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Shar: No Fed-Ex Packages Here!

6/16/2007 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shar Jackson, K-Fed's baby mama numero uno, quelled rumors that she's preggers with another little K-Fed junior. Earlier this week her reps denied the story, and Jackson came out personally to deny the claims, too, with a little TMI. "There's absolutely no action going on in my uterus," she told reporters. "I'm no expert, but I hear you have to actually have sex," and that, she said, "hasn't been happening." Okaaaaaay.

Plus, Jackson has no desire to have another baby, with K-Fed or anyone else: she just had a tummy tuck. "I'm not trying to ruin my body," she said.


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Please, who woul want to impregnant this nasty bitch!!!??? Please go away... P.S. she is on the ex-wife's club on cbs?? She is no one's ex-wife, no one wanted to marry this nasty thing... K-fed left her nasty ass for britney!!! come on!! Go away please!! She is so ugly and nasty!!

2662 days ago


Shar is not the prettiest thing but she damn sure has more class than trailer trash Britney.
Kevin came up-no had nothing to do with it. Kevin is the ultimate hustler!!!!

Britney needs to retire already-no one's into YOU!

2662 days ago


Britney is a millionaire, Britney is a ho, Britney is trailer trash-I wish Britney was NO MORE

2662 days ago

Here We Go Again    

Can someone elaborate how she's nasty and Britney isn't? Inquiring minds what to know how you idiots actually think. Of course I'll never know what it's like to be like the bunch of loser posters who think that they know the intimate details of these peoples lives. For instance, how do YOU know that Shar orchestrated this little tale to get into the tabloids? Hohan AND George Clooney both say they plant stories in the press, but Shar has never admitted this. Is she guilty by association? How do YOU know if she wanted to get married or not, but made the choice to have children. Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry say they never want to marry again and yet Angie has a child out of wedlock. I am pretty sure about 50% of you have children by at least 2 different guys and are not married. So, maybe you are just acting out against Shar who will never be phased by a few idiots that inhabit this earth because she has a career and is caring for her kids? Hmmm TMZ Posters? You wish you had a life? You wish you weren't stuck at some low-end job flipping burgers or stuck behind some receptionist desk answering phones? Awww. Idiots!

One last question for these idiot posters, how does one have sooooooooooooo much hate for someone that lives 1000 miles from them and that they never met and that may or may not be quoted correctly in an interview? When did hate replace the witty and funny comments that used to be so popular on these blogs? Doesn't it take much more out of you to say something hateful for no reason than to read some poster making a clever observation about some stupid story about some celebrity? Get over yourselves idiots!

2662 days ago


I like Shar. She is good on the "Ex-Wives" show.I have never heard her talk bad about
ANYONE,when she is being interviewed. She has more class than Britney could ever think
of having. What Britney did to Shar,is what is coming back to Britney now. It's called

2662 days ago


HereWeGoAgain, you're as bright as these celebrity idiots. Maybe you are one of them under cover of a TMZ blog.

2662 days ago


Shar, was not preegers as the STAR magazine claimed she was, she did not look it in the picture.

2662 days ago

stop the madness    

Keven must have a few bucks left over ,go buy a trailer for eac of them.Put them on oposite sides of the park.

2662 days ago


shar's as low as britney. they both dumped pets. when you get a pet you make a commitment to provide them a loving home for life. geez, do shar's kids use federline's last name? maybe she'll dump them, too, when she decides she can't say that name anymore. what a lovely example for her kids when they ask what happened to their dog. "i got rid of her because her name was britney, honey, and i'm too stupid to change her name." i wouldn't watch her show if you paid me.

she and britney are one and the same. losers. disgusting, selfish morons. federline deserves to spend his life with both of them. anyone with a brain is appalled by those idiots.

2662 days ago


I can't believe that Char had 2 kids before she had 2 with K-Fed. Why don't we know/see them and who is the dad? If she and K-Fed r having another kid so what. She has never talked bad about Kevin. She has always said he is misunderstood and he is a good guy. Well after Brit did all the stuff she has done he, did turn out to be the good guy.

2662 days ago


Shar and K-Fed are on the very same level - ie., NO LEVEL of REAL CELEBRITY (WHAT HAVE THEY DONE???) as those two other non-celebs -- Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag! Gag me!!!!

Brittney needs to remove the hedious extensions and go back to rehab. Shar, K-Fed, Spencer and Heidi all need to go back to whatever trailer park they came from and STAY THERE!!!!!

2662 days ago



2661 days ago


Shar is a african american woman she's not stupid K-FED is history she don't know who brittany has been with or k-fed now for that matter and some of us african american women take aids very serious and I believe she is one of those smart women. YO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!

2661 days ago


I'm glad someone in this retarded bunch has a lil sense. If she did start the rumor (which is kinda smart) I'm glad it's not true.

2586 days ago
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