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Rosie on "Price" -- "I Don't Need the Money"

6/25/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell has shut the door on coming on down to be the next host of "The Price is Right," -- all because she doesn't want to deal with schlepping to L.A.

On her video blog over the weekend, Ro called the gig "a fantasy childhood indulgence," and explained that she asked CBS to let her tape multiple episodes on the days she was out West, but the network said no way. According to O'Donnell, it would've been a lark anyway, since, as she put it, "I don't really need a job," and that uprooting her large brood wasn't an option.

The search for the next spay-and-neuter spokesman continues.


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Donna West    

How can child services ALLOW her to be "mother" ?!!!!!?
She's raising little rosie robots and thats a very bad thing.
The world is becoming a scary place and we can all thank the crazies - Rosie, Tom, John, Alicia, Mahr, Leah, Jenna, Babs, the Spielbergs, and every other uber-liberal!

2676 days ago

Jenn Lola    

I am 32 years old and have been watching the Price is Right for most of those years and now that Bob Barker is gone; I will most likely not watch it anymore. Because as far as I am concern there is no one on this earth that could replace Bob, especially Rosie O'Donnell. She would turn the beloved show into her own political forum and send the show down the TUBE!!!!!! Plus, I have NEVER liked Rosie and I especially don't since her attack on Elisabeth Hassellbeck on The View. The Price is Right will never be the same again and I think Bob needs to come out of retirement. HA HA. Who agrees with me?

2673 days ago


#3 is right. Go talk to someone about the anger, Rosie. You do alot of good charity for children, and support good causes, but your approach is obnoxious and alienates people.

2672 days ago


Sara: I toally agree with you expect the "Has Been" comment. I think she is more of a "Never Was" than a "Has Been". Rosaie makes me sick to my stomach. What a fat, ugly pig with no social redeeming value. Rosie, just sit on the couch and eat Bon Bons you cow.

2671 days ago



Does she really think we the public are going to believe that? She is just trying to save face.

2678 days ago

Granny Pants    

She's gotta lose the anger in her and maybe she can say something that actually has some meaning and thought attached to it.

2678 days ago


Hey, she knew they taped in LA-all this was just a stunt to keep her name in the news.

2678 days ago


get her out of here!! im so sick of her!

2678 days ago


Who cares about this pig.

2678 days ago


Grannypants mnetioned Rosie's Anger.. and I agree. And then I thought to myself, you know Rosie reminds me alot of that atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair, in both looks, manners, and rudeness.

Didnt someone Kill Madalyn Murray O’Hair?

2678 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Rosie looks like she is getting even fatter. She can't fool us. She wasn't offered the job and she is just lying like she did when she left The View. Everyone knew she was fired. I can't find one redeeming thing about her. Stay home, Rosie, and keep your mouth shut. You are a Has-Been.

2678 days ago


Kids should come 1st. Good for Rosie.

2678 days ago

quack quack    

Rosie literally makes me want to boze all over my toes!

2678 days ago

Michigan Mom    

I wouldn't watch her on any show....I stopped watching the View anfter she joined!

2678 days ago


I would have NEVER watched the show again. Your a loud mouthed fat ass with a real hard on for the world!! I think the best person for the job would be Steve Edwards....

2678 days ago
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