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Black Shrinks to Paris: What About the Other Dings?

6/21/2007 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton may have a new calling -- which may erroneously presuppose that she had an old one -- as a prison treatment consultant! Socialite psychosociologist!

The Southern California Association of Black Psychologists is asking Paris Hilton to speak out and help change the treatment of the very same people with whom she shared the mental ward earlier this month. Bunkmate brainpower!

In the letter obtained by TMZ, they address complaints they've received from L.A. County Jail inmates and their relatives, who are upset about the "special treatment" Hilton is receiving for her mental problems. The letter also asks county officials to provide the same specialized care and treatment for other inmates with similar mental ailments.

Paris did say she was looking to get more involved with a cause ...


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Amy Silverman    

I don't believe this at all-Paris hates black people and openly uses the N word to describe black folks-this story is full of holes?

2679 days ago

Goerge Bush    

EXACTLY, WHY WOULD pARIS EVEN BE A RICIST? She's got enough going on. please leave her alone and let her free.
SET OUR PARIS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2679 days ago


Before I begin shouting and screaming and crying and weeping and protecting Paris from all this crap – let me introduce myself. I know no one does this, but just for the sake of it – I will. My name is Vicki, I’m 14 years old. Okay, that’ll do.

Now I can start screaming and shouting and going off my nut at all of you…

First of all, why the hell do you judge Paris Hilton like this? Why do you people just OVERJUDGE her completely? She is not a plastic Barbie doll, she’s not a robot. Paris has feelings, just like all of you…most of you. And she is celebrity. Do you think that it’s fair that she gets picked on the most? There are heaps and heaps of other celebrities to pick on, why Paris?

I, myself, am a big fan of Paris. You might have heard this before, but you WILL hear this again – PARIS HILTON IS MY IDOL. Yes, Paris – I hope you can hear this, because I really want you to know how every single day I look up to you. How every single night when you were in jail that I prayed to god that he would make a miracle happen, how every minute of my time when I was supposed to be doing my homework I searched all of the internet for your email address so I could write to you. I guess this website was my last hope.

And I’m not just stopping there. I am this close to making my own website dedicated to Paris Hilton. You see, I don’t care about the things people tell me about Paris; I don’t care what my parents say; I don’t care about the bad things she has done…you just have to accept her as a person. She is a human being, and she is very pretty, and I don’t care what people say about her being ugly…because she isn’t. If you want to hear REAL bad insults about this poor girl, go to I find this website extremely offending and the only times I visit it is when I have to yell and shout back at all the haters and tell them how good Paris is, and how they are so wrong about her.

I heard that Paris cries after reading all your stupid, nasty comments. Seriously, why do you do this to her? It’s so rude. I knew that if I read that people were calling me names I would cry, too. Go pick on someone else.

Paris, I am really glad you are out of jail, because I, with all my heart, believed that you never deserved to go in there in the first place. I hope you are reading this, and I hope you understand how much I love you as a celebrity and how I want you to be very successful in your life, which you already are and will continue to be. If you want to email me (I’m sure you’ll be busy, but just in case) I would love to hear from you, of course I would! Email to

Because no one has the right to disrespect and offend you in this way.
And you’re a really good singer – I don’t care what people say, you are. I like the way you sing. You have a nice voice and you don’t shout in your songs. The band that really annoys me with their songs is 30 Seconds to Mars. How can you listen to all that shouting? Seriously, you have to be the best singer there is. I like your Pop songs. My favourites are Stars are Blind; Nothing in this World and Jealousy. Simple life is awesome, your dogs Tinkerbell; Bambi; Harajuko Bitch and Tokyo Blue are adorable. And I never knew you did so much charity work…you’re amazing. Keep up the great work; I will support you for the rest of your life!
Love, ♥♥♥ Vicki

2679 days ago


Have you people read that the DA who put Paris in jail has a wife who has had a warrant for her arrest under her belt for 7 years! She was arrested, put on probation when single, and skipped when she married the current LA district attorney. The two of them have covered it up for years. She also smashed a government car WITH A SUSPENED license two years ago. Her husband, Mr. DA, said he was driving. HOW IS THIS FOR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Check out for the story. The guts of these people. I hope Mr. DA and his wife sit in jail for years AS FOR MS. HILTON I HOPE SHE DOES HELP THE POOR IN THE PRISONS. She has a chance to turn it all around. I pray she follows through even if the s--- was scared out of her to do it. Some mentioned Angelina was a wild one and now she gives 30% of what she makes to charity. It is never to late. I'm in your corner Paris.

