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Lynwood Hearts Paris

6/15/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like someone is glad Paris Hilton is back at Lynwood.
Paris Hilton
TMZ cameras spotted this sign posted outside the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood yesterday.

Wonder if they passed around a card for her to sign, too?


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Parents Need to Know    

May the first car that Paris crashes into drunk and stoned, after this "Get Out of Jail - Celebutante Prom", be that of her parents with Bahbra WaWa in the back seat!

BOYCOTT anything that will put another dime in the HILTON's grubby little paws

2650 days ago

John Long    


2650 days ago

Goose Poo with a Loose Screw    

Boy, I wish MY nose was a nice shade of *Hilton Brown*...what I wouldn't, a whole losery year of my salary working at the$16,000.00 if they would let me make payments at a crushing interest rate. Love, Goose Poo with a Loose Screw

2650 days ago


What in the world was she thinking ??? I was arrested and charged with dui thrown in jail and was not drunk I was having a miscariage they gave me no kotex,no medical help and no med's !!! And I was not drunk !!! I was not driving !!! I was forced in the car that he was driving because he dragged me and thru me in the car ! And took off the ptron's at the restraunt called the police on him ,so they pulled him over and took me in to And yes they realesed me the next day .I don't have money for a attorney! (she is going to go down like anna nicole, Her doctor should be looked into !!! )ZANAX have a big joint and go out drinking and driving, It is a dangerous combo,I WONDER WHO OUT OF THE TRASH IN HOLLYWOOD IS GOING TO KILL SOMEONE OR THEMSELF'S LINDSEY ?, BRITNEY,? OR NICHOLE, ? HHMMM ? PARIS MY BET IS ON PARIS ON LINDSEY BIRTHDAY !

2650 days ago


To Those Who Believe Paris Hilton Shouldn't Be In Jail:

Charlotte Observer

Posted on Fri, Jun. 15, 2007reprint or license print email Digg it AIM 79-year-old inmate in jail
A 79-year-old woman who violated probation last month will stay in jail at least two more weeks unless she can post her $15,000 bond, authorities said.

Minnie Powell of Drexel has been in the Burke-Catawba jail since May 14 for violating probation and has been unable to make bond, court officials said. Powell was on probation for communicating threats to a neighbor in 2005, authorities said, and was convicted on those charges again on May 7, 2007.

Catawba County Sheriff David Huffman, who is on the jail's board, said having an inmate that age should "raise a red flag."

"You would have to watch that person more carefully," he said. "It's unusual that we would have a prisoner that old for that amount of time."

Powell is in good health and does not have any medical problems, said Lt. Randy Walker, a jail supervisor.

Powell's bond was set by Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin.

Powell was scheduled to appear in court Thursday, but because court officials did not have time to get through all of the cases, her next appearance has been rescheduled for June 25.

Ervin was out of town Friday and could not be reached. Numerous calls to Powell's probation officer, Laura Smith, and her court-appointed attorney, Carol Ann Bauer, were not returned by Friday evening.

2650 days ago

George William Gockel    

Paris Hilton deserves to be in jail for 45 days. After Paris Hilton will be released out of jail. And Paris Hilton and I will meet each other.

2650 days ago

Rena Hamrick    

Why would they not feel sympathy for Paris?/
I was glad to see the two inmates released after serving 10% of their 30 day sentence......(that's THREE days)........Paris received a stiffer sentence of 45 but according to the 10% rule she should have been out in 4.5 days.

Paris is growing up! No more dumb act..........
I hope she takes the role of Ginger in the Gilligan's Island production. she would be great.

Good luck to Paris.

2649 days ago


I bet Harvey "brown nose" Levin made that sign. What a little bitch he is.

2649 days ago


paris looks like the Geico Gecco. LMAO!!!!

2649 days ago


FACT: Hilton violated the terms of her probation – not once, but twice.

FACT: As part of her original probation, the judge had originally ordered Hilton to take 12 hours of an alcohol educational course. As of the end of April 2007, Hilton hadn’t even applied for it and February 2007 was the deadline.

FACT: Hilton was offered community service in exchange for a lesser sentence; she didn’t do it.

FACT: Hilton also claimed that she had not received notice of her suspension, which the police officers found in the glove compartment of her car. When the highway patrol stopped her the first time, they gave her a firm warning about her suspended driving privileges and required her to sign a statement acknowledging that she was not allowed to drive, which was placed in her glove compartment.

FACT: The second time Hilton was stopped in violation of her probation, she was speeding with her car lights off.

