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Britney Flips Out

6/18/2007 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney is quite a lady, y'all!

The weave-atrocious pop mom popped into a Beverly Hills nails salon to get a French-tipped manicure to complement her demure hairdo, creating this ghetto/beach been-up-all-night-hey-mistah look! Heyyyyyyyyyyh!

Flipped off gallery: click to launch photosPaparazzi were utterly charmed by Brit's greeting to them! Spears now joins our illustrious gallery of bird flippers! Now if she'd only flip that "hair" in the trash!


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montana mike    

it doesn't smell like teen spirit, but i'm thinking it smells like cousin allie

2685 days ago


I don't blame her. If I have cameras going off in my face everytime I tried to go somewhere, I'd flip them off too. You go Britney! TMZ, Leave the poor girl alone and stop making things look worse than they really are...

2685 days ago



A little harsh, don't you think? What kind of person would wish another person would die? That's just wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.........

2684 days ago


If brit didnt like the attention shes getting she would move out of l.A. go some where quite and raise her boys, real actors and actresses and real singers move away stay out of the spot light, her pr people call the paps to let them know wheres shes going and she loves all this attention, shes a nasty ass white trash bitch with money,

2684 days ago


All of your nasty comments sound like trailer trash. Britney will never be as low-class as the people who write nasty things about her. All of you judges, take a look at some of these comments - what do your high-ass morals say about that?? Please, you people who say nasty things about her are a joke. Take a good look in the mirror - you hardly seem the crowd to judge....

2684 days ago

Enough Already!    

Did they use Britney Spears as the model for the doll Trailer Trash Turleen? She looks and acts just like the doll................

2684 days ago


I think her arms are looking kinda fat...

2684 days ago

tuna marie    

the problem is she thinks she is still a big star because of all the photogs following her all the time. she doesn't realize she has lost all respectability, she thinks she is still hot and sexy. the papparazzi need to stop taking her picture, they all need to let her alone, maybe then she would realize how d-list she really is.

2684 days ago

Get over it!!    

Please get real..................I agree with you and Nick...........TMZ and all the haters are the ones who look like trash. I love how you people rip her apart without even realizing how trashy you look. LOL!!! Go Britney!!!!

Umm why does TMZ delete posts that aren't even obscene? A-holes!!!!

2684 days ago

stop the madness    

The 90s sucked "?"80"s ruled!

2684 days ago


TMZ ! Slow news day? Send Harvey to the jail with a sweater for Paris. You know he wants that in the worst way!

2684 days ago


I wish the photographers would STOP taking pictures of this piece of white trash! We have seen ALL of her we want to! - SHE should be in jail -jailed for being a stupid skank-ho!

She might as well enjoy her $$ she has made - because she will certainly FLOP when she tries to release her Lip-Synched piece of crap she is supposedly recording!

She has been S T R E T C H E D to the limit - - EVERYWHERE - from what we all saw! No self-respecting hillbilly would be caught dead with that piece of trash!

She sure is sending a great message to her 'lil sister!

2684 days ago

tuna marie    

yes why are some posts deleted, alot of posts on the candy letter have been deleted. i guess candy can dish it out, but she can't take it.

do these stars think giving the finger looks good? they look like 10 year olds.

2684 days ago


Mama always said- white trash is as white trash does. :)

2684 days ago

dirty white boy.    

Oh Paris is getting all the attention i better show my panties again, You freakin skank

2684 days ago
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