Craven to Pauly: You're a Nightmare on My Street

6/20/2007 8:29 PM PDT
Wes Craven has sued Pauly Shore for allegedly causing a honkin' landslide on his property and screwing with his head.

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ and filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Craven says Pauly, his neighbor, slacked off in keeping up his yard, pool, spa, sprinklers, irrigation, swales, downspouts and slopes. As a result, Craven claims "water from the Shore Property intruded and infiltrated the Craven Property causing a slope failure/landslide" in December, 2006.

Craven, who caused millions to cringe in a string of horror movies, claims he "suffered and will continue to suffer severe emotional distress and anxiety..." Touche!

Craven is seeking unspecified damages.

A call to Pauly's rep was not immediately returned.