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Cops Give Gruesome Details of Benoit Killing Spree

6/26/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials have confirmed the horrifying details in the deaths of wrestling superstar Chris Benoit and his family.

In a statement by a member of the Fayetteville Sheriff's Department, "Mr, Benoit had sometime, possibly Friday, murdered his wife by asphyxiation. Sometime shortly after that, the same for his son Daniel and sometime later ... committed suicide by hanging himself in the basement area."

According to officials, Nancy was bound at the wrists and feet, with a towel wrapped around her body, and blood was found underneath her head. A Bible was also reportedly found near each one of the bodies.

Police have also confirmed that prescription drugs and steroids were found in the house.

Benoit was found hanging in a weight room in his house. Cops say that he used a cord from one of his workout machines as a makeshift noose. Authorities also believe that Benoit died on Saturday.

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appauled by the stalkarazzi    

In response to poster 273 Melony Benoit Fan forever.

You stated" Benoit did not do this. It easily looks likes murder to me. BENOIT NEVER DID STEROIDS! HE DID 1,000 SQUATS A DAY,

**************My reply: You're in serious denial. Bet you think Santa Claus really comes down a chimney too!!!!

2647 days ago


yo valhalla #281. Good to know you consider hell a better place???

2647 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Moral to this sad story is STAY AWAY FROM ANABOLIC STEROIDS. Better to be a skinny guy than a bulked up killing monster like Chris Benoit.

2647 days ago

Master Baker    

lmao @ the ignorant assholes who have an i.q of less than 80 ( which means your slow)

You dont have to be a genius to see the crass steroid comment isn't exactly useful anymore. Use your noggin yeah? roid rage may account for a sudden rage attack , but the first killed was his wife .. she wasn't beaten to death etc.. just blood on the back of the head , tied up by hand and foot , then choked.... sounds like there was a thought process there not just a rage from the roids... just use your noggins people it saves time

2647 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi

Instead of the WWE offering concern that roids may have been a factor, they've chosen to dazzle the world with nonsense.

I guess the WWE brawn and no brains think they're smarter and have more experience with homocide than educated police professionals.............or perhaps since WWE wrestelers are dieing like flies of late, the WWE truly does think they do have lots of experience

2647 days ago

Sister Spicoli    

All of you religious FREAKS need to sit back and shut the f*** up!! How dare you say "Burn In Hell"! You have NO IDEA what kind of life these guys lead or what happens behind closed doors. Believe me, for all those who knew him, this came out of left field and is TOTALLY out of character for him. These guys lead a hard life and have NO HEALTH CARE - PSYCHOLOGICAL OR PHYSCIAL. Just like celebrities, they have people who make it extremely easy for them to get a hold of things like pain killers and steroids etc. which they have to use on a regular basis to get through their DAY AT WORK.............. none of you can understand unless you know one or have lived with one and I have done both. They travel extensively in airplanes and cars before and after having to put their bodies on the line so McMahon can make another million. And steroids alone whould not have him killing himself and his family..... if that were the case, there would be no WWE because they would all be dead.

We all need to take a closer look at VINCE MC MAHON and continue to ask him why he doesn't offer helth care to his employess?, why no ban on steroids?, why no regular drug tests? He doesn't care about them because to him they are a dime a dozen. He doesn't care how their mental health is, he only cares if their physical health will cost him tickeet sales. He is a vulgar and shameless man and I live for the day I can read HIS obituary on the internet.

2647 days ago

Master Baker    

what is wrong with you two? why should vince or the wwe be accountable for what chris benoit did of his own back? if you did something crazy tomorrow could we all bitch and moan and make it your employers fault and responsibility ... no we couldn't.
So if its just because he is rich , or the company is successful , whatever reason just get off their backs. You have to see only one man is responsible for his actions

2647 days ago

Master Baker    

sister , i apologize but you have no idea what your preaching... that makes me so mad that you blurt an opinion out about something so important yet fail to read up on your argument first.. they make it simple for you as they have most of the relevant information on their site and the rest you just need to use common sense , here have some of mine

2647 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Why isn't the world wrestling entertainment apologizing for hailinh Chris as a hero last night on that 3 hour special???? And, all the while the WWE knew Chris had killed his wife and kid. The WWE had been in close contact with the police and handed over bizarre emails that CB had sent. And, knew the police findings before the public even did; well before they aired the show last night honoring CB.

Why did the WWE choose to air that special last night and make nada, zip, zero no mention of him being a cold blooded killer?????

The WWE has some serious explaining to do. RIP Chris because even in your death the WWE is trying to milk you for $$$$$ and selling a bogus story to the public about you being an idol and hero!!

2647 days ago

Men are all sicko's anymore    

He only chose to kill himself AFTER her murdered his
family. Suicide
was only his last resort. He certainetly was not thinking of offing
his damn self while brutally banging is wife's head into oblivion. He
did not think of suicide before placing a plastic bag over his baby's
head and suffocating him to death. It was only after his actions that
he decided it was time to die!!! I never could understand why women
like those bulging scarry looking men. How does one even mount one of
those hulking beasts?? Why are men murdering their families these
days?? WHY?? Looks like the lesbians might have an idea worth
looking into. I have a man, but if he hever thought of doing this
kind of thing, I would know about it and get to him first. My man is
a good, decent, law abiding man, thank the Almight Lord! But you just
NEVER know anymore with the men in AMERICA anymore or anywhere in the
world for that matter. Life scares me.

2647 days ago

Master Baker    

291 * 292 you both need to smack yourself s hard !! is this what you do ? know half the facts then form an opinion about a subject even an important one such as this?

For the LAST time , they didn;t know when the show started airing that benoit had indeed killed them , at the time even the police department didn;t know that ... as soon as it was recognized that it was even likely to be this outcome they stripped benoit from the site and mentions except for the death info.. so please please im begging you read up before posting half truths and saying your sooo mad about it ffs

2647 days ago

Master Baker    

294 ... you are crazy right? you judge whole groups of people on one persons actions you don't even know the full extent of yet? as for who is capable of what.. men/women it doesnt matter . give people the right settings and most will be capable of disgusting acts... so go be a lesbian or whatever it is you want ... just brighten up.. while humans are capable of such horrible things.. they are capable of such beautiful things too .. come out from underneath the cloud

2647 days ago


None of you have any idea why he did this it was'nt blind fury yes he may have known what he was doing I myself don't understand this he looked normal on ecw this tuesday but do any of you have the right to say someone no matter what they did should burn in hell we may never understand why he did this but you can be damn sure theres a big reason behind it whos to say the vince story line had something to do with this but never the less before this he was a GOOD MAN wwe can't be held responsible for something they couldn't predict yes they probally knew he killed his family but he was still a big part of the wrestling community

2647 days ago


Alright, here's the bottom line with this whole 3hour special. They did a tribute and he killed his family which makes them look bad. If he didn't do anything wrong and they go along with this Vince Death angle it makes them look terrible. I'd like to see anyone deny that.

2647 days ago


True it may or may not have been all on him hell he and his wife could have planned this together some of the evidence may not be exact whos to say

2647 days ago
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