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Dye Britney!

6/26/2007 8:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears needs to stop doing wrecking her own hair! Oops!

After scalping herself alive back in February, TMZ has learned that Britney has now attempted to dye her ratty blonde mane herself on Saturday. Weave it alone, girl!

Well-placed sources tell us Brit's assistant rushed over to the Epitome Salon in Bel Air at around 6:00 PM, because the former pop star had spilled black dye all over her face. Toxic! We're told the salon staff saved the day and sent Britney's minder off with some much-needed dye remover. Tragedy avoided -- sort of!

If only the rest of Britney's life were as easily fixed!

A rep for Britney could not be reached.


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a picture is worth a thousand words......That girl is a total mess!!!!!!!!!!!! She is an attention go-getter. She will NEVER revive herself. She needs to be a real woman and just work on herself and take care of those boys.

2654 days ago


whatever . . . . women dye their hair at home every day. Girl should have just put some lotion around that hair line :)

2654 days ago


cigarette ashes removes hair better than anthing else on the planet... and you know she has THAT around the house!!!!!

2654 days ago

Mary T.    

Tmz...You have given an overdose of Brittney.....Just LET IT GO!!!!!!
She's not newsworthy, anymore.

2654 days ago


TMZ... You guys are REALLY Grasping at Straws with this Article... What would You People do if it wasn't for the Celebuwrecks? Why don't You just find out what brand of Toilet Paper She uses to wipe Herself with. :P

PS: I'm So NOT a Fan of Brit..but You guys are Seriously Grasping!

2654 days ago


won't be the first time she has something running down her face.....
she's a mess...what happen ?
does she think it cool to be such a flop.....
soon they'll find her running into houses raving about that was anne heche....
or they'll find her naked in a margot kidder....
hmmmm....where will they find britney... ???

2654 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

Guess someone was shakin her trailer while she was once again proving what a train wreck she is WHEN WILL IT END.........KFed get though babies away from her she is absolutely the worst role model on the planet.....I bet even Candy Spelling is speechless on this one.

2654 days ago


Is she now so broke that she can't afford a salon?

Maybe she should stop buying trashy outfits and save her pennies for a real salon dye-job.

2654 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Britney needs serious help.

I have a Lindsey-Britney story.

My brother parks cars for a Valet service in LA. Any how one night he sees Britney come running out of the club after Lindsey Lohan (this was over a year ago.)... Any how he couldn't tell if Britney was mad or having fun but she catches up to Lindsay and pulls the back of her hair. LL loses her balance and then falls hitting the side of her head on a curb. No big injury but it looked scary. A bunch of the valets run over. Out of no where Stedman comes running over grabs Britney by the shoulders and starts yelling at her. One of Britney's body guards shoves Stedman away. Then Dina comes over and she and LIndsay go into a Range Rover. Britney never says a word but is giggling. Stedman later joined Dina in the truck and Lindsay went back into the club.

2654 days ago


....BRITNEY,,,,,,take a 2 year vactation n' the Islands w- your kids!!!!,,,,,seriously

2654 days ago


Seriously disturbed.....

2654 days ago


Ya know, maybe Scientology is starting to look like something that could actually help her after all.....

2654 days ago


Ha! You don't need a special dye remover to remove hair dye...just put some shampoo on it before wetting the area, work it in a little bit, tissue it off, and the dye comes right off.

2654 days ago

Joshua Smith    

I must say she is getting uglier and fatter with every day... (not trying to simply bash her but just stating the facts...) She was hot back in her day... but that day is apparently over.

2654 days ago
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