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Paris to TMZ -- I'm Just an Ordinary Inmate

6/19/2007 7:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has sent a message to TMZ -- she ain't no one special in the pokey.

A rep who visited Paris today said Hilton wants TMZ to know she's being treated like any other inmate, emphasizing she's getting no special breaks.

We're told Paris is spending time reading "The Secret" and "The Power of Now." She's also reading lots of "fan mail" that has been sent to the jail. She says most of the letters are favorable and it's helping her. She's written responses to some of the letters.


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South Beach Lizzard    

And Patrash expects us to belive she is not getting special treatment, after she did the Sheriff PLEASE! TOXIC TRASH HILTON

2647 days ago


Obviously your 'publicist' is talking for you again Paris. I really wish you were actually learning something about being a down to earth human being. NOT! With Parents who don't have a clue about being normal there is no way you will ever learn to treat others with respect or be anywhere close to a down to earth normal person. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Grow up!!

2647 days ago

South Beach Lizzard    

Paris is Trash Trash Trash Trash TOXIC TOXIC

2647 days ago


Aaah what part of she is not like us dont you get? She is rich and she is famous and people like that are given special treatment EVERYWHERE get over it.... It is what it is, if it bothers you that much then do something about it write your congressman but for gods sake stop bitching like a little baby.

2647 days ago

Chevrolet will screw you(DONT BUY CHEVY)    


2647 days ago


how does she know she's being treated like everyone else? She's in a room alone fr 23 hours a day, separated from the gen pop. Right there she's not like everyone else, then add to it the fact that she hardly, if ever, sees the other inmates, so wtf does she know???

Nothing, she's just trying to make herself look good. Apparently all that reflection time is working! Now she's talking to try and make herself look good....before she was just posing for pictures to make herself look good. oooooooh the changes!!

2647 days ago

South Beach Lizzard    

Paris you gave my home boys CRABS you bitch!

2647 days ago


LOL! Is that why the other inmates suddenly got double sandwiches, juices, etc.

2647 days ago


Interesting ... for a person who proclaims she's found God, you'd think she'd be reading the Holy Bible instead. Course, her plans for a Get-out-of-jail party in Vegas screams loud and clear she's found God like I've found gold in my basement. Everyone can see the scam she's trying to pull. I'd only tell her to grow up - act like a woman - and do her time - QUIETLY.

2647 days ago


When that skank comes home with crabs, then we'll know for sure she wasn't treated any differently than the other inmates and we'll believe her. Wait. Then again, she probably went in there with, scratch pun intended...

2647 days ago


She can write. Did she learn that in prison?!

Who actually would write to her? I don't get it. SHE'S DONE NOTHING OF ANY WORTH. EVER!!

2647 days ago


Hey Suzi can I have some of that gold you found?

2647 days ago

oh la la Paris is hot    

Paris is a beautiful person who generates kindness and warmth wherever she goes. She is extremely bright and has generated millions from just being Paris. Her jewels, her books, her music, her movies, her handbags, her endorsements, her party fees have brought in close to 12 million alone. I would like to see you haters out there go out and make that much off your name... Once you do then you can complain.

Love to Paris!!!

2647 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Paris's Spiritual Advisor - Her Quija Board


2647 days ago

i love you    


i;m one of the few that wants you to get out. there just picking on you b/c your rich. gurl get out and do what you do best live life. gurl i love you.
and i have you and your family in my prays

2647 days ago
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