2679 days ago


Paris is BIPOLAR. She MASKS it all with BOOZE!!!!!!! MEDS will cause a weight gain so the MORONPARIS goes around PSYCHOTIC and UNTREATED.

2679 days ago


Hey Dina,

And you received your medical degree from? And you treated Paris Hilton when?

You and all the others speculating on what afflictions she suffers from are just that speculators.

ok now onto a generic comment to no one in particular . . .

Because she served her time in jail, I don't believe she needs to do another thing in relation to this once she's out. She owes MADD nothing. If they had wanted her to speak as a spokes person they should have petitioned the court to ask that it be part of her sentence. Once the time is done. It is done.

As for her "profiting" from her crimes and comparing her to OJ Simpson. Just absurd! Yes what she did could have resulted in a death (note the operative word COULD), but it didn't. OJ Simpson was trying to make money off the stories of the deaths of those 2 people. Profiting from their demise. Who died in Paris' situation. Not who could have died. Yes it would be nice if she donated the money to a cause. She should not be forced to.

And before someone says relative, or one of her 3 fans, I'm not a Paris "fan". Just an observer. I have watched a few episodes of the Simple Life though ;)

What makes me giggle is a large number of you call her a racist (in other posts) and then the same people (not all) go off about "Mexicans" . .. same thing really, the US has an immigration problem, not a Mexican problem. Referring to them all as "Mexicans" along with other descriptive "dirty", "sucking the system" you yourselves are racists. Not every "Mexican" sucks the system, is there illegally, but you lump them together as one race. As one previous poster said .. . pot and kettle much?

2679 days ago


I'm DISGUSTED that Michelle Delgaillo got away with just a fine and Probation for ignoring an arrest warrant for NINE years!!!!
This is a gross miscarriage of justice!!!!!! The woman should be in jail LONGER than Paris .

If Paris did that, R. Delgadillo would throw the book at her.

Paris was treated much too harshly anyway for listening to her lawyers who told her she could drive on a suspended license after 30 days if it involved her work. I
feel sorry for Paris.

Iff she wants to do Charity, fine. But she does not owe it to anyone.

And Paris probably has a ton of legal bills to pay, so whatever she earns should go to pay her lawyers.

Paris was unjustly targeted in the first place because she is rich and beautiful and some people hate her for it. The way she was treated wasn't fair.

2679 days ago



2679 days ago


I really wish people would stop harping endlessly about a few minutes of video Paris made when she was a teenager.
Those clips were private and should never have been put on the web.
Poor Paris, she always gets targeted by people who pretend to be her friends.
But anyway, that stuff is over EIGHT YEARS OLD.
Give Paris a break, she has grown up since then.

2679 days ago


TO ' Time to give it up ' --- You're a moron !! You're probably chubby old Kathy Hilton posting ! You look like Miss Piggy , Kathy. I think all of NY society laughs at Kathy and Rick Hilton. Pathetic couple !

2679 days ago

Go away!!    

Roger #54, when I call parasite a herpes ridden elitist racist I mean it in an endearing way also.

2679 days ago


LOL If these walls could talk.......! It's about time TMZ is letting people know what other inmates think about Hilton's preferential treatment. You're a little late tho. on the buzz TMZ. Our local news has been running reports, from current inmates and former ones from the same jail, right after Parasite did her whooping 3 days in the pokey the first time about how she is getting special treatment.

Harvey Levine, if it's true that you're being paid off by the Hilton's to do your spin on this site in favor of Parasite, maybe you've finally come to your senses. And I'm not holding my breath that the pampered skank Princess is going to do anything to help the treatment the other inmates unless there's something in it for her.

2679 days ago

Team Peeler!!    


Did you NOT see her Valtrex prescription?? Everyone else has!!!!!!

And honestly, people really ARE NOT jealous of PARIS!!!!!!!!! They may be jealous of actual celebrities, such as actors and musicians, and perhaps ACTUAL, LEGIT SOCIALITES, but NOT Paris. There are TONS of other women to be jealous of--women that have talent, and are actually beautiful, educated, and classy.

Paris is NOT one of these women, not by a longshot.

And by the way, Roger, that video is NOT the only reason people know she's a racist! She doesn't just use those words as, as you claim, terms of endearment.

2679 days ago



2679 days ago

Dr. 04102    

WTF. She is a racist bitch who used the N word in several times while dancing with her sister.

Has everyone forgotten that?!

2679 days ago
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