Mike Lohan Likes Court Result, Loves TMZ

6/25/2007 7:47 PM PDT
Michael Lohan walked out of court a much happier man today than he did on Friday, and even showed TMZ some rare Lohan love.

The Fighting Lohan Clan was back in court today over ex-felon Michael's request for visitation rights with his kids, this time in a Nassau County court. The court suggested a solution that might allow Michael to to visit with his children through a monitored process called "therapeutic reunification," which sounds more like a North Korean brainwashing technique than a family reunion.

Nonetheless, while Dina came out distinctly nonplussed by the outcome, Michael was all smiles, even proclaiming his affection for TMZ -- "My favorite website! And Lindsay's favorite website!" -- and offering our cameramen a fiver to keep them hydrated in the Long Island heat.