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Angelina Jolie -- Bionic Woman?

6/18/2007 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie's own body weight has dropped to somewhere near the weight of her two youngest children combined, but Angie pulled off this Herculean stunt by carrying both kids in her arms! Girl power!

Photogs snapped Jolie leaving Cafe St. Barts in NYC over the weekend, effortlessly carrying sisters Zahara and Shiloh Nouvelle in her arms -- with Shiloh clinging tight to her pink satin blanky.

Mom might be skinny, but she's strong!


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This will not get to Angelina's ears, but she really should take a medical check up, just in case she has got a parasite in India. Parasites don't always give everyone the say symptoms and what I have heard and seen, it really looks like a thing I had after being in India.

2635 days ago

Angelina's Brother    

Has anyone else noticed how as Ange gets skinnier and skinner she looks more and more like her brother, James Haven? Not a good look, girl. Go eat a burger. With all those kids she must need the extra energy!!
Hope Brad doesn't notice the resemblance, considering his feelings toward brother dearest.

2670 days ago


Jolie is a nickle dime whore, shes banged more guys than Jenna Jameson. I cant understand why she is allowed to yank (buy) these kids from other countries, I mean look at her, she is a total fruitcake, cant get along with her Dad, swaps spit with her Bro, has more lousy tats than a gang member thats been in the pen for 30yrs.

Has little or no morals, broke up Brads marriage, just for the power trip of it all. She is a very twisted human being, how can it be possible for her to raise a goldfish, let alone a bunch of kids from totally different worlds, she should give those kids back to their familys, I hope the best for the defenseless children, but they dont have much of a chance from the jump.

2670 days ago


Why does Angelina always have Zahara dressed like a boy and her biological child dressed in frilly cute little girls' outfits?

2629 days ago

Angelina's Brother    

I think that BOY! needs to keep their opinion to themselves. And by the way, writing all in caps doesn't make your thoughts any more valid, it makes you look as though you are a bit dark and vile. No one is retarded for being a Jen fan, you should grow up and pick watch your damn language.

2664 days ago

Fiddy Fan    

I think Brad and Angie are a wonderful couple and they seem very happy and at peace with their decision to adopt and have a biological kid. Angie's gift to him was a beautiful baby girl which JENNIFER ANISTON had absolutely no time to do! She wanted hollywood ( she better listen to JayZ's song ) and the glitter of movies and one day getting an OSCAR over loving her husband and settling down and giving that MAN a child which he so desired. She broke up her own marriage dont blame Angie for Jennifer's shortcomings! If it hadn't been Angie it would have been somone else. The MAN was turning 40 and wanted a child, is that too much to ask of your WIFE? I dont think she can hop around from man to man and bed to bed and be the single slut until she find somebody to love her because she gave up LOVE for her career so go for it but dont expect a 40 year old man to sit around and wait until you get that big movie deal before you decide you want to help him become a DAD! Jennifer and Angie are in 2 different categories..Angie is SEXY.....Jennifer is a country ass WANNABE. I questioned why Brad hooked up with her when he did. I never thought she was sexy enough for PItt. Him and Angie put on the attire and you got a jazzy ass couple with class. Keep on doing your thing Angie and Brad....let the haters hate. Your daughter is beautiful and so are the two of you! Let Jennifer with her block chin continue to roam hollywood looking for Mr. Right...she just dont understand she already had him if she had done what any WIFE should do which is Marry, start a family, then work on your career but dont get married and expect the man to wait until he's 50 years old to start a family...that's SELFISH and in the end her selfishness cost her and put her back on the Meat Market where she'll be for years..........while waiting on her OSCAR!!! hahahahahaha.

2660 days ago


# 158 I totally AGREE with you!!!!

-I just love Angie + Brad & their adorable family!!! May God bless them in everything & every moment of their lifes!!!

-Like you say let the the haters hate & kill themself if they want!!!! Also let Jenny go from man to man & bed to bed like a b....!!! I bet she'll NEVER find smth right for her!!!!

2656 days ago


soory, I mean # 185!!! God bless Brangelina!!!

2655 days ago


I am so sick of this woman and her collected children. I only judge her by her own words, which included she would never get involved with a married man (her esquire article contradicts her) she was going to take time off for Pax (she's left four days later and is currently filming another movie) and she is SO LIN LOVE WITH HER BROTHER (creepy)

I hope with her last movie bomb they quit casting her and she leaved Brad for another man or woman or family member. Brad, grab the kids and get out while you can.

2646 days ago


Look how cute Shiloh is!

2681 days ago


I think part of the weight is grief over her mother, part was breast-feeding and part was losing the weight to play the grief stricken Marianne Pearl.

Give her a chance to gain it back. She is obviously in good health, other than being too slender.

2681 days ago


Geezum my arms would fall off. How in the world is she able to lug them both around like that? Shiloh looks like a clone of Brad.

2681 days ago


.................I KNEW THEY WOULD ,,,,,WIERD OUT ON US

2681 days ago


Those kids are freakin' adorable.

2681 days ago


those kids look terrified. mini paris hilton's in the making.

2681 days ago
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