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Faith Hill Not Into Bush?

6/25/2007 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country songbird Faith Hill was in the Yorkville section of Toronto this weekend, and found this wacky bumper sticker that says "wtf?" -- with a picture of Dumbya on it. Er, Dubya.

Faith, from Mississippi, was critical of the disastrous Katrina disaster cleanup.

Apparently, she'd like to stick it to Bushie a little more.


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What is it with going outside of the United States and showing your disrespect for our government?? I hope they were shopping for a new home -- maybe they can have the Dixie Chicks as neighbors :-)

America -- Love it or Leave it!

2676 days ago


I am disappointed that Faith is riding the ignorant sound biting ultra Lib celebrity bandwagon... I thought she had some brains. I no longer have faith in Hill.

2675 days ago

Linda Blair    

First off I wanted to say this .Why can’t Faith Hill voice her concerns about our Presidents actions? Just because she is a singer does not mean she looses her right to voice her concerns or Freedom of speech! President Bush is our elected official; He is not our country! So when we state the President is doing an awful job, which does not mean we are being disrespectful to our country. It just means we don’t care for how our country is being run. I think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are awesome, for donating their monies and their time for the Katrina relief.

My question is this. Why do people keep stating our troops are fighting for OUR freedom over in Iraq? Hello we don’t live there. We are fighting for their oil and the freedom of the Iraqi people.

The reason I believe people slammed the Dixie chicks was because as one pointed out earlier. They were in another country bashing Bush for going to war at their concert; which it is consider a huge no-no This was the time, We the people thought Bush was looking for osama bin laden. Sorry if this pisses off some of the Bush supporters on here I refuse to be led by the nose by anyone that I elected or was elected for me. Without asking why they choose to do this or not do this.

Oh I read that Faith was a poor sport when it came to Carrie Underwood. I don’t see it that way I think Faith was taken back that Carrie won. Can you say you never felt like it was not fair a new person got something you thought you deserved because you been at it longer then they have? I like Carrie’s music but I would not say she was better then the others that could have won! Maybe you don’t remember when Charlie Rich burnt the animation paper when he found out that John Denver one an award. Now that was a poor sportsman.

People seem to think when a person is a singer or an actor they loose their rights to speak their views. Also people think because a person is rich they should spend their monies in rebuilding or help those in need. .But the Government should not have to do anything.
My question is to those that think this way. What do you think your tax dollars should be use for; if it is not to help those in need? I am not referring to Welfare! One more question. Would you give your time or money to help the Katrina victims?

I am proud that Faith and Tim did what the President would not do until he was pushed.
I ‘m planning to go to their concert on July 14th 2007

God Bless those that are fighting in this war. The soldiers have no choice; but to listen to the president.

I am proud to be America and I am so happy this Country is base on freedom of speech.

2675 days ago

Linda Blair    

I meant to type

Charlie Rich burnt the animation paper when he found out that John Denver won an award. Now that was a poor sportsman.
sorry about that

2675 days ago

Joe Tyler    

I do not think most care if celebs express their concerns about anything from the President to what they want to wear. However, the bumper sticker was just a jab at the President. Stars/Singer does not lose their right to say what they think. However, when they choose to live a public life, of which have made them lots of money, there will be a variety of people that will hear what they say. Everyone have their own views, but there is a place to discuss such views, some stars have no class and feel the need to rant at all times. It would be nice if these stars could articulate their own thoughts into words. If they could use fluent and consistent speech patterns instead of yelling and just throwing insults out--that would be nice. We all have rights, but today’s media, such as the newspapers, news programs and TV show are sooooo liberal and one sided.

Joe. J Cool

2675 days ago


Faith Hill looks like a Disasterous Katrina Victim. Mud and Slush come to mind looking at her ugly fat and jellied Arms.

2675 days ago


#19 ,ur so rite!!!...the dollar that comes out of the rich man's pocket doesn't begin to compare to the dollar that comes out of the poor man's from surplus isn't the same as giving from need....i hate it when they get up on tv, after spending millions of dollars on a big time production to show themselves and their money off,and beg poor people for money!!!!...they could do it by themselves and if they really cared they just would,without all the publicity,that i'm sure they make money off of,too!!!....what a bunch of hipocrites!!!!!....they absolutely think we're mindless idiots!!!!

2674 days ago


Faith ROCKS! and so does the bumper sticker! It's time to face the music guys-in Bush's case-the apple fell WAY far from the tree. He's not his daddys boy. Daddy was a great man, but Jr just doesn't have it goin' on.

2674 days ago


Do you guys have nothing better to do!!! She is shopping. She is looking at things and the camera takes a picture of her at that moment. You do not know what she is saying or if she is looking and laughing at something else. How much money they have is no one's business. They work hard. It is also none of your business if they gave money...did you? Her music has gotten me through some difficult times. Isn't that what is all about. Not what she is doing and wearing. It is about the music. Her being an awesome person is just an extra bonus.

2674 days ago


Faith rocks and so does the bumper sticker! It's meant to be funny. Some people just need to lighten up. She's LOOKING at it, doesn't mean that she purchased it. Give her a break. She sees the humor of it, as do many people. You're fine Faith, and if you DID buy it, more power to you!!!!

2674 days ago


First of all what does WFT mean? When we were in Canada we had several comments made to us(when they found we were from the US) about how the US couldn't elect a decent person for president. Maybe Faith was just showing them she didn't vote for him. I believe that all entertainers should stay out of politics. I know when I find out a star is the opposite of what I believe, it makes a difference in how I feel about them. So if they want to make money, keep their politics private.

2674 days ago


angelique,u obviously don't get the point of the move she's bustin n the pix...not only is she a pompous hypocrite,she's a bush ur eyes!!!! u say, it should b just about the music...

2673 days ago


I’m a conservative and voted for Bush both times and I’m hear to say that I’m very disappointed in Bush. It’s past time to bring our Troops home. I just saw on cnn that
America lost 99 troops this month alone. Over 3000 American Soldiers are dead
and for what? I love America and support of troops, but I don’t support this war.
Were can I get one of those bumper sticker?

2673 days ago

who care    

who cares its just a sticker. if people would stay out of peoples business the world wouldnt be like it is.. its just a sticker!!!!!!!!

2672 days ago


You idiots keep saying she expressed her views are you that clueless. She was in a store in her private time and held up a bumper sticker to someone, you don't know who but since the papazzari took pictures of her family that day shopping and Tim had his dog on a leash with him, its safe to say Tim was on the other side of that store window. So she showed her husband a bumper sticker, how many of you ever done that. Ever been on vacation, been in one of them tourist type stores and held up a bumper sticker to show your spouse. I know I have, doesn't mean you agree with it. So on her own time she showed a bumper sticker to her husband, big fricking deal.

Instead of attacking her why aren't you attacking the store owner that is selling them. Do you know what alot of houses in my area have in their front yard this week, along with the flag, signs saying WAR is not the answer. THAT IS THEIR RIGHT.

I spent 24 years in the Army, when I said my oath of enlistment, NO WHERE did it say I am a sheep to follow my President and agree with everything he says. NO President is above the people.

I raised my hand and said I will uphold the Constitution and follow the orders of my Commander In Chief. NOWHERE does it say I have to agree with the President and NO man even the President is above the Constitution. A soldier's first duty is too the Constitution not the President are any man or woman.

2671 days ago
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