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"Age of Love" Tennis Hunk -- Easy Mark?

6/19/2007 3:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All those kittens and cougars purring so sweetly over tennis star Mark Philippoussis in the new NBC show "Age of Love" might be interested to know a little about his romantic past ... as the main himbo of the men's tour.

Mark P. -- or, as he's so affectionately known to some Aussie media, The Poo -- caused a stir a few years back when he had a reported dalliance with Paris Hilton, while he was still in a relationship of several years with Aussie pop star Delta Goodrem, who was suffering from cancer. Paris even reportedly showed pictures of The Poo to journos, telling them she was "head over heels" for the racquet-man. The Poo denied the hook-up with P.

Meanwhile, before that, Mark P. was reported to be playing a bit more than tongue tennis with fellow hot-but-not-so-hot-at-tennis star Anna Kournikova. The Poo's coach, Pat Cash, wrote in his autobiography that he had to beg his protege not to go out (and get in bed) with Anna K. on the eve of a big match.

On top of all that, The Poo has been linked to Tara Reid and several Aussie models, which should raise the question in all those feline minds -- who wants to play with a used racquet, anyway?


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Up until 1 year ago he was engaged to a girl from Miami. Why haven't they mentioned that on his tv show??????

2683 days ago


Who WOULDN'T deny having a 'relationship' with Hilton and now that info is out there isn't a girl in her right mind who'd 'play with his racquet' since it's been exposed to herpes!!

2683 days ago

A Wee bit Insane-O    

I don't think that he's all that hot to begin with. In fact, I don't think that he's hot at all. He has his height andsupposed talent going for him, that's about it.

2683 days ago


wow.. I can't believe woman would be with an average looking gay man.. it's obvious he is gay since he plays tennis.. come on.. it's only the losers that can't make their football, basketball, track, wrestling, baseball or hockey team that they have to enter tennis because of their gayness.. And besides.. they say he hooked up with Tara Reid? Paris Hilton and a few other Aussie models? For starters.. please tell me who is hot in the bunch? I have seen Dairy Queen workers twice as hot as Paris or Tara... plus, ever woman that takes pics models.. please stop calling them models.. only those that make over a million dollars per year should you label as models.. even so, out of 1% of the modeling industry that makes that.. there are only .00000000000001% that have an ass and our good looking, otherwise they simply have a unique look, not a hot look... I'd rather get laid 100% of the time from a hot woman bartender.. quit calling models who simply got a free t-shirt for posing a model............ losers.

2683 days ago


Mark P has got to be a step up from Greasy bear. yipes.

And for the record, I would gladly accept Paris's lips over my dong. She's got mad skills.

2683 days ago

Cathy J    

I guess this show is on because people like stuff that that,. Personally, I would never want a young guy who has been around the block a 1,000,000 times. I wouldnt want my daughter on there either embarrassing herself or her family. I really don't know how people watch crap like this. He wants sex. and he will probably get it from every girl or old woman on there and see which one is the best. Those relationship don't last. I guess I will watch another channel. Beauty only last for awhile, really. Everyone gets old. Yes there is plastic surgery but ....some people start looking weird after so many time.
Who wants STD's. yuk.

2683 days ago


Funny. Finally someone has the guts to deal with philandering guys in a way similar to girls who like to take a walk on the wild side. Not that it is a bad thing to have a good time (as long as you are single and not hurting soemone who trusts you) but it definitely is unfair to exclusively give females the bimbo/slut treatment when there are even more guys out there who behave like himbos and mansluts. Call them what they are and don't glorify it just because they have a little appendage between their legs. Good job TMZ.

2683 days ago


The age consideration will be pretty easy to figure out if the guy wants a family... the 40s gals will be much more complicated medically in that regard than the 20s gals.

2683 days ago


#17 bilbob, put it back in yer pants. You can get herpes on your lips/face too. Ya might want to rethink things.

2683 days ago


I think the comment you guys made "who wants a used racket" is perfect. It works both ways for women and men who wants a man whor?

2683 days ago

Karin B.    

I watched "Age of Love" last night and all I can say is UGH!!!!! It was awful. I was bored to tears both with the show and I hate to say so, but Mark the tennis pro was boring as well. He does not seem like a good catch. He seems like a player. If Paris did indeed date him, and I'm not saying she did, i think she made a wise choice NOT to continue seeing him. Everytime they brought out an attractive woman in her forties on"Age of Love"-- he made a face as if he wasbeing hit by the plague! Even Kelly Ripa's husband Mark C. had more personality but he's taken. It looked like the women were more intrigued by Kelly's husband.

2683 days ago


Now Poo is one fine piece of meat.

2683 days ago



2683 days ago


He was with Delat for ten months....not 7 years!

2682 days ago

diana g    

Well, that sucks, at least for the women who don't get chosen--that must feel better...

2682 days ago
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