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Eddie's the Baby Daddy, Says Scary DNA Test

6/22/2007 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy is definitely the daddy of Scary Spice's 2-month-old baby, according to a DNA test that the singer just received, and a source who has seen the actual test tells TMZ that it "leaves no doubt" that Eddie's the dad.

A rep for Scary -- aka Melanie Brown -- confirms that her client has received the test results and that they point to Murphy as the father of Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Scary had preemptively given the baby the name even before the test.

As for the test, we're told that the results are "irrefutable" and that, as with most DNA tests, there is a far greater than 99% probability that Murphy's the dad. Mazel tov!

Murphy's rep tells TMZ, "We don't comment on our clients' personal lives."


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These movie stars and celebraties have SO MUCH CLASS!

Have More Class!

2678 days ago

Kim is wrong    

Eddie, should stop doing family movies, because he wouldn't know how to be a good father if it came, and slapped him in the face.

Doesn't sound like he wants to be a father to his daughter, I guess is doesn't fit in with his & the Mrs. Ex-Babyface (Tracey Edmunds) plans. Tracey is a loser for supporting Eddie's lies. Karma is a bitch, I hope they both remember that.

I will not take my kids to see anymore of his movies, because being a lying
DEADBEAT dad isn't cool.

2678 days ago

Grumpy old man    

I knew it!!! He owesMelanieB., and (MOST IMPORTANTLY HIS CHILD) a BIG APOLOGY,anh he needs to make it public!!! Dirty Bastard!

2678 days ago

Grumpy old man    

And, another thing....

I'll never watch another EddieMurphy film again. I probably wouldn't have anyway since he's starring in nothing but trash like, Norbit haha!!!

2678 days ago


sue eddies ass for demermation of charector. The asshole has it coming

2678 days ago


...................................................................NORBIT........c'mon man

2678 days ago


I used to like Eddie Murphy, but now I have no respect for him. You PAY. I just hope now, that he does the right thing and spend time with his new baby.

2678 days ago


I feel bad for the little baby involved. When she grows up she's going to know about how her dad trashed her mother and she'll feel unwanted. I hope Eddie really tries to be a good father to her but if he still has the attitude he has these past few months I don't see that happening anytime soon.

2678 days ago


That baby looked just like him, time to ante up dad! He owes his baby mama an apology.

2678 days ago


"Dont go trying to decide what people can and cannot express."

Jimmy Z it's ironic that you want me to not tell people what they "can and cannot" express, while you are trying to tell me what to "decide". However, I said my peace on the racist comment with my first post. Any further posts arguing the point of allowing racism on a board such as this are moot in my book; so don't expect me to engage you further.

2678 days ago


I have a feeling Eddie is secretly enjoying this press. He knew the baby was his.

He's just relieved that at least this isn't about him and Johnnie Gill, or some tranny!!!

Got your number Eddie *wink* LOL!

2678 days ago


Condoms are cheap....way cheaper than child support.

2678 days ago


Another Perspective, the reason why the people on this site are so full of hate for Eddie Murphy is because of the horrible way he treated Melanie Brown. How would you like to have to find out from the MEDIA that your significant other left you? Eddie didn't even have the decency to tell Melanie that it was over, he let her find out from the media. Very classless indeed.

And then, if that weren't bad enough that he already publicly humiliated this woman via his means of breaking up with her, he also has to throw in this garbage about how her child could have been anyone's. Melanie was 100% sure the entire time that it was HIS. Okay, so maybe Eddie did have some doubts about the paternity of the child and wanted a test to prove it--fair enough--but WHY did he again go to the MEDIA and not MELANIE about it? The decent and reasonable thing to do would have been to go to Melanie PRIVATELY and TALK to her about it, but he got all in a huff and then it was obviously a matter of his pride. He shamelessly dragged this poor woman's name through the mud, making her out to be some easy whore when HE was the one out looking for another woman while he was still with Melanie!

Eddie's despicable actions were very unbecoming of a gentleman and he deserves to be made to pay for that because it's not only Melanie he's hurt--this is also going to hurt his innocent child when she grows up because she's going to learn that her father was a slimeball who flat-out denied her and publicly humiliated her mother for no other reason than his foolish pride. Eddie Murphy is a disgusting pig and a pathetic excuse of a man for doing this to his baby and to the mother of his child. Even if he didn't believe that the baby was his, that is NO excuse for his actions, especially as he knew there was at least a CHANCE that the baby WAS his. He should have acted accordingly.

Yes, it was Melanie's choice to get involved with Eddie, and yes, it was her choice to have unprotected sex with him, but let's be fair here--lots of children are born out of wedlock now (not that I personally support that) and how could she possibly have seen something like THIS coming? She might have pondered the possibility of them eventually breaking up, but nobody thinks that their current love is someday going to publicly humiliate them and treat them the awful way that Eddie has treated Melanie. Also remember that Melanie has not been slinging any mud at HIM, but he has made all kinds of vile remarks about her.

While it may be half her own fault for getting pregnant in the first place, Melanie is still very much a victim here, very wronged, and Eddie is going to have to own up to that. So far, he hasn't, he's setting a horrible example for other men, and THAT's why we're so angry at Eddie.

I respect your perspective, but what Eddie did was just completely wrong. They were both irresponsible, but he was just plain nasty and Melanie at least was not nasty or cruel like he is. But I certainly hope that you're right about this working out, especially for that poor little baby's sake.

2678 days ago


You all are the biggest ass wipes. Eddie NEVER denied he was the father. Considering he was not in a serious relationship with the girl and it was probably just a sex thing for BOTH of them (her ass too), he has a right to request a DNA test. You all would want a test too. You don't know what kind of women she is. She may be a come get it for free type bitch. Eddie's only mistake was not protecting himself. You all act like you are so above others and their lifes issues. Most of you live on websites like these because your lives are so screwed up. He has stated if it is his child, he will take care of it. However, she is not going to lay up rich off of her child's father. He is responsible for the child, not the mama. So, she better really push for this Spice thing reunion.

And, He was robbed of his Oscar!

2678 days ago


I wonder how he will feel knowing, his comments are forever documented and that his daughter will find this out when she is older?

2677 days ago
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