with having lost their mother prematurely in death and in such a violent manner!!!! ....this post is unimaginably CRUEL.

Although it may appear that Princess Diana was (occasionally) reckless with some affairs she was, however, refined and would NEVER have given birth to a child who wasn't Prince Charles' blood during her marriage to him. Please, please people do not assist the rags in keeping this rumor alive on behalf of Harry's long-term welfare! James Hewitt wants to keep this story alive so he can make money off his fling with Princess Diana!

Look at all the pathetic Austrian-Germans who came forth prior to Dannielynn's proof of DNA to say they'd slept with ANS and the baby could very well be theirs....these men(?) were despicable and have no personal ethics.

Just trust that despite the fact they are of The Windsors (Royals) Family, these young men will enjoy "true love" stories and their future spouses do not have to endure what Princess Diana endured with their father. Their mother cherished her sons....

2687 days ago


Hasn't this young man been through enough. Had there been a question of his paternity, you can be sure that the Queen, The British government and Prince Charles, would have made it years ago. They are very particular about the succession and legality of would-be-Kings. The Brits had to go through the same air of suspicion when Prince Andrew was born to the Queen. Leave the kid alone.

As to the Tunnel comment--shame on you! Very poor taste and very demeaning to the surviving family.

2687 days ago



2687 days ago


#11 luvmyredhead and everyone else who wants to talk genetics, here goes. I am a redhead. Both of my parents have black hair. My husband is half Zambian (from Africa), so I was having horrific visions of having a baby with an orange afro. True! So I went onto a website that allowed you to ask a genetics expert a question. I asked him about it, here's what the EXPERT said:

In order to have a redhaired child, BOTH parents must carry the redheaded gene. They don't necessarily have to BE a redhead, they just need to have a redhead somwhere in the family. So even though both of my parents have black hair, it turns out that a few generations back there was a redhead on both my mothers side AND my father's side. Luvmyredhead, I am sure if you investigate your family tree, you will find that there have been redheads on both sides of your family tree also. The geneticist said it is IMPOSSIBLE to create a redheaded baby without that. (which thankfully eases my mind about the orange afro'ed baby, phew!)

So, knowing this, regarding Harry, yes his mother Diana's family does have redheads in it, BUT does Prince Charles's family? I never saw one. However, her ex-lover James Hewitt IS a redhead, so he really COULD be the father of redheaded Harry. If Charles is really the father, there HAS to be a redhead somewhere or it just isn't possible...

2687 days ago


"Stay out of Parisian tunnels"? You "people" are .. I was going to say "shameless", but you'd probably take that as a complement. There's really no adjective for what you are.

2687 days ago


#63 you are right.....I think you and Liz have explained it the clearest and maybe people will understand it now. I just wonder if we've struck a nerve out many brown eyed people are walking around with 2 blue-eyed parents??? Maybe need to have a talk with them and find out who's lying.

2687 days ago


"Should Harry decide to go ahead and take a DNA test against the Queen's wishes, he might want to stay out of Parisian tunnels." did NOT go there!

2687 days ago


I have two sons a blue eyed blonde the other dark hair with brown eyes my I am green eyed and so is my hubby??? I think anything is possible genetics breed from generation to generation My mom has blue eyes and my hubby's mum brown what does all this mean.... Prince Harry is the son of Diana and Charles Let her Rest in peace..conspiracy BULL they were driving fast and Drunk....A terrible accident and a total waste of a good life. And yes TMZ a bad comment on the tunnel.......

2687 days ago
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