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Birkhead To Opri -- B**ch, Don't Spend My Money

6/19/2007 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Larry Birkhead's new legal attack on Debra Opri. This time, he's asking for an injunction, prohibiting his fired lawyer from spending around $600,000 she's holding hostage in her client trust account.

Birkhead made the money after inking a million-dollar deal with Bravo network. Birkhead has sued Opri, alleging she put the money in her trust account without his consent, and then sent him a ginormous bill.

In an interesting turn, the lawyer for IMG, the agency that represents Opri, turned on her. Regan McGorry writes in a declaration that "Debra directed IMG, and in a telephone call directed IMG and Television Network [Bravo] to wire the initial payment of approximately $866,250 into her attorney client trust account. Debra informed me that she had full authority to have this money wired into said trust account." Wrong!

In Birkhead's declaration, he says, "I need protection to make certain that Opri does not and cannot abscond with my money."


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Hey #29, I prefer to look like a fool! It is so much more fun than being educated. I've tried both! Lighten up.....this is hilarious!

2580 days ago


Dear Debra Opri,

Anything signed after the fact is fraud ! You should have not offered your services for free.
Then you see birkheads big deal with Bravo, and grab his money.
Get your fee agreement sign up front! Not after you see the goose lay a golden egg.
Right tell it to the jury. Your finished!

2580 days ago

Diego Chick    

I haven't been here in a while. I staunchly supported LB through his "paternity" quest, only to realize he's one and the same with Howard "OJ" Stern and ANS. They're all a bunch of narcissistic publicity whores with the same objectives: self-promotion and privileges without responsibility. Opri couldn't represent LB through his union with HKS, for obvious (a.k.a.: "ethical") reasons. The whole saga makes me sick now. It actually stinks a little of premeditation. That poor poor baby.

Opri's husband's dry cleaning keeps coming up. Let it go already. Seriously. She loaned LB AND HIS SISTER her family's clothes and credit accounts to buy clothes for the PR gigs (more commonly known as "trials").

you're seriously immature and out of touch with reality. As a fellow parent, you disgust me. The (apparent) fact that you're hiding your gay lifestyle is further appalling - not because you're gay (God bless my gays; I love you!), but because you're a FRAUD. You never laid down in LOVE with Anna. I believe that part of her story was true: that this was a business arrangement and YOU got greedy for money and fame. I think part of her laughed in appreciation, because, after all, birds of a feather . . . You must make her proud in that sick little sociopathic way.

You don't know what it's like to pay your way in life. Newsflash: Lawyers make A TON of money - especially high-profile ones. What the hell did you expect? Never mind. What a dumb question.

Kisses to Byron. After the big payoff, maybe you can hire a maid.

2580 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

pay you bill,Larry is a gold digger,just like anna

2580 days ago




2580 days ago


Diego Chick-most of these people have no idea what lawyering entails-they remind me of a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Zealots who try to scream louder and harder than everyone else. Larry turned idiot, or maybe he just scammed us all. But he is definately in it for the $$$ now. Poor kid, she never stood a chance from the minute she was conceived.

2580 days ago


41. Dear Debra Opri,

Anything signed after the fact is fraud ! You should have not offered your services for free.
Then you see birkheads big deal with Bravo, and grab his money.
Get your fee agreement sign up front! Not after you see the goose lay a golden egg.
Right tell it to the jury. Your finished!

Posted at 5:16PM on Jun 19th 2007 by Jesup


Read the documents. Larry HIRED Opri to represent him in his media deals. It wasn't done after the fact.

2580 days ago

Jan Anderson    

Pampster, the signed copy was one Opri told Larry it was just for the sake of formality in the California courts and that she was representing him for free except that she wanted 10% of media coverage he got. That sounds fair to me and I hope someone besides Larry and Opri heard what was being said. I would trust Larry long before I would trust anything Opri said. Opri went beyond what she told Larry. Then because he let her go, she then concocted a huge bill to cover whatever she had in the trust. Sounds to me like Opri in wanting good press representing Larry that she is going to get just the opposite. If I were a person needing help from an attorney, Debra would be the last one I would ever want! She is ruining her name. Its a disgusting world with the love of money being the root of so much evil.

In the long run, Larry will make the money he needs to keep his little girl safe and sound. Too bad Virgie turned on him. I liked her until she started wanting to control Larry's money too. Bad news.

2580 days ago


This lady is a lying cheat but he is just as much of a tool. He obviously is a complete moron who doesn't even know how to handle his money.

Way to go, Larry, for cashing in on your kid's mother's death. Class-ay!

2580 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

Opri has NOT nor does she intend to touch the money in the client trust account without a decision by the courts. The money is not STOLEN it is FROZEN. It is in a separate account entirely from her firm's accounts or her personal accounts. THIS IS THE LAW. Yes, there is a dispute as to how the money made its way into the account that will be heard in the proper forum. I see nothing in this "new" information but harassment on the part of Birkhead and clarification from IMG (maybe a CYA move, maybe not). Another, "he said, she said".

I cannot fathom why Larry would sign such a comprehensive media agreement with Opri but he did. I'm sure he is regretting his decision and will try anything to get out of it.

Opri did not "leak" Larry's case to the media. There are people who hang out at courthouses ready to pounce on new filings, which are public. Once Larry filed on Opri, she had a right to respond to every matter in the suit. Her response, once filed, was made public by these vultures. Since Larry's accusations were very broad, it opened up many subjects. Attorney-client privilege is VERY complex and whether Opri has breached the privilege will be up to the bar.

As to whether or not Larry's claims against Opri hold up in court is yet to be seen. It does appear that everyone who touched this case seems to get burned eventually. Virgie's right. The money is poison.

2580 days ago


Now Opri has two big Corp Lawyer firms aginst her. She is to stupid with dishonest pride to just give it up. She has no one to blame but herself for her "loss of reputation"
I never thought she had a great rep to begin with. Haveing celebrity show dogs for clients does not tell me your good..
I have yet to see anything real positive or inovative she has acomplished in a court room. Other then running her mouth on TV, There is not a lot of skill..

2580 days ago


Pampers, is it? Nice name. LOL

2580 days ago

kim suck    

lary is sucking stern's di** now and opri is jealous

2580 days ago

jProud American Author    

This attorney needs to be disbarred. How did she become a legal attorney? Where in the world did SHE come from. Go Larry! Sue her!

2580 days ago


To the person who wrote comment number 1 and 3 (first) GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are stupid.

2580 days ago
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