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Hayden: Stop Thinking What You're Thinking!

6/25/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere is just 17 years old, so whatever thoughts you are having right now are wrong. Wrong!

The almost-legal blonde was spotted around Beverly Hills last weekend with her mom, Lesley. The apple seems to have fallen far from the tree -- in a good way.

Check back on August 21 when Hayden turns 18 and this story is less creepy.


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17 is legal in the great state of New York. Look it up if ya don't belie' me

2624 days ago

name withheld    

You don't know what this chic is gonna look like in five years. She has barely hit puberty.

2647 days ago


Am I crazy, or does her mom remind you of Dina Lohan??!! Stupid headline, TMZ

2647 days ago

oh brother    

Are those the only shoes this over rated pumpkin shaped head owns?

2647 days ago


Am I missing something? This is a cute 17 year old girl who hasn't gone crazy yet, and hopefully never will. She is successful and seemingly smart. She is dressed properly. I mean, it might be consdered sexy, but with sandles on a hot day, this is appropriate, she isn't busting out of it... she isn't trashy looking. I am not getting the story. What are we "thinking?" She's a beautiful girl on a summer day... TMZ is getting desperate!

2647 days ago


Leenie- I think they are implying a bunch of pervs are gonna get a boner for a minor-stupid. TMZ is losin it.

2647 days ago


This stupidity regarding Hayden's age is just that...stupidity. SHE'S BRITISH, losers, the age of consent there is 16. She's legal in lots of places...what a bunch of silly Americans you are!!

2647 days ago


Totally agree with Leenie!
Cute girl, cute outfit, totally appropriate. I like to give props where they are due and Hayden is so far on the right track of just being a successful actress. I'm really pulling for her to not turn into a trashtastic druggie.

2647 days ago

Lou Lou    

I don't understand what TMZ was getting at with this post. Stop thinking!?! Huh? And what exactly is it that makes this story "creepy"? I think it must be a slow news day, like really slow. The post above makes absolutely no sense.

2647 days ago


leenie-typo, I wasn't saying you were stupid- i mean TMZ

2647 days ago

know it all    

Okay TMZ, you're out there taking pictures... so WHERE are BRITNEY's brown hair photos !?!
X17 is scooping you again !!!
Get on the ball.... your public is waiting !!!

2647 days ago


Are they trying to say the Mom is ugly? I don't get it. That "story" was completley pointless. Its just a picture of Hayden. Thats what you should have said. Here is a picture of Hayden walking down a street.


2647 days ago

unreal reality    

I think these celeb rags are only happy when they dog a person. Too bad celebs at her age have to have thick skin for that stuff. I think she well grounded and adorable!

2647 days ago

Chaz Michael Michaels    

17 is legal in New York. I'd hit that.

2647 days ago

frank joe bob    

people are crazy..there is very little difference from the person who she is now to who she'll be in august. creepy? you'd be creepy to not be sexually attracted to that girl 2 years ago.
i hate guys who hide behind the law and pretend that they aren't attracted to these underage girls when they know they are.. im the only one with the balls enough to admit it it seems. honestly if you weren't attracted to her 2 years ago when she did ice princess, i'd be a little concerned. it doesn't make you creepy or wierd or perverted, it just means your human.

2647 days ago
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