FACT: In court following her second offense of violating her probation, Hilton tried to play “the blame game,” and blamed everything on her publicist and supposedly “fired” this man whom she had convinced to take the heat for her. When the judge didn’t buy this lame story, she “hired him back.”

FACT: Hilton has claimed in interviews that she is a very shrewd businesswoman who reads her contract deals very carefully. But in court, she asserted that she doesn’t read the tickets that she signs?

It’s no wonder the judge gave this arrogant narcissist – who is all about image and ego -- the 45 days; he knew that with time reduced for good behavior, the actual time served would be a few weeks at most. It was a very fair sentence.

2649 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Paris stay in jail you bitch!!!!!!

2649 days ago


On November 21, Hilton’s license was suspended for reckless driving with a high blood alcohol level. That suspension was to last until March 29, 2007. On January 15th, 2007 she was stopped by the California Highway Patrol who advised/reminded her both verbally and in writing that she was driving under a suspended license; her passenger had to drive the vehicle. On January 22, 2007, Hilton plead “no contest” to alcohol-related reckless driving and was placed on probation. On February 27th, she was again caught driving on the suspended license, and in violation of her probation, driving 70 mph without the car lights on in a 35 mph zone.

As part of her probation, Hilton was to begin a 12-hour program of alcohol education, which was to begin by February 2007. She failed to comply with this stipulation of her probation as well.

She deserved her sentence!

2648 days ago


To Father Maximiadis

I am greatly concerned that your comments seem to “play down” what is really going on here. Many of us who are not fans of Hilton do not “judge” her in the ways you seem to imply here, nor are we jealous of the Hiltons’ economic status. The facts speak for themselves. Hilton presents herself as a “role model” for our youth. This is a position she has gone to great lengths to place herself in through her obsession with the media, etc. This causes many of us great concern.

What Hilton did in violating her probation – the facts are presented here in two different posts -- is only part of our concern. The fact that she did not accept blame for her actions and appeared to attempt to manipulate the legal system is quite serious. Let me explain why: Our family lost a 16-year old young lady -- a beautiful, bright, energetic person with much to offer the world – to a reckless driver who was clearly at fault. The driver of the other car, like Hilton, tried to manipulate the legal system in the way we see Hilton doing now. Hilton – and others like her – must being to accept responsibility for their actions.

We will not address Hilton’s other lifestyle choices, although many others have in very unflattering terms. As for our opinions of Hilton, they are based not on looks or economic status, but on character…or, in this instance, the lack thereof. In the final analysis, to accept her position as a "role model" for our youth is really quite unacceptable -- if not ludicrous.


2648 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Poor Paris, finally got what she deserved.

2648 days ago


# 59 In other word's we who judge other's will burn in body and soul !
Okay ,Life is not alway's fair ! you of all people should understand the pain and suffering
other have caused by having there loved one's taken in a second this outrage and cry for justice has been going on for century's if not for the hungry or for the weak, or the poor for the same treatment as we all should recieve ! We suffer at the hand's of man NOT GOD !so when she run's someone over it will be somebody elses suffering that her hand's created ! by the choices she has made ! As for rick he is something else he gave his daughter to hollywood on a silver OH ! gold platter so that is what happen's when you give a child EVERYTHING that they ever wanted ! including her credability !!! Then kathy is just like p I don't even want to say her name she need's to really find GOD !!! And her sister is just like p but she hid's it ! In conclusion ,She took a tranqulizer ,she smoked pot then went out drinking ,THEN, she got behind the wheel of a car and doesn't think anything would happen she is a Hilton ! I will never go to a hilton hotel WHY SO WE CAN GIVE HER MORE MONEY TO PARTY ON ! AND THE DOCTOR WHERE IS HE WHY DID HE PERSCRIBE HER MEDICATION THAT ARE A COMBINATION FOR DEATH ???????????????????? ON THE BOTTLE IT SAY'S DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WHILE TAKEN THIS MEDICATION ????? AND IT STATES IN THE PILL BOOK DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION WITH OTHER TRANQUILIZERS ,BE CAREFULL DRIVING OR OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE,DRUG INTERATION'S AVIOD ALCOHOL,OTHER TRAQUILZERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUY A PILL BOOK AND YOU WILL KNOW !!!!!!! IS SHE DOING THE DOCTOR TO BESIDES THE JANITOR ,GAURD OR THE SHERRIF ????????????? I WILL NOW CALL HER NARIS CAUSE SHE IS IN LOVE WITH HER SELF AND THAT MAKES HER NARCASISTIC AND THAT IS A FACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2648 days ago
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