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Paris: I'm Ditching the Losers

6/18/2007 6:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton is telling people that she is going to change -- specifically setting out to do more work with charities and 86 the toxic people in her life. Our question -- who are those people?! Maybe she should start with these peeps:
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Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis: Step one, decrease the Grease. As amusing as he is to us, Brandon's seven-day-a-week hard-partying, late night schedule might not help Paris to become more of a Goldilocks.

Britney Spears: Lose the flooze. Her box-flashing and nightclub hopping while her kids kick it with ... well, we don't really know who ... make her not so hot. While Brit continues to fall apart, she won't help Paris get her sh*t together.

Lindsay Lohan:
Heave-ho to LiLo. In-N-Out burgers, yes, in n' out of rehab, no. P-funk should hang with someone who has more stability than a boulder in a Road Runner cartoon.

Nicole Richie:
A more simple life wouldn't include her wrong-way co-star with her myriad legal dramas. She could end up behind bars as well. Paris really needs to move forward ... in the right direction!

Joe Francis:
The "Girls Gone Wild" convict isn't a paragon of virtue, and Paris should disassociate with anything that reminds the public of "porn" and Paris in the same breath.

Steve-O: Paris has enough jackasses in her life already, she might want to steer clear of one that smokes pot in front of cops.

On the other hand, there is one person in Paris' life that might be able to keep her on the straight and narrow in her size elevens:

Dakota Fanning:
Paris could learn a thing or two from the 13-year-old underage star: she doesn't drink, smoke or flash her panties ... yet. Plus, the juice boxes would do her body good.

Uh, that's about it.


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Why steve-o!? Dude he is the coolest besides try to help these ppl then paris instead of ditching them

2649 days ago

Go To Jail Paris    

It's Because Tom Cruise is gay

2684 days ago

Geno's World    

I volunteer to steer her in the right direction.

2684 days ago


How can she ditch herself?
She's the Number One loser in this group!

2684 days ago


Great advice TMZ!!!

2684 days ago

Go To Jail Paris    

Katie needs to ditch the gay man. Tom please release Katie and go find your man.


2684 days ago


Love the extremely sophisticated graphics. Microsoft Word perhaps?

2684 days ago


Paris is going to drop Britney? That's a good one. Paris was the bad influence on that poor, dumb thing. It always looked like Brit was following Paris around like a puppy dog.
Same with Lohan. They're both way younger than Paris too.
Paris is her own worst enemy and when she realizes that, and stops blaming everyone and everything else for her troubles she'll start to mature. I doubt that will happen though.
You have to have a brain AND a conscience for evolvement, neither of which she seems to possess.

2684 days ago


When the only thing you're known for is partying that should be a sign. Most of those people only hang out with her because she has money & spends it partying. I think she's a joke but they are definitely a bunch of leeches.

2684 days ago


dear god,it burns when i pee please make the blisters go away...and also,i'm mad at you for the size elevens,don't you know who i paris

2684 days ago


Send her to the White House.
She can be the Ambassador to North Korea.

2684 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Paris needs to stay clear of her parents!

2684 days ago


You can't ditch us !!! We ditch you first !!!!

2684 days ago

Cat Stevns    

You're right. Paris does not wear size 11 shoe. She wears size 12 shoes. Just look at her huge feet! Yikes!

2684 days ago


Dakota Fanning has more talent than all them bubbleheads combined. I hope she stays just like she is.

2684 days ago
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