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Birkhead To Opri -- B**ch, Don't Spend My Money

6/19/2007 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Larry Birkhead's new legal attack on Debra Opri. This time, he's asking for an injunction, prohibiting his fired lawyer from spending around $600,000 she's holding hostage in her client trust account.

Birkhead made the money after inking a million-dollar deal with Bravo network. Birkhead has sued Opri, alleging she put the money in her trust account without his consent, and then sent him a ginormous bill.

In an interesting turn, the lawyer for IMG, the agency that represents Opri, turned on her. Regan McGorry writes in a declaration that "Debra directed IMG, and in a telephone call directed IMG and Television Network [Bravo] to wire the initial payment of approximately $866,250 into her attorney client trust account. Debra informed me that she had full authority to have this money wired into said trust account." Wrong!

In Birkhead's declaration, he says, "I need protection to make certain that Opri does not and cannot abscond with my money."


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Larry Birkhead is as corrupt as Stern. Pay your lawyer, Larry, for getting you custody of your cash cow.

2646 days ago


This crazy ass lady needs to BACK OFF! She is a nut job! Doing things that she knows she is not allowed to do...I can't stand her! She now is making all these excuses up to "defend" herself...NO! She is just doing this because she is in the wrong and its out in the public eye...Wonder how many other clients she has screwed money out of?! She can't even keep her other clients, they are dropping her like flies...GOOD! GO AWAY OPRI & LEAVE LARRY ALONE!!! Good luck Larry! supporting you here! :)

2646 days ago


I wish she had been O.J. Simpson's lawyer. He'd have been on another states Death Row.

2646 days ago


meme - first??? who cares... first twice?? can you count above 1?

2646 days ago

Twelve Days in Houston    

I see Disbarrment... I see Criminal Charges... I see a lady with no career and definitely a reputation that keeps going under? Maybe she could sign up VA :) I hear O'Gin is busy these days !

2646 days ago


I'm only writing on here because I think this woman is disgusting and I hope she reads this! She is so nasty looking and she sounds like an idiot every time she speaks! Obviously, she sucks as an attorney. Ok, there's my two cents worth!

2646 days ago


The Opri woman gives me the heebeegeeebeees...What a hound

2646 days ago


Have any of you actually read the contract Larry signed? Have you educated yourselves at all as to what is really going on here or do you prefer to look like fools by attacking first and learning the truth later?

DO is not "keeping the $800,000" AND wanting the bill paid too. Larry agreed that media money would go into a trust and that expenses and legal fees would be paid out of it. Whatever was left after the final accounting would go to Larry. It's standard practice.

Opri paid out over $100,000 of her own money AT LARRY'S INSTRUCTION and with the understanding that she would be reimbursed from the trust. Larry and Opri parted ways BECAUSE Larry demanded that all the money be turned over to him. Opri refused to do it, and rightly so. The fact that the money is still sitting in the trust account shows that Opri is attempting to do the right thing. She's leaving it there until Larry submits to arbitration - as HE AGREED TO DO in writing.

Once the arbitration board determines the amount Opri deserves to be paid, the balance will be handed over to Larry. The questions in my mind are:

1) Why doesn't Larry want to submit to arbitration?
2) Why does Larry think he deserves a freebie while he's raking in the bucks?
3) Why does Larry think Opri should eat the money she advanced him in retainer fees for his other attorneys?
4) Why does Larry believe Opri should pay for his and his sister's clothing and other items? Why should she be the one to pay for HIS daughter's nursery furniture?

Larry said on the stand in Florida that he'd already incurred $300,000 in legal bills and he expected more. Now he's lying and saying it was all offered for free. What a low-life. Howard has taught him well.

2646 days ago


Someone's stretching the truth & as much as I don't care for Opri, you can read all the legal documents here as well as see Larry's sweet handwriting agreeing to monies in a trustfund, etc.:

I don't take the fact Regan McGorry made a declaration as to turning on Debra Opri, but more covering her/his? ass. Notice the Wrong! isn't in quotes. Plus Opri hasn't spent a cent of the trust fund, that's why she's legally bound to take it to arbitration.

Oh and guess what, Larry was also flying under the Splash umbrella, not just Virgie, at the same time. I think there's more than meets the eye between these two, Opri & Larry.

2646 days ago


Awwwww Larry it never seems to end...does it? I hope you get Dannilyns money back from Opri. I guess by now you know what it was like to be Anna Nicole....ppl after you all the time about MONEY......BTW... how is Howard?

2646 days ago

kim suck    


2646 days ago


Birkhead made the money after inking a million-dollar deal !!!!!!!!!!!!! so you tell me who is out for the money.

2646 days ago


Each and everyone of these people will get there due, Opri, Birkhead, Stern, and i guess the wonderful Anna got hers already. Greedy, money hungry vultures, who feed off of a innocent baby. This little girl needs a real home. No one involved has clean hands.

2646 days ago


Hey Opri - you wanted publicity? You got it. Good luck with any future big cases to pay your $2K dinners. Between Pam Bach and Larry seems eating a little humble pie is in order for you. Bella

2646 days ago


15. Opri had no right to leak your case to the media. Then when you wouldn't succumb to her blackmailing you, she smeared you.

Opri Shame on you.


Again, have you read the contract between Larry and Opri? Larry hired her to put him in the media. He wanted her to make him a celebrity. Determining DL's paternity was only one of the four things he hired her to do. The rest all involved HIM. It's all there in writing with his signature and his initials on every page of the contract. If you want to know the truth, you'll read it. If not, continue to spout off with no idea of what you're talking about.

2646 days ago
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