Britney: Sunnin' and Sushi'n

5/29/2007 1:59 PM PDT

Britney: Sunnin' and Sushi'n

Britney Spears is leaving behind her bohemian cowgirl look -- for this southwestern Pebbles atrocity -- the latest in trainwreck sushi bar chic.

The tanning poptart was spotted on her way into a sushi bar in Beverly Hills this weekend, after leaving the tanning salon in this curiously lovely sun ensemble. While this is an improvement, for her, this getup still makes us wonder if she can actually see through those sunglasses, which appear to be made from recycled clothes dryer glass. Ecological!

There's nothing like a snakeskin scarf to emphasize your peacock weave!

She's a-tryin' y'all! Very trying.