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Paris -- Totally Sketched Out

6/26/2007 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Paris Hilton was released from Lynwood this morning, her lawyer, Rich Hutton, slipped Harvey Levin a personalized sketch and note from the heiress herself.

The drawing, a self-portrait of Hilton at a pay phone inside the jail, features Paris in her jail issue with an incredibly accurate depiction of our fearless leader hosting "Larry King Live" on television in the background.

Sorry folks, you ain't gonna see this one on eBay.
Paris' card to HArvey Levin


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I'll tell you what is INNACURATE reporting....accepting a picture like this when CLEARLY Paris' wonky eye is being misrepresented.

2641 days ago


What happened with her and Perez? Thought they were best buds....

2641 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Hey Harvey, could you please tell us what Paris had for lunch today?



2641 days ago


In the sketch she made herself look more like Angelyne. Hmmmm. And what are those little marks above most of the "i"s in her letter? Birds on the wing, the cleft of the female form??? Better than hearts anyway....

2641 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

It's a sweet drawing. Don't understand how anyone could see it as otherwise.

oops, forgot. This is the TMZ crowd - teeming with the usual jealous morons. This place doesn't need moderators; it needs a resident shrink, and one that can dole out proper medications.
ick...can almost smell the jealousy in here.

toodles...i suddenly feel the need for some fresh air.

2641 days ago


She has nice writing

2641 days ago


TMZ fair?

2641 days ago


Paris should learn the fine art of grammar and the definition of the word redundancy. She could have saved more space and could have put hearts above her i's instead of v's.

2641 days ago


ATENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that I'am first who saw that this drawing is not her !!!
1.First paper is much lighter than second !!!
2.At first picture, How we can see text through paper in this projection ???she don't write through mirror !!!
3.Pencil at second picture is much larger !!!
4. Again all this diformation of paper is like mirror....
5. Diferent styles of writing....
6. Her Signature at first picture is not true,she always write "R' not a "r"

I know I'am profi......

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Atention

2641 days ago


On her sketch, Parasite forgot to pencil in a big ugly herpes sore, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

2641 days ago

Roxanne Wood    

OMG, Paris should go back to not pass go. Her letter looks like a 3rd grader wrote it. Beauty is skin deep but dumb last forever. Her parents should stop doing interviews and get this child (yes child like behavior) into a community college as I am sure that is all she can get into at this time. Her parents are to blame! They would serve her better if they told reporters to go cover more pressing issues and TMZ to get a life, and focus on raising well-rounded and educated adult children.

2641 days ago


WTF, this chicken scratch from a grown woman is reminiscent of a 13 y.o. doodling & writing on her middle school notebook. Just the signature alone, shows the immaturity of this tard. I bet harvey is looking forward to the BJ he was promised for sucking hilton ass. Just remember harv, inspect for mouth HERPES first, cuz parasite could deposit a big ol infection on yer teeny weeny. You're grotesque, the lot of ya.

2641 days ago


I had heard a rumor that Paris was in Special Education Classes before she dropped out of high school this picture and letter convinces me that this rumor must be true! I am really shocked to read that someone wants to pay her to teach an hour seminar!In case you haven't heard Bill Zanker President and Founder of "The Learning Annex" has offered Paris Hilton one million dollars to teach a one hour class on "Building your own Brand." They are offering Paris even more money than Donald Trump has been paid as their star instructor! The story is at and is titled "Professor Paris." You can also find a similar article at I think that this is totally ridiculous considering the fact that Paris is not only a high school dropout but also writes like a first grader! I think Bill Zanker is a complete idiot! You know the old saying "A Fool and his money will soon part!" I would like to know what Paris is qualified to teach? What has she accomplished on her own? Bill refers to Paris as a Brilliant Entrepeneur! What is so brilliant about Paris? Her lack of education? Her handwriting?Her amateur porn video? Lets not forget the fact that she was totally irresponsible and ended up in jail for violating her probation on more than one occasion! I think that everyone should email this Bill Zanker and tell him what we think of Paris Hilton teaching a class for a million dollars! Maybe if he recieves enough emails it will be like her Million Dollar interview with NBC! CANCELED! Please everyone send your emails to ASAP! Lets stop Paris from making a million dollars as a teacher when she herself does not have an education!

2641 days ago


Harvey Levin is an ass kisssing sycophant. He was the sad nerd in class who grew up to be a lawyer, and now fawns over trash with cash. Sad, sad man.

2641 days ago


Beauty is truth and truth beauty. That is all I know and will ever need to know. :D

Paris has taken the exploitation,degradation and stereotyping of women in the entertainment industry and turned it around to her advantage.

Most of the people leaving negative comments probably stand mute when a female entertainer and/or public figure is torn to pieces in the media over her weight, her fashion sense, her sexuality and her crime of aging.

Yet, when some poor young woman has a private sex tape released, receives death threats/hate mail, is sent to prison, has been in public abusive relationships and manages against the odds to work this to her advantage you come out like jackals.

Paris Hilton is not evil, she is not a succubus,and she is not responsible for the exploitation of women. The Hiltons have far less money than most people assume, and Paris is just doing what she can to earn a living.

I love you Paris Hilton, and wish you every happiness!

And Harvey, you're a true mensch! :D

2641 days ago
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